Festivals and literary meetings to understand the complexity of the world

In recent years, history seems to have accelerated, with large-scale events that raise new questions looking for satisfying answers. Or at least a compass with which to orient oneself between the uncertainties left by the pandemic emergency and the anxiety linked to a conflict on European territory and to the economic difficulties that affect daily choices. They are a precious resource for finding new keys to interpreting such a complex picture books, reading and the cultural world that moves around them. Starting with opportunities for discussion and sharing such as festivals: events where you can try to understand the world around us in depth, treasuring the teaching of great thinkers, authors and intellectuals of the past and putting it in communication with the present.

Comparison on various topics
An example of the value of these opportunities for debate and meeting are the festivals proposed by the new season of Circle of readers, in its offices in Turin and Novara, which tackle varied themes in an alchemy of historical manifestations and new events. The restart of the Club this year richer than ever – he underlines Elena Loewenthaldirector of the Circle of Readers Foundation – we want to start living, listening, talking and reading together again, to “notice” a complex, problematic but also fascinating reality. They range from the comparison with Europe of yesterday, today and tomorrow to a broad spectrum of suggestions that a theme such as “skin” can give to many Italian and foreign authors who finally come back to visit us, in the presence. The autumn programming of the Circolo dei readers to be experienced.

Rousseau and Europe
Among the first events of this season, the fifth edition of “Scribbles”, An appointment dedicated to the gesture of drawing and improvisation hosted in Novara from 16 to 18 September. This year’s theme, “At stake: figures and words”, animated an event embellished by guests of the caliber of Altan, Michele Serra, Olimpia Zagnoli, Valerio Magrelli, Guido Scarabottolo, Giuseppe Di Napoli, Giovanna Dur. The first meetings of the new project officially opened the calendar “Vis – Vis”, An international festival this year centered on the thought of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and which unites the city of Chambéry and the residence of the philosopher at the Charmettes with Turin and the Circolo dei readers. Starting from the testimony of the French thinker, the festival intends investigate the meaning of contemporary Europe and its cultural dimension, analyzing its borders and values. This is thanks to a series of events that in October will address issues ranging from the Enlightenment and its idea of ​​progress to the need to find a form of narration for the continent through the journey to debates that lead from Rousseau to Voltaire. Among the guests the philosopher Maurizio Ferraristhe poets Martin Rueff And Valerio MagrelliWriter Paolo Rumiz and the 2021 Strega Award Emanuele Trevi.

All the meanings of the skin
instead, now in its 18th edition, the festival “Turin Spirituality”, Scheduled from 29 September to 2 October in places of meeting and worship, museums, culture and entertainment spaces in the Piedmontese capital. The theme of 2022 Skin, on whose innumerable meanings writers, philosophers and protagonists of the arts and contemporary thought will question themselves. Skin understood as an external border between us and the world, but also a surface where life meets us and we come into contact with others. A multiplicity of dimensions that will be investigated from a literary point of view, acting, image and current contrasts and stereotypes, with speakers such as the Nobel Prize for Literature Orhan Pamukthe actor Fabrizio Gifuni, Luciana Littizzetto, Oliviero Toscanithe former footballer and activist Lilian Thuram and Enzo Bianchi.

Work between past and present
The fifth “Classic Festival”, From 1 to 4 December in Turin. The central topic of this year is “Work: condemnation, law, utopia”, explored starting from a lectio magistralis by Luciano Canfora. In an analysis anchored to the memory of the past, but capable of reconnecting with the present and orienting the future (with particular attention to the younger audience of students), in the days of the event the theme of work it will be investigated from a philosophical, philological, historical, social, political and linguistic point of view. Moving from the interpretation that the myths of antiquity give to the biblical narration, up to the utopian conception of a purely contemplative life, very far from the frenetic rhythms of today.

Meetings with the authors
To complete the rich calendar of the Circle of readers, next to thematic focuses, reading groups, events for schools and activities for children, finally numerous meetings with Italian and international writers. Cristina Comencini, Marco Missiroli, Francesco Costa, Mario Desiati, Francesco Piccolo and Carlo Ginzburg these are just some of the great authors who will animate an increasingly varied and pluralist program – as he underlines Giulio Biinopresident of the Circolo dei readers Foundation and of the Turin International Book Fair – the proof that culture without borders and that the Club knows no boundaries. With the enthusiasm and vitality that has always distinguished it, it spreads the only virus against which there is no need to vaccinate: that of culture.


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Festivals and literary meetings to understand the complexity of the world