Events December 16 in Bologna and surroundings: Nada at the Locomotiv, “Mine vaganti” at the Duse


Black & beautiful. Contemporary African American Poets
There is an indissoluble link between poetry and black music: Marco Cavicchioli (voice) and Guglielmo Pagnozzi (clarinet, Indian harmonium and more) explore it in the last appointment of the “Jam session” review. Oratorio San Filippo Neri, via Manzoni 5, 8.30 pm, free admission

Three years after the previous “It’s a difficult moment, honey”, the Tuscan singer has recently released her new album of unreleased songs, “Fear goes away from itself if thoughts shine”. This evening you are called to present it on the Locomotiv stage. Locomotiv Club, via Sebastiano Serlio 25/2, 9.30 pm, admission 20 euros

Alessandro Paternesi & Melodicobitters
The drummer Alessandro Paternesi takes the stage of the Cantina Bentivoglio together with Noemi Fiorucci, Chiara Chistè, Marta Frigo, Emanuele Marsico, Guglielmo Santimone, Davide Strangio, Maurizio de Gennaro and Francesco Tino. Cantina Bentivoglio, via Mascarella 4/b, 9.30 pm, info 051 265416

Eccentric trio
The review “Suburbs Take me away!” continues with a full day of appointments. Among the events scheduled, the concert by the Trio Eccentrico is particularly noteworthy, a formation that flutters with ease between Stravinsky and Led Zeppelin. Kinotto Club, via Sebastiano Serlio 25/2, 7 pm, free admission with reservation

Sick Drum
Born in 2009 from an idea of ​​Gian Maria Accusani and Elisabetta Imelio (both already Prozac+), Sick Tamburo are considered one of the most interesting groups of the Italian alternative scene. Tonight they perform on the stage of the Sonato Market. Sonato market, via Tartini 3, 10 pm, admission 11 euros

Drift Kyiv
The nostalgic trance of “Olha”, the impeccable techno selection of “Ruslan Mays” and the local “Conical Intersection”: these are the proposals brought to Bologna by the Ukrainian collective “Drift Kyiv”. Der Kindergarten, via Calzoni 6, 11pm, admission 10-15 euros

Dave Kikoski Trio
Considered one of the most complete pianists on the world jazz scene, Dave Kikoski takes the stage again at the Camera Jazz & Music Club together with Darryl Hall (double bass) and Jason Brown (drums). Jazz & Music Club room, vicolo Alemagna, 10 pm, admission 15-20 euros

Six years after the release of the album “In a breath”, the Bolognese rapper Fu Kyodo has announced the arrival of his new album “Tetraktys” (due out at the beginning of 2023). This preview live sees the presence of most of the featuring present in the project (among many, Murubutu). Sghetto Club, via Zago 16b, 10 pm, admission 10 euros with Arci card

Tambourine players from Torrepaduli
As part of “Puglia in Festa”, the first edition of the event dedicated to Apulian culture and cuisine, DiMondi Winter hosts one of the most popular musical ensembles of the Salento tradition. Piazza Lucio Dalla, 6 pm, free admission

Camilla Sparksss
The Swiss-Canadian artist’s electronic lineup tonight at Circolo DEV is at times tribal, then slips into industrial and changes back into electro punk with dance overtones. Circolo DEV, via Capo di Lucca 29/3G, 8 pm, admission 10 euros

Her Skin
“Enolibrì”, the market of independent publishers and winemakers, continues between books, wines, music, food, concerts and performances. This evening, in particular, the live performance of the folk singer-songwriter “Her Skin” is scheduled. TPO, via Casarini 17/5, 9.30 pm, info


Riccardo Frizza returns to the podium of the Orchestra del Comunale di Bologna for the new staging of Giuseppe Verdi’s masterpiece, directed by the young Italian-South African Alessandro Talevi. Teatro EuropAuditorium, piazza della Costituzione 4, 7 pm, admission 26-69 euros

“The Wild Father” is a screenplay written by Pier Paolo Pasolini in 1962 and published posthumously in the year of his death. Balletto Civile creates a danced staging with a talented young performer (Confident Frank). Teatro Arena del Sole, via Indipendenza 44, 7 pm, admission €8.50

Loose mines
This evening the show by Ferzan Ozpetek born from the theatrical adaptation of the famous film of the same name, considered one of the director’s masterpieces, will be staged. Francesco Pannofino and Iaia Forte appear in the cast in the role of the Cantone spouses. Teatro Duse, via Cartoleria 42, 9 pm, admission 19-29 euros

The vice
The “Compagnia La Ragnatela” offers the Italian translation of “La Cage aux Folles” by Jean Poiret, a comedy based on a brilliant game of misunderstandings. With Aldo Sassi and Alessandro Fornari, directed by Carlo Picchi. Teatro Dehon, via Libia 59, at 21, admission 22-26 euros

Perfect parents
Ettore Nicoletti and Mara Di Maio take on the role of Lorenzo and Giovanna, brothers, lovers, children and parents linked by a relationship built on childhood games, illusions and morbid love. Directed by Henry Miller. Teatro degli Angeli, via Massa Carrara 3, 8.30 pm, admission 15 euros

