From Sunday 27 November Advent lights up in Villa Arconati … towards the Christmas Party

There little Versailles prepares for Christmas in the most magical atmosphere of the year

BOLLATE – The most magical period of the year begins and Villa Arconati immerses itself in the joyful atmosphere of these days full of enchantment.

While our Garden falls asleep, lulled by the warm tones of autumn, the Villa dresses up to make the atmosphere waiting for Christmas unique and special: lights (strictly led to take care of our planet), handcrafted decorations by hand, Christmas trees, activities for young and old, and many delights for the palate will make the Villa a warm and welcoming “home” for young and old.

What will visitors find in our Advent Sundays on November 24th and December 4th?




The last appointment of 2022 with the cycle of historical reenactments “The thread of history” can only have how Christmas theme: the rooms on the ground floor will host life scenes convivial of the eighteenth century, mid-nineteenth century, of the empire style, of the fin de siècle to reach the early twentieth century with characters, installations, objects inspired by Christmas traditions of various ages.

Traditions that have perhaps been lost and that we will try to “reconnect” … on the thread of history: how many know that in the eighteenth century the New Year was celebrated more commonly than Christmas? And that the Christmas tree was used only in northern countries and that it was only introduced in the mid-nineteenth century? What was the most popular game at Christmas tables already at the end of the seventeenth century? The Game of the Goose! But we also enjoyed playing card games and blind man’s buff. These and many other stories will be told by the re-enactors of the Compagnia De’ Cristoforis. While the Sala Museo, in the afternoon, will host Christmas-themed Risorgimento dancesin which Visitors can also participate.


Sunday 27 November from 11.00 to 17.00

Risorgimento dances in the Sala Museo from 14.00 to 17.00

The re-enactment activity is included in the entrance ticket to the Villa.




A new and unique way to “listen” to books: this is the futuristic project to come previewed at Villa Arconati by Roberto Tamburrino and Thomas Vitalini, the creators of the “Quarta Dimension Audio” project. Unlike ordinary audiobooks, by wearing ordinary headphones it will be possible to experience the pages of the Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, having full perception of spaces, sounds, characters and their movements.

A Christmas Carol 3D is the world’s first 3D audio bookcapable of stimulating the listener’s imagination, restoring an active experience that exploits the ability to evoke images and suggest faces and environments that recreate the Victorian London of the miser Scrooge (played by Stefano Andreoli, one of the 24 actors chosen throughout Italy to carry out the project).

It will be possible to live the unique experience of Christmas Carol 3D in the beautiful Arconati Library on the ground floor of the Villa, where young and old can actively immerse themselves in the sounds, thanks to the Time Machine, the special “time machine” created specifically for 3D listening to history.

Christmas Carol 3D

Arconati Library on the ground floor of the Villa

Sunday 4 – Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 December for the whole day

Activity included in the entrance ticket to the Villa


At 16.00 in the Museum Hall the Joy Flute Ensemble-APS Cultural Association and its young flutists will give the public a beautiful Christmas concert with songs taken from the traditional repertoire: White Christmas, Astro del Ciel, Happy Christmas, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Jingle Bells, the dances from the Nutcracker, just to name a few…

The Joy Flute Ensemble-APS Cultural Association is made up of flute teachers, graduates and students of the association’s courses, eager to share this chamber music project together. The Association is a point of reference for young flutists where their young energies are valued. There solo flute ensemble has a wide and diversified repertoire: original compositions, elaborations of famous classical pieces and pages of music of various kinds.

An element of interest is the presence of the various flutes belonging to the flute family: piccolo, soprano, contralto and bass flute, with different timbres that enrich and characterize the ensemble.


Christmas concert

Museum Hall at 16.00

Free admission subject to availability

Every Sunday from 27 November:


On the ground floor of the south east wing, traditionally dedicated to art exhibitions, they will be on display diorama artistic cribs of excellent workmanship, made by the cribs of the Italian Association of Friends of the Crib in Milan Lainate. Every diorama it is a work which, using the perspective technique, tries to reproduce an episode taken from the Gospel, transporting it to the time decided by the author, trying to reproduce the setting as faithfully as possible. Various materials are used, from wood to plaster to polystyrene. The statues of all the works are by Italian and Spanish artists chosen among the most important and representative.

