Events: The myth of Hamlet relived at the Orfeo Theater in Taranto

With the myth of Hamlet, a show taken from the work of William Shakespeare, the season of the Orpheus of Taranto, historic theater of 1915, with a myth has opened. Giorgio Pasotti and Mariangela D’Abbraccio, two actors beloved by the public, starred with “Hamlet” directed by Francesco Tavassi. The “Hamlet”, by Alessandro Angelini and Antonio Prisco, freely adapted from the great work of William Shakespeare, produced by TSA Teatro Stabile d’Abruzzo, Stefano Francioni Produzioni, Fattore K, is distributed by Mariangela De Riccardis.

Hamlet, the quintessential Shakespearean character, is the modern hero. Shakespeare, in this work, dramatized the values ​​of responsibility and freedom, he introduced the concept that the human will can be free, because the individual possesses free will without which no man would have the possibility to choose his own destiny. Hamlet is the main architect of himself, he does not let himself be imprisoned by circumstances even when the choices are imposed on him from above.

Hamlet’s tragedy is fascinating and mysterious, complex and problematic, because it appears absolutely modern due to the vitality and versatility of the protagonist, an intellectual tormented by doubt who usually takes refuge in study and reflection to escape from a reality that disgusts him and which affects not only the protagonist’s sensitivity, but also ours.

In this tragedy, Shakespeare shows us a hero condemned to live in a society where being, compared to not being, requires a tremendous effort. And his “rational” form of madness, taken as a mask, allows him to play an extravagant part as a manipulator of words, skilled in knowing how to mix cunning and madness. Reflecting the ambiguity, introspection, the bewilderment of contemporary man committed to seeking the essence of life, but increasingly alone in the face of his own conscience and reason.

In our old and corrupt world, Hamlet. endowed with great moral sensitivity and high spiritual values, he is gravely struck and disgusted by the murder of his father, by the usurpation of the throne, by the discovery of his mother’s immoral conduct. With his wounded and tormented soul, he wonders about the right behavior to follow, about the boundary between good and evil, about the reasons for living in the present and for understanding the ultimate destiny of man.

He feels the obligation to experiment, probe and understand the reasons for his action and despite his uncertainties, he finds the courage to venture into a deceptive world whose boundaries he does not know, to accept a challenge that charges him with new responsibilities, to renounce to his youth world, to studies, to friends, to love, to the throne. And his doubts lead him to have contradictory behaviors. Sometimes he is a dreamer, unable to carry out a revenge. At other times he is a murderer, ruthless, mocking and even vulgar, at other times he is tender, loving, sensitive, refined, imposing himself as a character with a deep and complex psyche.

And his battle, even before that with the outside world, is internal and therefore current, between the choice to die and the commitment to live that culminates in his famous monologue where every sign of madness is absent, containing a profound wisdom in words that they are the descent into the deepest mystery of humanity, the most dramatic reflection on life.

On stage: Giorgio Pasotti (Hamlet), Mariangela D’Abbraccio (Geltrude), Gerardo Maffei (King Claudio and the Ghost), Claudia Tosoni (Ofelia), Diego Migeni (Polonio), Pio Stellaccio (Laerte), Salvatore Rancatore (Rosencrantz) and Andrea Papale (Guildersten).

The show is part of the 2022/23 program of the Orfeo Theater of Taranto with the slogan “The greatest pass through here”. Twelve subscription shows and 19 off-bill shows with different artists for the first time in Taranto. Shows that were skipped due to the pandemic were also recovered.

The season will continue on November 18th with Giampiero Ingrassia in “Doctor Faust”, November 23 with Lina Sastri in “Eduardo mio”. On 2, 12 and 22 December with Lina Sastri (“A spasso con Daisy), Carlo Buccirosso (” The neighbor’s grass is always greener “) and Peppe Barra (” La cantata dei pastori “). On 25 January Alessandro Siani will be the protagonist with “Extra happiness tour”. In February, 16 and 20, with Riccardo Rossi (“W le donne”) and Ornella Muti (“The painter of corpses”), on 2 March with Elena Sofia Ricci (“La sweet wing of youth “), on March 31 with Yari Gallucci (” The shadow of Totò “) and the closing will be on April 13 with Biagio Izzo (” The strange couple “). Among the non-subscription shows there will be: Angelo Pintus , Uto Ughi, Maurizio Battista, Dodi Battaglia, Maro Bocci, Fabio Concato and Drusilla Foer. Giovanni Allevi’s concert has been postponed to November 24, 2023. (By Vito Piepoli)

Events: The myth of Hamlet relived at the Orfeo Theater in Taranto