“In the bubble”, a Netflix film to laugh at the pandemic with intelligence

Sti can tell the pandemic in a comic way? The answer is yes. To do it is In the bubbledirected and produced by Judd Apatow available on Netflix starting today April 1st.

Two hours in which we plunge back into March 2020, at the beginning of the health emergency, amidst doubts, questions and fears, surrounded by hilarious jokes that ease the tension. The right movie to see at the weekend to exorcise the hard months of lockdown.

In the Bubble: the plot of the movie

The protagonists of In the bubble are a group of actors hired to play Cliff Beasts 6, chapter 6 of a franchise between horror and sci-fi now worn out and set up to break the bank at the box office. The story is that of an entrepreneur who wants to free the top of Everest of its flying Tyrannosaurs, so as to place a hotel there. A bizarre idea against which a varied and improbable team lashes out.

Filming of Beasts 6 however, they begin in conjunction with the spread of Covid on a planetary scale. The organization must therefore meet new production needsdictated by the stringent rules that have affected all sectors. Here is the entrance of masks, greetings with the elbow, distancingtemperature check, Zoom meetings, swabs, quarantine and all the new rituals that have entered daily life.

The cast is literally locked up in a castle in England, so that the complete detachment between insiders and the outside world ensures the making of the film within the foreseen months.

A forced coexistence that recalls the dynamics from Big Brother and that it soon emerges vices and virtues of each of the characters. Misunderstandings, intolerance, hypocrisy, falsehoods, recriminations are the order of the day and soon the desire to escape becomes the main focus of each of them.

Peter Serafinowicz and David Duchovny. (Netflix)

An intelligent madness: the review

Desecrating photograph of what was, In the bubble it is a kaleidoscope of sensations taken to excess, to tell not only pandemic stress, but also the absurdities of showbiz.

There is the alcoholic actor, the drug addict, self-centered and narcissistic; the actress looking for a new chance; the one detached from reality and the social star focused only on the number of followers. In the middle, a handful of insiders between the comic and the surreal, in charge of curbing the follies of the stars.

This dystopian scenario takes the viewer back to when the world stopped, the airports have emptied and everyone has locked themselves up “in the – notorious – bubble”but it’s a story in an ironic way from the beginning to the end credits.

From left to right: Pedro Pascal, David Duchovny, Iris Apatow, Karen Gillan and Keegan-Michael Key. (Netflix)

The cast of In the bubble

Judd Apatow’s film makes use of a respectable cast. Karen Gillan is Carol Cobb, a star seeking media rehabilitation after the flop of the last film. For the actress, already in the cast of the saga Avengers and of Jumanji«audiences will fall in love with Carol. She’s sweet and kind and loving.” Iris Apatow, daughter of the director, plays Krystal Krisa TikTok star forced to take part in the film just to strengthen his brand.

Fred Armisen is Darren Eigan, the director who tries to keep the group together, with not much success. Maria Bakalova instead has the role of the receptionist in love with Dieter Bravo (Pedro Pascal)a movie star addicted to alcohol, drugs and sex. Keegan-Micheal Key is Sean Knoxan actor who makes spirituality his life teacher, until he gets into a crisis and is forced to question all certainties.

Leslie Mann and David Duchovny are Lauren Van Chance and Dustin Mulray, husband and wife entered into crisis after the adoption of their child. On the set they find harmony and perhaps they will learn to put aside their selfishness. They complete the castGuy Khan (Howie Frangopolous), Nick Kocher (Scott), Peter Serafinowicz (Gavin) and Harry Trevaldwyn (Gunther).

Statements by director Judd Apatow

«The idea for the film came from thinking about the “bubble” of Jurassic Park in England,” said the director. «The actors lived locked up in hotels and the production having problems continuing filming. Hence, the enlightenment: turn a film about a group of actors locked up in a hotel with taut nerves ready to give outforced to carry on a film at the worst moment of the pandemic ».


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