How to develop the spiritual intelligence of Haitians?

Described both as: “The ability to question the meaning and origin of things, to position oneself in relation to the limits that are beyond us, but also to enact one’s own rules of life taking into account one’s morals, values ​​and beliefs”, to use the presentation of the book by Stéphane Clerget, spiritual intelligence is one of the subjects rarely discussed in debates in Haiti. However, this concept has its place in large numbers of choices in families, orientation in the future of children, and the most important decisions in Haitian society.

Parents have always been the first people to be able to inspire and influence, even “to fertilize the spiritual intelligence of their children, by listening to their questions and stimulating their spiritual reflections”, as the publication reminds us. titled: “Your Child’s Spiritual Intelligence – Revealing and Developing It”.

Children continue to ask parents questions about the meaning of human existence, and in particular about what is happening in Haiti, through the news that informs and affirms close links between influential actors or members of religious communities with groups that fuel the violence in the country.

Others go so far as to question other equally important aspects, failing to question divine power, with the announcement of certain families who are victims of cases of assassination and kidnapping when leaving the church. or other spiritual and religious activities. Why do we live? Why is death so present in daily activities in Haiti? Are we truly children of God, if so what have we done to deserve these fates?

For young Haitians, of different age groups, who live and experience the turmoil of the news in Haiti in recent years, there is more and more this urgent need to find a large number of answers to the most relevant questions. on faith, spirituality, religion, traditions and mysticism, on the one hand, and a form of demarcation of spirituality imposed by the decantation between certain truths in relation to reality, on the other hand.

With the aim of silencing certain parents, who are not sufficiently trained, aware, informed and prepared to anticipate and respond to the many most relevant questions about philosophy and life, in the world, both in Haiti, this country which has practically more temples than educational establishments, he brings us this debate in the media and on the networks, in order to accompany the children, our children, these young people who must develop this form of essential spiritual intelligence, in order to be able to understand the meaning of existence and the value of each life.

Developing the spiritual intelligence of Haitians will have to go through taking into account the answers to be provided to the thousands of children and young people, who are increasingly confused, depressed, disoriented and even desperate in the face of this crossroads of dehumanization of the Haitian being. of today. Why and how?

Debating the subject among friends, in families, between children and their parents, and certainly in classrooms, could provide important opportunities for everyone to renew, reassure or strengthen their faith and religious and ancestral traditions. , in this form of spiritual intelligence essential for the balance of thought and personality of individuals and their families.

Questions and answers that will be shared between opinions, research and certain reference documents, passing through meditation and contemplation, simulations and initiation to philosophy, like many other activities capable of inspiring confidence , to give meaning to existence, thanks to the popularization and development of the notions of spiritual intelligence in Haiti.

Dominique Domercant

How to develop the spiritual intelligence of Haitians?