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Bling Empire star Kevin Kreider is no longer single and fans want to know more about his relationship with his girlfriend, Devon Diep. Devon and Kevin had dated in the past and were reunited again by his Bling Empire co-star Christine Chiu. Kevin told Christine he still had feelings for his ex during their trip to Paris Fashion Week. Christine then surprised Kevin by flying Devon to Paris. The two went on a date afterwards, where they decided to try their relationship again.

Kevin hadn’t had the best luck finding love on the show before. In Bling Empire season 1, the model attempted to sue co-star Kelly Mi Li, but she quickly zoned him out. In Bling Empire season 2, Kevin made his move on another co-star, DJ Kim Lee, but that didn’t end well either. Now, in Bling Empire season 3, before getting back together with Devon, Kevin dated a spiritual advisor that Kim Lee, Asian Kim Kardashian, introduced to the group. While their relationship was short-lived, things are looking up for the 39-year-old model.

Bling Empire’s Kevin and Devon are in love and live together in Los Angeles

Kevin is still dating Devon and the two now live together in Los Angeles. Kevin revealed the news in an interview with E!, saying, “She left Boston to live with me. Though Kevin did let Bling Empire viewers know that the process wasn’t easy as they had to move house three times during their six weeks together. The situation made things a bit tense for the couple; however, they are still very much in love. As one of the original cast members, Kevin wants Devon to join the cast full-time for Bling Empire season 4. Devon is a model, actor, singer, writer, and director, and he thinks she’s perfect for the show.

However, there were mixed reactions from the cast, especially Kim and Kane Lim, who Bling Empire fans turned on, when Christine introduced them to Devon as Kevin’s girlfriend. Kevin mentioned in the interview with E! that he is no longer as close to Kim as before. The same was said for his relationship with his friends and fellow actors, Kane and Kelly. “I think she’s a little more respectful of the relationship now. Kelly and I don’t really talk a lot about relationship stuff. I think that’s also true with the dynamic with Kane — I don’t think I feel comfortable talking to him about romantic relationships,” he admitted.

Bling Empire fans have watched Kevin attempt to mend his relationship with friends Kane, Kim, and Kelly this season. Although viewers felt there were times when Kevin was overly dramatic, some of his concerns about their friendship are valid. However, they have since resolved their issues and are back on good terms. As for what’s next for the couple, Devon told Netflix that she and Kevin are in the process of starting a production company together. She revealed that the name of the company will be ALLS Productions and will focus on telling Asian-led love stories.

Source: E!, Netflix

Inside Bling Empire Kevin Kreider’s Relationship With Devon Diep | Pretty Reel