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Smiling, happy, optimistic and self-confident: she tells herself to Sorrisi in the round, between work on the sets, her beloved Sicily and the joys of life as a mother

Giusy Cascio
August 11, 2022 at 8:01 am

While we do the interview Francesca Chillemi she is by the pool in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (ME), her hometown: she has a few days of relaxation from the set and has gone to visit her parents. In September we will see the actress in “Purple like the sea”the new fiction of Canale 5 produced by Lux Vide, a company of the Fremantle group, in collaboration with Rti, where it is the protagonist together with Can Yamanthe star actor of Turkish soap very popular in Italy.

Francesca plays Viola Vitale, a budding journalist who returns to Sicily from Paris and who has a very particular characteristic: “synesthesia”.

Francesca, tell us: what is it about?
«Synesthesia is a neurological condition that leads to experiencing auditory or visual perceptual phenomena different from the usual ones. In the case of Viola, she “sees” the emotions of others through a sort of aura with certain colors associated with anger, fear … And when she receives these visual inputs, it is a bit like she feels those emotions as well she. This involves two aspects: one positive and one negative. The good thing is that Viola manages to identify with others; the bad thing is that she sometimes gets overwhelmed by emotions. The fact is that, thanks to this “gift of hers”, she is able to help Chief Inspector Demir (Can Yaman, ed), to resolve cases “.

Would you like to be able to read emotions through colors?
“No, because it would be complicated to manage. But I would like to be empathetic like Viola, connect with people like her. The life of others must be accepted without judging it, with serenity. Without making too many films ».

Is there a color that associates with positive emotions?
«Red, because I immediately link it to the surname that my daughter Rania (alives with the entrepreneur Stefano Rosso, Francesca’s partner, ed) “.

Instead the color that best suits her?
«The wine color is one of my favorites».

Viola is a journalist who deeply investigates the human soul. If you were interviewing her, what question of her would you ask?
«My Viola is a very sensitive, sometimes fragile, naive woman. But she is of great emotional openness: she is really interested in understanding what others feel. So the first question she would ask me is: “Francesca, how are you? Are you OK? You are happy?””.

What would you answer her?
“That I’m fine, yes. As for happiness, it is difficult to experience it in this historical moment of chaos, with everything that happens. I see so much general anxiety, so much suffering around me and this touches me deeply ».

In the fiction you can admire many glimpses of a Palermo crossroads of cultures. A special place?
«A splendid terrace overlooking the Arab-Norman cathedral, where we shot many scenes with Can. Because Viola and Demir, who are neighbors, find themselves there to have long chats. And in the evening it is really beautiful, it has a magnificent view ».

Did you, as a Sicilian, be a bit of a tourist? What places did you discover in the city?
«I really enjoyed walking into the Vucciria market, the smell of which remains on you. But then we also shot on the beach of Mondello, where there is a beautiful liberty bathhouse, suspended over the water ».

When you get back home, what’s the atmosphere like?
“We are all together, my parents, my sister Teresa, who is three and a half years older than me, and my brother Giuseppe, who is seven years younger. And I see cousins ​​of all ages. The concept of privacy does not exist: the family “expands” (laughs) “.

Does your mother Maria welcome you by cooking your favorite dishes?
«Yes, because nourishment for her is affection, it is care. I ask her to cook my vegetables, which here have a completely different flavor. Roasted eggplant, for example. And then I love truffles: the ice cream with a heart of cream and the gianduia outside that they make here ».

But what are your most “Sicilian” qualities?
«First of all the physical aspect: dark, dark eyes, I am Mediterranean. On a character level, however, the Sicilian prerogative is that, when I meet someone, I tend to study people. And if one is worth it, I throw myself: when I trust, I open up and trust completely ».

And from Viola we pass to Azzurra, her historical character. Curious that she too has the name of a color.
“True? Maybe the next woman I will play will be called White, Green or Blue, who knows! ».

Azzurra is now the heart of the fiction “May God help us”. In the last season we saw her in the role of a novice alongside Sister Angela (Elena Sofia Ricci), as she tried to learn the “secrets of the trade” from her. How will it continue? Any news on the seventh season that we will see next year?
«Now Azzurra will put into practice everything that Sister Angela taught her. Let’s move from theory to practice. If you like, it’s a bit like my evolution in the cast. At the beginning I was the “youngest” on the set, today I can act as the elder sister to the young actresses ».

With the evolution of Azzurra over time, has your relationship with faith also changed?
«No, my relationship with spirituality is the same as always. I am a believer, not a practitioner. But every evening I say prayers as Grandma Ciccina taught me ».

What does he ask of God in his prayers?
«Nothing, I don’t ask, prayers are my daily thanks».

On the set in Assisi this summer it was very hot. Did he suffer a lot?
«I suffer from the cold a lot, but I must say that, with stage clothes that cover from neck to toe, shooting in the heat is definitely tiring».

Its anti-heat remedies?
«For low blood pressure, potassium and magnesium. And then I repeat to myself: “I can do it!”. Believe it, it’s a winning strategy, the brain works like this: if you tell him that the heat is bearable, he believes it and you feel better ».

On Instagram we see her wearing beautiful wide-brimmed hats. Do you use them to protect yourself from the sun or do they give you a diva look?
“The first. I can’t sunbathe on my face for work reasons: so as not to drive make-up artists crazy. Otherwise, between one scene and another I would seem darker ».

On the set, what do you never part with?
“From the paper script! I print my scenes and take them with me. I can’t memorize them well if I look at the digital they send me via email. And then I have a handbag with my cell phone, because since I have a daughter I always want to be available for any eventuality ».

Is she a very apprehensive mom?
“Alas, yes. I try to restrain myself, but it’s tough: it’s genetic. My mom always said to me: “Be careful of this, be careful of that …” and I grew up with a very high threshold of attention, far too much. I wish it were different for my daughter. ‘

Will he leave for a few days with Stefano and Rania in mid-August?
“Yes, we will take a trip to dedicate all the time to the child. And we involve her in her decision: we don’t impose her options on her, we choose her goal together with her ».

What class will the girl be at school in September?
‘Second grade. She already has the diary and the school kit ready: she is a very independent, determined girl, I like her. She goes to American school and sometimes she corrects me if I miss a few English words ».

What do you think about your work?
“I’ve been taking her on sets since she was only 50 days old. And I must say that you are now beginning to do well all the work behind it ».

Do you ever take selfies with the crew during breaks?
«No, because she is not an“ exhibitionist ”child, to take a picture of her you have to ask her permission! And I find this to be healthy ».

What space does fashion occupy now in your life compared to the beginning of your career?
«The usual: I like beautiful things, I like being feminine, I like having a style that identifies me and makes me feel at ease. But I believe that no one should feel obliged to follow trends or do treatments that they don’t like. For example, I don’t like massages, they annoy me. “

Her number one beauty secret?
«A balanced diet, without obsessive sacrifices. And the movement: I do yoga, pilates, weights. Alterno ».

Are there mornings when even she sticks her tongue out in front of the mirror and goes back to sleep?
«There are, there are. But, even there, it is enough to point the brain in the right direction. I tell myself that I do the best job in the world, which gives me great satisfaction. So the day starts again ».

In 2023 it will be 20 years since she won the Miss Italy contest.
“Already? I was 18 and it seems like yesterday, time runs fast ».

Did you realize all your dreams back then?
“Yes, but there is still room for more. If you stop having dreams, what life is it? ‘

Francesca Chillemi is the star of the new fiction “Viola come il mare” | TV Smiles and Songs