Ezra Miller’s madness

Ezra Miller believes unicorns really exist. She told the journalist Tatiana Siegel, who in 2018 she wrote a very long and beautiful profile of the actor for The Hollywood Reporter. He said this as he took the reporter on a tour of his farm – about 40 acres in rural Vermont, which Miller at the time ran with a “polyamorous community of friends and spiritual counselors” – wearing a unicorn costume. At the time, Miller felt comfortable in the role of the unicorn: an ascent like his had not often been seen in Hollywood, and hardly ever had one seen a young actor who between the Los Angeles jet set and the conifers of the north east American chooses the latter. After the success of We are infinite (The Perks Of Being A Wallflower), Miller seemed destined to be the first and best known and most loved and highest paid of a new generation of actors. More: of a new genre of actor. “The queer star of the American blockbuster, the eccentric flower child who lives in Vermont and plays The FlashHe summarizes Vulture. Ezra Miller was a american sweetheart in the making, the perfect testimonial of a new way of being actors, white and male in post-MeToo Hollywood. The pronouns of lei (they) had been chosen in time, to reiterate the message launched the first time during the promotional tour of We are infinite: “I’m queer.” He had begun earlier than all his other colleagues and peers to take part in the battles of his world and his generation. According to Miller, “mighty men are gnawing the whole world.” Not for nothing, he has long since stopped calling himself male, but she has no intention of calling himself female. “I hardly call myself human,” she once explained.

In his unicorn years, Miller was always on the right side of things wars (cultural, gender, class) American. At 19, when his talent was still a secret kept in the festival circuits, he was in Zuccotti Park protesting against the one percent: “Like all my generation, I lived the last decade of my life without any hope, ”he says, megaphone in hand. A few days before that impromptu rally, he had been stopped in Pittsburgh for a roadside check and the police had found twenty grams of marijuana in his car. He, Miller, said he couldn’t find anything wrong with making use of “a harmless herb that only broadens sensory abilities.” At the time, one of his missions was to protect Antarctica: he will go there together with other Greenpeace activists to plant a flag with a capsule inside with three million signatures collected to urge the governments of the world to protect perennial ice. At Comi-Con in San Diego in 2016, fresh from his first appearance as Barry Allen The flash in Batman vs Superman, sits down at the piano and starts playing his own version of Rihanna’s “Work”. “Ezra Miller is the gender-bending, goat-delivering Hollywood star of the future”, she titled Gq in a piece that was a hope and a prayer: “Please, God, let the next generation of movie stars be like him.”

There are conspiracy theories linking Ezra Miller’s breakup to meeting Johnny Depp. According to conspiracy theorists, it is no coincidence that Miller begins to show a certain passion for strong liquors shortly after meeting Depp on the set of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in 2016. From then on, his public appearances become more and more surreal – he insists with DCEU fans that they explain to him why Flash’s accelerated metabolism prevents him from getting drunk, does an entire interview speaking as Toadette from Super Mario – and his private life becomes something between a collection of stories by Hubert Selby Jr., a short novel by Elmore Leonard and a constant refresh of the homepage of Tmz. One day he is in a trendy bar in Reykjavik trying to strangle a woman, complete with video testimony that first appeared on and then disappeared from Twitter. The next day he is found on social media inviting the North Carolina Ku Klux Klan to mass suicide using the firearms they are so fond of, “otherwise we will do it for you”. The next day he is in Hawaii, in a very unlucky karaoke bar, throwing chairs in front of people guilty of singing an unwelcome version of “Shallow”, the song that makes Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga fall in love in A Star Is Born. He is arrested several times and nights in the police station begin to be a problem for his employers too: nobody likes drunkard and harassing superheroes. The Warner group – owner, among other things, of DC Comics – recently announced that after the release of The Flash (probably the most postponed film in the history of Hollywoood, due to all the misfortunes that have marked the last years of humanity) the contract with Miller will expire and will not be renewed, they are already looking for the next Barry Allen, sober and meek.

Not that the DC’s decision is really due to Miller’s too many drinks. The fact is that, in the last period, the chronicle of his life turns more and more to the black. Reading the chronicles of these days, one can only think back to the many interviews in which Miller claimed to have self-diagnosed various psychopathologies at different moments in his existence. After the Hawaiian raids, he returns to Massachusetts to relax his nerves with the fresh and clean air of the American forest. A friend of his invites him to spend the evening at his house with his neighbors, a young woman and her eleven-year-old daughter. The evening ends with Miller showing the woman the gun that for some reason he always carries with him, angry because she continues to contradict him on the Rastafarian origin of the board game Parcheesi (“by dint of saying certain things you could get in trouble”, repeats them). Playing a kind of degenerate version of Bob Dylan, Miller tries to terrify the woman by saying that one day her daughter will get out of his control and that that day the girl will be lucky if she meets someone like him, one who has “a lot to teach”. The woman, of course, the next day makes a complaint. She too has read in the newspapers the story of Miller and Gibson Iron Eyes, a girl who, when she was 14 and Miller 25, the actor would have invited to London on the set of Fantastic beasts, making her try alcohol, marijuana and LSD. Gibson’s parents accuse Miller of grooming against their daughter, Gibson accuses her parents of psychological manipulation and transphobia (Gibson is a non-binary transgender and, according to her, the parents are doing everything out of spite against her), court documents state that Miller used “violence , intimidation, threats, fear, paranoia, delusions and drugs to manipulate a teenager ». The court where these documents are filed, however, fails to deliver his subpoena to Miller: the actor is not found by the authorities, he is traveling around Hawaii with Gibson, as can be seen from the profile Instagram of the latter.

Recent news is that the “polyamorous community of friends and spiritual counselors” who would help Miller manage his farm in Vermont would include a woman with three young children (between one and five years of age), babies that the owner home would leave you free to chase each other among marijuana plants, firearms of various calibers and bullets of different types. In a piece published on Variety on June 30, the woman Miller had tried to strangle in Reykjavik told her version of events for the first time. “She is a funny and playful type – she said – until she stops being one”.

Ezra Miller’s madness