guided tours to discover the treasures of the city with the Archeology Cooperative

Getting to know Florence from a new perspective. From the tops of towers and terraces to catch original glimpses of the city, to the insights related to its ancient history, up to the fascinating journey on the Arno, aboard the Renaioli boats, to discover the architectural beauties from another point of view. A new month of great discoveries awaits visitors to Enjoy Florencethe calendar of guided tours of Cooperative Archeologymade in the company of expert guides and archaeologists to lead visitors among the treasures of the city.

Six new dates, from 1 to 25 September 2022, to visit places familiar to our eyes, but full of history and mystery once seen up close. Between these “The Torre della Zecca and the Arno river” And “Touching the Dome of the Duomo from the View On Art terrace”which are part of the review “Florence from above. Alt (r) the points of view “, which is one of the fifteen major exhibitions and festivals of the Florentine Summer of the Municipality of Florence and is organized by LAMA Cooperative Society – Social Enterprise, in collaboration with La Scena Muta and Cooperativa Archeologia, with the Enjoy Firenze brand.

The calendar of new visits opens Thursday 1st September with “The Torre della Zecca and the Arno river”, An itinerary that hides many stories and secrets. The Torre della Zecca is one of the few remaining testimonies of the fourteenth-century city walls of Florence and was originally part of a larger building, a small fort. In addition to its defensive role, the Tower fulfilled other functions: it was in fact the physical place where the wealth of Florence was produced. Here coins were minted, in particular the gold florin, exploiting the strength of the Arno. Once on the top of the Tower, the participants will reach the terrace, a privileged observation point from which it will be possible to relive, through the story, some aspects of ancient Florence and the life that took place on the banks of the river. This appointment is organized by the Archeology Cooperative, in collaboration with the Municipality of Florence-Estate Fiorentina 2022 and with the MUS Association: E

Those who love to enjoy the city from unusual perspectives will not be able to miss the appointment of Tuesday 6 SeptemberFlorence seen from the Arno with the archaeologist. Tour on the Renaioli barchetto “, an evocative route on the original Renaioli boats, in the monumental stretch of the Arno, from Ponte alle Grazie to Ponte S. Trinita, to discover Florence from another point of view. Seeing the monumental city and its ancient buildings from the river, told by the archaeologist on board, will be an opportunity to get to know the city from a completely new perspective and to discover incredible places, visible only from the water.

Sunday 11th September appointment with “The city of Bankers: the birth of modern banks, a Florentine history “, an itinerary to retrace the history of the birth of the first banking system, as we know it today. Already in the Middle Ages, the two largest banks in Europe at the time existed in Florence, that of the Bardi and the Peruzzi, which lent money to merchants and rulers. In the 1930s, due to a terrible financial crisis, the two banks went bankrupt, crushed respectively by enormous debts. The fall was as strong as the rise was impetuous, with new financial actors: it is in fact at this point that the incredible rise of the Medici family takes place..

Sunday 18th September walk in the most peripheral part of the city with “The Certosa del Galluzzo: an extraordinary encounter between art and spirituality “, visit that will lead the participants to discover a place capable of combining spirituality, art, culture and history. The visit will last an hour and a half and will include the monastery and the splendid cloister.

Another appointment that is part of the review of Florence from above is that of Thursday 22 September, “Touching the Dome of the Duomo from the View On Art terrace”, with a visit to the suggestive terrace located on the sixth floor of a historic building in the heart of Florence, very close to the Duomo and a few steps from Piazza della Signoria and the main monuments. From up there you can enjoy an evocative 360 ​​° view of the city and the adjacent hills, but the glimpse of the Duomo, the Dome and Giotto’s Bell Tower is the most striking.

Last date of September that of Sunday 25with the suggestive appointment Songs, tabernacles and other curiosities in the Santa Croce district “, path in the Santa Croce district to discover corners where stories, art and architecture are concentrated, real places of the most authentic Florence. An opportunity to discover real hidden jewels of art, the tabernacles, repositories of feelings and meanings strictly connected with the historical events of the city, and some songs with significant names, which enclose in an often very particular nomenclature, bearer of the most sincere Florentine, fascinating and singular stories.

Appointments are subject to payment (except for those of 1 and 22 September) and by reservation required at 055-5520407 or

guided tours to discover the treasures of the city with the Archeology Cooperative