Expand your spiritual awareness with these Netflix productions

The covid-19 pandemic and the confinement to prevent its spread spread fear to the entire world, but it also gave humanity time to analyze what is really important and the opportunity to rethink beliefs to make way for a new consciousness. Netflix had its share of responsibility, because on its grill it has productions that led many to an internal debate.

Staying at home was a very tough challenge for millions of people, but at the same time it meant questioning life, thinking about emotions and delving into spirituality, which is not the same as a religion, as expressed in these series and movies from Netflix that we invite you to enjoy:

“Sense 8”

Netflix original series. Eight humans have a second birth and this time they enter the world as homo sensorium, so they have connections as deep and intense as they are sensitive.

Yes, there are eight people from very different cultures and ways of being, but in the end they realize that we are all one and that we attract situations and other people as we vibrate.

Will (American), Riley (Icelandic), Capheus (Kenyan), Sun (South Korean), Lito (Mexican), Kala (Indian), Wolfgang (German) and Nomi (American) will have to learn more about this new way of communicating, and During this path, they explore their sexualities, experience love in a different way and learn the true meaning of empathy, while there is a lot of action and WTF moments around them!


This is a story that will blow your mind. This Netflix series is past, present and future, all at the same time but also in different dimensions.

Einstein’s theory of relativity gains special strength in “Dark”, with its complex puzzles that will make the viewer connect the dots about the relationship between the past lineages of its actors and how each decision that is made affects the present and the future. future, so it is necessary to cut obsolete patterns or, otherwise, the harsh situations will repeat themselves cyclically.

“Avatar the last Airbender”

This beautiful Nickelodeon animation available on Netflix is ​​ideal to watch with children, without adults feeling childish. On the contrary, it is a very funny cartoon, but it is also thought-provoking with its deep dialogues and reflections on good, evil, forgiveness, meditation, chakras and many other spiritual topics.

A boy discovers that he is the avatar and that he has the ability to master the four elements, but also has the duty to bring peace to all nations and maintain balance. His figure is very similar to that of the Dalai Lama, because they are both Buddhist monks who reincarnate with an important life mission.

Blind for not understanding the importance of his work, Aang (the Avatar) flees and, due to an unfortunate situation, ends up frozen for 100 years, when he is awakened by some brothers who eventually join him in mastering the elements and facing the Fire Lord, who maintains a cruel war that keeps the world under its rule.

“My other me”

This Turkish production is a Netflix original series and focuses on family constellations. The truth is that it is a very precious story and that it is waiting for a second season (that we bind our fingers that it rolls and that others follow it, because it is worth it).

Three friends struggle to build their lives. It is not easy, because they ignore what they carry from their ancestors, those inheritances that must be resolved to honor them and to make their own journey easier.

Under the premise that those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it, these women stumble upon the same stone as the people of their lineage (and their own stones) and only through these circles will they understand their present with representations of the past.

“Guillermo del Toro’s Ponocho”

For many, this version of the Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro is much more powerful than Disney’s and for us it is too.

And of course, if this beautiful film contains many messages in a spectacular stop motion of which there were too many expectations before its premiere and it exceeded them, for having spiritual moments about life beyond death, forgiveness, badly healed grief , the decisions that are made and their consequences, history, toxic masculinity and a long etcetera.

In the midst of a binge, Geppetto creates a puppet out of pine wood that was left over from the grave of his beloved son Carlo. His suffering touches the heart of a spirit that gives life to that puppet so that it becomes his son and asks the cricket that lives inside his heart (because he found a space in the pine tree to write his memories) to guide him if You want me to fulfill a wish.

Pinocchio is the opposite of Carlo: disobedient, messy, rude and distracted, but he is also a noble boy who loves his dad and wants him to be proud of him, so he makes decisions that will make the road as difficult as it is full of learning. .

Expand your spiritual awareness with these Netflix productions