Ezra Miller and Armie Hammer: the complaints that weigh on Hollywood actors

Serious complaints weigh on Hollywood actors ezra miller29 years old, and about Armie Hammer, 35, shocks the atmosphere of the mecca of cinema. The first of them, known for interpreting Flash in the DC Universe movie and for his participation in fantastic animals, is accused of robbery, violence, harassment and intimidation of minors. The rest, who became famous for his role in “Call me by your name.” for sexual abuse and cannibalistic practices.

Ezra Miller: complaints for theft, violence, harassment and intimidation of minors

The transgender actor Ezra Miller He was denounced in recent days for stealing bottles of alcohol from a house, a light accusation compared to those that fell on him in recent years, which include violence, bullying and bullying of minors. Furthermore, the alleged creation of a sect around his figure.

In April 2020an admirer danced with him in a bar in Icelandwhen unexpectedly the actor grabbed her by the neck and struggled until she was thrown to the ground. A person recorded the incident and shared it on the networks, where it went viral.

During his stay in that country, it was learned that the actor “gathered a group of people in a property they rented through Airbnb, in the suburb of Kópavogur, and a visitor compared the environment to that of a sect,” according to an investigation carried out. for the magazine insiders.

Another complainant, identified as Nadia, recounted that, in February of this year, both were in their apartment in Berlin when she asked him not to smoke inside her house. She “She began to insult me. I was going around my house, touching everything, spreading tobacco leaves on the floor, ”she recounted. After he left, Miller sent him text messages in which he threatened her with entering his apartment to rob him.

Also in 2022, he starred in 10 altercations with law enforcement in Hawaii. Among them, a fight with a couple in a karaoke after getting irritated with a performance of the ballad “Shallowby Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. The police arrested him and a friend had to bail her out to get him out of jail. Days later, that girl reported him for threats.

Meanwhile, last June, the daily Los Angeles Times, published a story in which he collected complaints from two families. The first of them claimed that a young woman had been manipulated and sexually harassed by Miller as a teenager. The second indicated that the actor behaved in the same way with a 12 year old girl.

his last complaints They are located in Vermont, United States.. There, Miller has a farm where, according to an investigation by the magazine rolling stones, housed a 25-year-old mother and her three children, between one and five years old. The father of the minors denounced the facts because he understood that “it is not a safe environment.” The magazine also indicated that there are videos where up to eight weapons spread out around the ranch, some stacked among stuffed animals.

Armie Hammer: allegations of sexual abuse and cannibalistic practices

Armie Hammer became part of the blacklist of Hollywood at the end of 2020, after a series of screenshots of conversations that the actor had with some women were known, where he spoke to them about sexual, sadomasochistic and cannibalistic practices.

In mid-2021, Hammer entered a rehabilitation center for his addiction to sexat drugs and to alcohol. Back then, the magazine Vanity Fair assured that the actor had called Elizabeth Chambershis ex-wife, to ask for her help and express that he was ready to undergo treatment.

During that process, a 24-year-old girl identified as effie angelova He denounced him for the crime of rape, for which the Los Angeles City Justice opened an investigation. The complainant claimed that Hammer “mentally, emotionally, and sexually abused me during a four-year relationship.” She also submitted messages in which the defendant told her: “I am 100% cannibal. I want to eat you“.

So far, Hammer strongly denied the accusations against him. He did it through his lawyer. “From day one, Mr. Hammer has maintained that all of his interactions with Effie and any other sexual partners have been fully consensual, discussed and agreed upon in advance, and mutually participatory,” the lawyer told page six.

Documentary “House of Hammer”

The accusations that frame Hammer’s life returned to the public scene in August 2022 this Tuesday, after the first preview of the documentary was released. “House of Hammer”, which recounts the allegations of sexual abuse against the actor. will be released on September 2 on Discovery+a platform that is not yet available in Argentina.

The documentary shows the actor’s scandal, and also the “secrets” of his family. Two alleged victims participate, who provided details about his experiences and who also provided screenshots and voice messages they received from Hammer.

“My bet was show up at your house and tie you up completely and incapacitate you and then to be able to do what I want in every hole in your body until I finish with you”, is heard in one of the audios shared in the preview. Then, the advance shows another text attributed to the actor in which he describes himself as “100% cannibal.”

In turn, it shows a woman, on the verge of tears, who recounts one of the traumatic moments who lived with the actor. “The ropes were around my wrists, my neck and my ankles and I was completely immobilized and I just closed my eyes until it was over,” she said.

The documentary is directed by elli hakami Y Julian P Hobbs and also has the testimony of Casey Hammer, Armie’s aunt. “Multiply what happens in the series succession a million times. That was my family. If you believe in making deals with the devil, the Hammers are at the top of the totem pole,” she is heard saying.

Every generation of my family was embroiled in dark affairs and it got worse and worse.. I know my grandfather had it, but I saw my father’s dark side firsthand. And I saw my brother’s. He was like a monster released. Now it’s Armie. I let the Hammers control me for generation after generation, but it’s time to stop,” he added.

In May, when the series was confirmed, the production detailed: “House of Hammer will show different family scandals Hammer through the decades and the special will include archival footage and interviews with survivors and family members to investigate a dysfunctional dynasty in which its male members exhibited the devastating consequences of privilege gone savage.”

Ezra Miller and Armie Hammer: the complaints that weigh on Hollywood actors