From the Researchers’ Night to the Incanti Festival: here’s what to do this weekend in the city

From the European Night of Researchers Researchers to the start of the theater season of the Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani. Cultural weekends start again in the city. Here are the events not to be missed:


Saturday 1st October
The new edition of the European Researchers’ Night will be dedicated to the late scientific popularizer Piero Angela. The traditional appointment with the best minds of the regional panorama and not only will return to Turin (but also to Cuneo, Saluzzo and Ostana, ed) on Friday 30 September and Saturday 1 October with over 200 scheduled activities including scientific cafes, exhibitions, open museums , prototype presentations, experiments, shows and games.

Saturday 1 October 10 am
On the occasion of the forty years since the death of Pietro Accorsi, which took place on October 26, 1982, the Accorsi-Ometto Foundation proposes a visit to the artisan shops that collaborated with the antique dealer during the golden years of his activity. Accorsi, for his clients, was a councilor, interior architect and omnipresent construction manager and of the entire handful of “his” artisans who had a shop near the gallery in via Po 55. The “Accorsi workshop”, a real antiquarian shipyard, between the Thirties and the Sixties, developed a complex activity of restoring the past to the present, adapting antique furnishings to modern needs. The visit to the Museum will therefore allow you to discover the restoration interventions on some objects in the collection and the restructuring of the rooms.

Until October 2nd
The branded Festival is back Comunet – Officine Corsare who, in the aftermath of the political elections, could not fail to propose a festival in Turin on the theme of “LIBER-SHARES”. At the Circolo Risorgimento in via Poggio 16, in the heart of Barriera di Milano, a three-day event on the very topical importance of reopening spaces, times and paths dedicated to Liber-Actions. Political debates, bicycle rides, neighborhood walks with cultural and recreational initiatives and more, to kick off a profound reflection that starts from Barriera to activate a truly lively and vital collective process with the aim of creating and growing new social ties , political networks, mutual solidarity.

Until October 2nd
Turin Spirituality is back, four days of lectures, dialogues, readings and meditations at the Circle of Readers and in the heart of the city, to reflect together by comparing consciences, cultures and religions. The XVIII edition reflects on the concept of Skin, the “deep surface” of the human being who, while hiding, questions the tangible mystery that each of us represents. In the confrontation of consciences, cultures and faiths, Torino Spirituality returns to trigger a reflection on the meaning of our time and of our being in places of meeting and worship, museum spaces, culture and entertainment in the Piedmontese capital. The image chosen for this year, an ancient lava rock marked by the traces of a contact as unpredictable as it is poetic, alludes to the infinite wealth of encounters our skin is witness to: some ephemeral, others lasting like crystallized flowers forever in stone. Footprints and ornaments that every life is destined to know.

Until October 23rd
“Escalation” is a group exhibition curated by boyrebecca that brings together a heterogeneous selection of artists with different languages ​​and approaches. The exhibition, scheduled from 30 September to 23 October in Barriera, is a eulogy to the afterparty where, however, the ghost of the energy of an ecstatic love remains, the tensions and the background to follow. The exhibition space reflects the various phases of the party and pushes the viewer to dwell on some elements that provide a narrative and imaginative interpretation. The artists present here are the kid clubs called to contribute to this already consumed party: boyrebecca, Cuoghi & Corsello, Dafne, Gianfranco Colla, Gian Marco Battistini, MRZB, Sathyan Rizzo, Tobia Faiman.

Until February 26th
There is the touching photo on her deathbed, there are those taken by her father to 18-year-old Frida, there are the letters to her great love, Diego Rivera, her typewriter, the faithful reproductions of her busts, of the Casa Azùl, but there are also the shots that portray her naked, made by the collector and lover Julian Levy. These are just some of the objects and works present at the Keep of the City for the exhibition “Frida Khalo. The chaos inside ”open until February 26th. A 360-degree immersion through four thematic areas in the world of the Mexican artist with 3d installations, photographs, clothes and sculptures.

Until October 31st
It starts on Sunday at the Marchesa Mondo Babonzo in Barriera Theater. The Festival of Imaginary Creatures includes performances, music, projections and creative workshops and aims to face together the monstrosities that cross our times. The festival begins on Sunday 2 October and will end on 31. The exhibition will be inaugurated inside the Sala Colonne of Cascina Marchesa, in Corso Vercelli 141, which will be visited by over 500 primary and secondary school students and will allow for the meeting. between old and new generations, united by the desire and the need to invent new creative languages ​​for new forms of resistance.


Sunday 2 October, 4 pm
The 2022 edition of Organalia ends in the parish church of San Francesco, in via Garibaldi in Tonengo di Mazzé. The concert, which enhances the organ built by Carlo Vegezzi-Bossi in 1891, is organized thanks to the commitment of the parish led by Don Alberto Carlevato. The protagonists of the afternoon appointment are two Canavese musicians: the organist Paolo Tarizzo and the director of the “Artemusica” children’s choir Debora Bria.


Saturday 1 October at 9.30 pm
The new cd “Palma de Sols” is dedicated to those who entrust their lives and hopes to the sea, to the many who make it and to the too many who instead see their dreams shattered in the waves. From passage to passage a timeless journey on the ancient routes of a sea witnesses multiple destinies and custodian of priceless beauties. On stage, Palmas (cantabile lute, mandola) is accompanied by Alessandro Foresti (piano) and Marco Argiolas (clarinet).
Info: Folkclub, via Perrone 3 bis, tel. 01119215162,


Saturday 1 October at 3 pm and 6 pm
The appointment is with Sergej Prokofiev’s symphonic fable for narrator and orchestra. Maestro Giulio Laguzzi conducts the Orchestra of the Teatro Regio and the actor Yuri D’Agostino.
Info: Auditorium Helder Camara del Sermig

Saturday 1 October at 5 pm and Sunday 2 October 11 am and 5.30 pm
At Venaria Reale (Saturday) and Turin (Sunday), a playful animal Saturnale, starting from the image of Marco Cavallo, a tribute to Giuliano Scabia, poet, narrator and playwright who died in 2021, friend of the Incanti festival and guest of the festival in 2018 .

Saturday 1 October 2022 at 8.45 pm
The meeting between Elisa Spagone and Marian Codrut Cojocaru, two dancers who, coming from different backgrounds, combine urban and contemporary dances. A show that talks about love, a theme that is apparently as simple as it is unfathomable. By and with Orderly Dance Company.
Info: Sala Scicluna, via Martorelli,

Saturday 1 October at 8.45 pm
The new work by Cristina Kristal Rizzo makes her national debut. On stage the Japanese dancer Megumi Eda, iconic interpreter of Karole Armitage. The central idea is to restore identity to the language of the contemporary body: a rediscovery and re-evaluation of its resilience, a celebration of its individual and collective powers. In this reappropriation, the intensity of the dance is a fundamental element.
Info: Fonderie Limone, via Pastrengo, Moncalieri,

From the Researchers’ Night to the Incanti Festival: here’s what to do this weekend in the city