“Happy Days”
As part of the prose season “within human reach”, Stefano Santomauro stages an overwhelming show focused on the pursuit of happiness. Valsamoggia, Teatro Calcara, via Garibaldi 56, 9 pm, admission 10-14 euros

The Nutcracker
The 2022 season of the Teatro Comunale di Marzabotto continues with the show “The Nutcracker”, essay by the Centro Danza Association “A Smile in the Clouds ASD”. Marzabotto, Teatro Comunale di Marzabotto, via Matteotti 1, 8.30 pm, admission 4-8 euros


“Postcards from my Sicily”
The protagonist of the new appointment of the review “Aperitif with the author” is the food blogger Alex Li Calzi, known as “The Bear in the kitchen”, with his book “Postcards from my Sicily”. Dialogue with the author Susanna Bastia. Gallery16, via Nazario Sauro 16, 6.30 pm, info 051 5060789

Conversation about Gloria E. Anzaldúa
Elisabetta Careri, Paula Satta, Laura Scarmoncin and Valeria Ribeiro Corossacz discuss the writer Gloria Anzaldúa starting from the volumes “Light in the dark: Luz en the dark: rewriting identity, spirituality, reality” and “Borderlands. The frontera: the new mestiza”. Cabral Library, via San Mamolo 24, 6.30 pm, info


Factors. Humanity translated into painting
The exhibition dedicated to Giovanni Fattori’s painting opens today. The exhibition itinerary, curated by Claudia Fulgheri, Elisabetta Matteucci and Francesca Panconi, offers a selection of over 70 works by the artist, forerunner of 20th century modernity. Palazzo Fava, via Manzoni 2, 10am-7pm, admission €0-17

Taking the floor at the Pillar
The review designed by Laminarie to rediscover spaces that have been forgotten and closed for years opens today with the inauguration of the public art intervention “Shine” by the visual artists TO/LET and the photographic exhibition by Guido Mencari “TWO Theater inside, theater outside , theater here”. Arcades in via Deledda and via Natali, 4 pm, free admission

Mutual looks
At the conclusion of the first edition of the “Pedagogical Weeks”, the mayor Matteo Lepore, the writer Silvia Avallone, the actor Marco Baliani, the cultural heritage delegate of the University of Bologna Giuliana Benvenuti and Alessandro Tolomelli of the Department of Educational Sciences discuss the future vision of education. Salaborsa Library, piazza Nettuno 3, 6 pm, free admission

Language and construction of reality
Giulio Cavalli (actor, journalist and writer) and Pasquale Pugliese (philosopher by training, deals with education, training and youth policies) confront each other in the talk “Language and construction of reality. The power of words”. Palazzo d’Accursio, piazza Maggiore 6, 6 pm, info

Angelo Vassallo Award
The 12th edition of the award dedicated to the memory of the “fisherman mayor” features the investigative journalist Stefani Maurizi with her book “Il Potere Segreto. Because they want to destroy Julian Assange and Wikileaks”. The handover ceremony is scheduled for this afternoon as part of the YoungAbout festival. Farnese Chapel of Palazzo d’Accursio, piazza Maggiore 6, 6.30 pm, free admission

The review of “cultural proteins” continues this evening with “a vasistas”, a project between dance, voice and listening by the choreographer Sissj Bassani (8.30 pm), and with “90bpm”, an immersive performance of sound design and electronic music by Matteo Balasso ( 21.30). DAS – Experimental Arts Device, via del Porto 11/2, various times, info

The counterlighter
The 2022 cycle of “Conversations of Athena Musica” continues with the conference by Maurizio Giani, professor at the University of Bologna, dedicated to the German philosopher Johann Georg Hamann. International Museum and Library of Music, Strada Maggiore 34, 4 pm, info 051 2757711

Christmas party
The presentation of the documentary dedicated to the partisan Flora Monti (3 pm at the Bonlieu Filmlab), the puppet theater show “Puppets under the tree” (Piccolo Atelier, 5 pm) and the dance theater show “Loco (SPECIAL at 5 pm). These are just some of the appointments of the Christmas Party scheduled for this afternoon in Piazza dei Colori. Piazza dei Colori, various times, info

Dance, community and public space
How to imagine the relationship between performing arts and public space? Artists, curators and scholars of the “BOD/YZ Bologna Dance Y&Z generations” project talk about it together, to connect the artistic conception to the theoretical reflection. DAMSLab/Auditorium, Piazzetta PP Pasolini 5b, 3 pm, info

The itineraries of Succede Solo in Bologna
Double appointment for the “Succede Solo a Bologna” association. This afternoon (5.00 pm) the “Signori (non) si nasce” tour is in fact scheduled, while in the evening it is the turn of the “Teatro Mazzacorati 1736” itinerary (8.30 pm). Various places, info


Pier Vittorio Tondelli. Stories of a postmodern libertine
On the 31st anniversary of the death of Pier Vittorio Tondelli, the “Trilogy of the Via Emilia” review offers a reading with live music dedicated to him. On stage Stefania Delia Carnevali, Eleonora De Agostini, Claudio Luppi, Francesco Rossetti, Daniele Rossi and Luca Zirondoli. Modena, Tenda, viale Monte Kosica, 9 pm, free admission

Events December 16 in Bologna and surroundings: Nada at the Locomotiv, “Mine vaganti” at the Duse