They can be admired the announcement to Mary, visit to Mary set in a characteristic village, some nativity scenes set in a cave, at home, in a stable, resting after a long journey, in an oriental location. The visitor will also be able to observe an adolescent Jesus helping his father Giuseppe master shipwright. Finally, together with all the peoples of the earth it will be possible to stop in a stable to admire a child placed in a manger.

And also… the Vivere Castellazzo Association of the Parish of Castellazzo will show the faithful and visitors the old crib of the little one St William’s Church: a beautiful and very rare example of a traditional nativity scene, inserted in the unique spirituality of the small medieval church of the Borgo di Castellazzo.

. ADVENT LUNCH – from 12.00 to 15.00

There Red Roomwhich welcomes visitors for the Lunchwill be dressed up in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and will offer a buffet menu with typical dishes of these festive days.

In order to have lunch in the magical atmosphere of Advent in the Villa, booking is recommended

(Whatsapp msg at 393.6638140)


Our Caffè Goldoni will also offer a cozy tearoom where you can enjoy a delicious tea Christmas snack with tea and coffee, chocolate, slices of cake, biscuits and of course the typical Christmas sweets!

And then…

… all the splendor of Villa Arconati, to be experienced with a walk independently or with Guided toursaccompanied by the passionate stories of our volunteer guides:

ENTRANCE WITH GUIDED TOUR OF THE PALACE AND GARDEN: the guided tour in about 90 minutes will lead you to discover the treasures of the Palace, including the majestic Sala di Fetonte frescoed by the Galliari Brothers in 1700, the Ballroom embroidered with stucco and gilding and now also the Parade Apartment with the most sumptuous bedroom in the Villa. The visit will also lead you to the discovery of the monumental garden, one of the very few examples of Italian and French gardens that are still preserved today throughout Lombardy: the Limonaia and the Torre delle Acque, the Andromeda Theater and the majestic Theater of Diana, the Teatro Grande dedicated to the Senses and the Seasons, up to the eighteenth-century parterre, where the restoration has revived the spectacular eighteenth-century drawing by Marc’Antonio Dal Re. In case of bad weather, the visit will take place entirely in the Palace, with access to some rooms not included in the traditional visit itinerary.

Guided tour of the Palace and Garden:

11.30 and 14.30

Full price €16.00

Reduced €13.00

Limited seats.

Do you want to secure your place on the Guided Tour? Book online from our website

ENTRANCE WITH INDEPENDENT VISIT: allows access to the Monumental Garden – with its 7 theatres, 40 classical statues and fountains, water games, a labyrinth and much more! Furthermore, it allows access to many rooms on the ground floor: the Museum Hall which preserves the imposing classical sculpture of the 1st century. AD of the Emperor Tiberius, the Arconati Library, the ancient Armory and the Stables built starting from the code of the “Ideal Stable” by Leonardo Da Vinci. In addition, of course, to the beautiful rooms on the main floor: the Gallery with the private Arconati Chapel, the mysterious Alcove, the Poetry Lounge, the splendid Sala di Fetonte frescoed by the Galliari Brothers, the Ballroom.

Entrance with independent visit:

from 11.00 to 17.00 (last access at 16.00)

Full price €10.00

Reduced €7.00

Purchasable on site or online on the site

Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 December from 11.00 to 18.00


These Sundays of Advent will accompany us to Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 December with the Villa Christmas party:

The small one exhibition of artisan producers Lombards,

L’Santa’s office,

THE creative workshops for children,

Carriage rides in the garden,

There Band hey choirs christmas,

Roasted chestnuts and mulled winesweets and hot chocolate, candy and cotton candy … and a warm and welcoming Christmas lunches,

And a surprise for young and old from Santa Claus!


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ADVENT at Villa Arconati

Sunday 27 November and 4 December 2022

from 11.00 to 17.00 (last access at 16.00)

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From Sunday 27 November Advent lights up in Villa Arconati … towards the Christmas Party