Ezra Miller, disturbing new details appear on the “cult” of the actor of The Flash

New updates on the events concerning the most controversial of the actors of the last period: Ezra Millerstar of The Flashsince last April he has been at the center of judicial and personal vicissitudes that have partly compromised his image and raised doubts about his future in DC franchise.

For the moment, the film of Andy Muschietti it doesn’t seem in danger, but there is a lot of disturbing news and rumors about Miller. Just a few days ago, it was reported that the actor would be convinced he is being hunted by FBI OR Ku Klux Klan and that for this he would be constantly armed. Other witnesses, however, shed light on his period in Iceland and on “sect” that he would put on his feet.

According to what was reported by Insider, in fact, numerous people would have declared that Ezra Miller behaved like “cult leaderWhile he stood in an Airbnb in Reykjavikin the first months of 2020. The post has been defined a «menagerie of Icelandic artists, expats and spiritual confidants that Miller encouraged to stay there, despite having homes in Reykjavik“. According to a woman Miller’s Airbnb was something of a commune and the guests “mesmerized” by every word of the actor.

The rumors circulated at that time concerned the alleged “sect” that Ezra Miller entangled with monologues on spirituality and explosions of emotion, as well as claiming to be endowed with supernatural powers.

A 23-year-old also reported that the Fantastic Beasts he would repeatedly explode with anger over trivial matters, cursing and yelling at a group of people for choosing a song and chasing them out of his “sanctuary”. The same source reported when Miller tried to kick them out of the apartment, telling them that they didn’t appreciate her hospitality and that he could “read minds”. “Those were the strangest days I’ve ever experienced” he added.

And again: an 18-year-old musician reported having had sex with Miller on three occasions and was practically no longer in contact with friends and family. The actor also, according to her testimony, would have remained fixed on her reproductive abilities and his “perfect womb”. “Ezra was a super manipulator – the words reported by Insider – He held us in the palm of his hand. He was able to distort everything I thought I knew about the world“.

The young woman, once back home, then inquired about the functioning of the sects and their leaders, finding many points in common with the behavior of Ezra Miller: despite having spent only 3 days together, “it felt like much, much moreAnd she is not sure that she will ever recover from the affair.

In the recent period, many allegations have emerged against the actor of The Flash: allegedly threatened and exhibited abusive behavior towards a German woman whom he visited in February 2022moreover it would have an 18-year-old Native American circuit – or so say the parents of the young girl, known by Miller since she was 13 years old.

In addition to these rumors and testimonies, it is clear that there are two arrests in a short time. All elements that make the confirmation of The Flash for the next 2023, considering how the Warner Bros. in the past it has decided to protect itself for “much less”.

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Source: Insider


Ezra Miller, disturbing new details appear on the “cult” of the actor of The Flash