“Don Matteo 14”, the new season between confirmations and potential farewells Donna

D.fter the success amazing of the thirteenth season, which ended last May 26, Rai 1 bets on Don Matteo 14. A foregone decision, resulting from the excellent ratings obtained during the ten episodes. A sign that the public continues to love the Lux Vide seriesdespite the fact that they have passed over twenty years since its debut. Above all, despite the change of protagonist.

Don Matteo 14the previews of the new season

Yes why Don Matteo 13 marked an epochal turning point for Italian TV series. Terence Hill left the fiction, to make room for Raoul Bova, in the role of the mysterious Don Massimo. A gamble, which even threatened to obscure the successes of the past. Instead, Bova conquered the viewers and the ratings held up, beating the competition.

Credit for replacing Hill with an actor equally loved by the publicbut I also deserve to a narrative system capable of continually shifting the center of gravity from Don Massimo to the other characters, to ensure that the farewell to Don Matteo was not excessively traumatic.

So where will it start again? The last episode of Don Matteo 13 he summed up and revealed some mysteries. First of all, Don Massimo’s real name: Matteo Mezzanotte. A clever and due narrative expedient, which allows you to give new life to the story, and give meaning to the title of the series.

When will the new episodes air

The narrative then focused on everyone the characters of the cast. Another way not to focus the attention of the spectators exclusively on the change of the protagonist, but to broaden the horizon. Among the various themes central to the plot, certainly the story between Anna and Marco, played by Maria Chiara Giannetta And Maurizio Lastrico, finally back together.

To anticipate what will happen in Don Matteo 14 it was screenwriter of the series, Mario Ruggeri. In an interview with Fanpage.itannounced that filming for the new episodes will begin next year, in March 2023. To be put on the air in 2024.

One wonders, of course, Who will be there. The key characters “never change,” says Ruggeri. So, Marshal Cecchini will return (Nino Frassica), Natalina Diotallevi (Nathalie Guetta), Pippo (Francesco Scali). AND, ça va sans direDon Massimo (Raoul Bova): Don Matteo 14 it will give the writers the opportunity to explore new facets of the character.

Who will be in the cast of Don Matteo 14?

The thirteenth season, in fact, was a taste. The entry of the new priest took some time to tell who he was before arriving in Spoleto and, even more, before putting on the cassock. His previous life as a carabiniere was the fil rouge for all 10 episodes, until the unveiling of the true identity.

«The difference between Don Matteo and Don Massimo is that Don Massimo has always been a carabiniere, not a priest», The screenwriter pointed out. “The priestly spirituality, little by little, will arrive. (…) He is learning to become Don Matteo. He led the guilty to redemption, Don Massimo will have to learn how to do it“.

If the presence of Raoul Bova is confirmed, the most complete confidentiality remains on Maria Chiara Giannettain the role of the captain Anna Olivieri. The actress will be on set with the new season from Blancaanother success of Rai 1 last fall. «You always have to deal with reality. I don’t know if there will be, but I hope so, ”she says.

Lastrico and Giannetta in “Don Matteo 13”. (RAI)

The uncertain future of Maria Chiara Giannetta and the words of Raoul Bova

The story between Anna and Marco has held the ground since the beginning. The much coveted kiss arrived in the last episode. A long-awaited moment, which perhaps contributed to the exceptional plays: 6 million 186 thousand viewers, equal to a 34.3 percent share. Important numbers from which the new season could restart. However, it is not yet known whether the captain will return to the set.

It wouldn’t be the first time one of the main characters has left fiction. Over the years, the actors of Don Matteo to which the public had to say goodbye. The initial reactions have always been negative, and then mitigate over time, and it is likely that the same would also happen in the case ofGiannetta’s exit from the scene. From a certain point of view, the narrative arc of the story that saw her as the protagonist could be considered exhausted thanks to the happy ending.

Looking forward to find out who will be in Don Matteo 14fans have to be content with the words of Raoul Bova. On Instagram, the actor thanked the audience «for the support, the affection, the messages of appreciation and all the warmth. It was a wonderful occasion ».


“Don Matteo 14”, the new season between confirmations and potential farewells Donna