Gué Pequeno “Few acknowledgments from colleagues and fans” / Birth of the daughter and the new album


There will be also Gue Pequeno in the rich cast of artists who animate the two evenings (9 and 10 September) of the expected Tim Music Awards dedicated to the panorama of Italian music and in which prizes are awarded for the albums (and singles) certified Gold, Platinum and Multiplatinum over the last year. And Cosimo Finifirst name of the 42-year-old rapper and record producer from Milan, best known for having been part of the hip hop complex of Club Dogowill be one of the top names of the evening that we are about to see.

Undoubtedly, the last few months have seen a relaunch from the musical point of view for Gué Pequenothanks above all to “Guesus”, the rapper’s seventh studio album: released in December 2021, the unreleased album was included in eighteenth place in the now traditional ranking of twenty best albums of the year and drawn up by the trade magazine ‘Rolling Stone Italia’. A recording effort that, swinging between an old school hip hop and echoes of a revisited r & b, it also managed to reach number one in the local rankings and from which they were two singles extractsnamely “Veleno” and “Piango sulla Lambo”.


Controversial character e at the center of several controversiesGué Pequeno (who on his social profiles calls himself “Rap Icon”) recently made headlines not only for the music but also for the turning point that has come in recent years, between the birth of the daughter and the change of moniker. In fact, the Milanese artist has given up on “Pequeno” since, according to him, he has now grown up and, according to him, between the serious and the facetious, even mainstream. “The fact that he became a father instead it was not a plan of my life, but a gift from God: my only terror for the child is that when she is a certain age … who knows what singers’ pack‘that there will be … ”he joked, hinting that his fear will not be the first sweethearts.

Furthermore, in an interview granted to the online magazine of BillBoard ItalyGue had his say not only on the state of the rap and hip hop movement in our country, but also spoke of his colleagues and the fact of never being appreciated as he would like: “I’ve never been awarded any prizes for writing very well (…) In Italy, if you get Platinum, they’ll give you the prize at the Verona Arena, even a little hastily. Then there is the Tenco Award, right? But something a little more flashy – brilliant is missing… “explained the 42-year-old whom he admits he didn’t have enough accolades from colleagues and fans. “One night I was with a colleague friend and he was saying incredible things to me: famous people, alternative actors who wrote to him… Not me. Never, ”he revealed with a hint of disappointment, yet ideally shrugging his shoulders a moment later. “However, I received appreciation from Beppe Sala and Daria Bignardi, but it ends there “.


Gué Pequeno “Few acknowledgments from colleagues and fans” / Birth of the daughter and the new album