Eloquent truths | true catholic III

Christian Catholicism is a true Religion, logically pure and canonically correct. Its tradition is its great strength and the Gospels in the Holy Scriptures its main support. The basis of their faith is in the God who revealed himself in the person of Jesus of Nazareth whom they nicknamed “The Christ”, he came to save us from error or sin and guide us towards a life to the full.

Faced with this divine manifestation, the opponents of it or antichrists, for centuries and centuries have subtly manipulated the message given to humanity so that it does not assume such conduct and at all times we have suffered bombardments of deceit, confusion and loss, mainly from our own spirituality; these actions have been known as relativism, modernism and progressivism, they are disguised as pantheism or environmentalism, liberalism, feminism, naturalism, socialism and etc. By their means they obscure the social mentality and make us incapable of forging correct criteria and reasoning.

This anti-Christian elite has settled in all positions of planetary power, including the Vatican itself. They are lately imposing a global agenda called the “Great Reset” or “New World Order”. The main actors have been the Ashkenazi Jews and their armed wing, Freemasonry, created by them 300 years ago. Hand in hand and united in Luciferian rituals, they establish the worst heresy of all time; their goal is to destroy Christianity. In the mental manipulation of the 20th century” they carry a universal syncretic religion called “The New Age”. And they add under an ecumenical language the world religions including the Catholic Holy See; Proof of this is that its Clergy no longer calls sinners to account as it did before, nor does it admit that sin is bad but natural and that it is not condemnable, they argue that it is the freedom of the human being and little by little they are abolishing it. to such a degree that they already admit the blessing of homosexual unions, the worship of idols such as “Pacha mama”, the sacrament of communion for married couples living in adultery and abortionists like Nancy Pelosi by Pope Francis himself, who with these acts paves for a progressive policy. Nothing more mundane than this, they take their eyes off Christ and sacrifice even the Holy Eucharist, calling into question the function of the church. They look like Catholics, they say they are Catholics, but they really are not.

We are in times of true enemies of Christ; the chair of Peter demands the behavior of Peter, if the Pope does not do it, he must be opposed and prevent the execution of his mandates; If he gives an order contrary to customs, he cannot be obeyed, since he must guard the doctrine, the canonical codes, the first laws of the Church and tradition. Several theologians and saints have said it; being papolatras is also apostasy; These behaviors have done terrible damage to our Catholic Church, whoever obeys God is never wrong, on the other hand, whoever obeys a man will run that risk.

What are we facing? the worst heresy prophesied for centuries is being planned; it advances with its false love and its false brotherhood or philanthropy; we must fight for the truth and the restoration of our Catholic Church; one must live the path of true Catholicism. These types of signs and warnings are to alert us and not fall more before it is too late; He who defends the Lord Jesus will be blessed.

Manuel Antonio Cano Villalobos | Zootechnicist engineer

Eloquent truths | true catholic III