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Thursday 23 Junein prime time on Rai 1, is back Don Matteo 12. The rerun episodes started a few weeks ago (we told you about it here) following the success of the thirteenth season which saw the exit of Terence Hill to make way for Raoul Bova.

We are therefore waiting for the fourteenth season (rumors of whether it will be made or not, we had collected some testimony here) Rai Fiction has decided to revive the adventures of the twelfth season and tonight we will see the fourth episode.


It is called Honor your father and mother the fourth episode on the air Thursday 23 June and opens with the arrival of a mysterious man who shows up in the rectory. His name is Manlio and it is the father who Natalina has never known. The two, of course, have some initial difficulties in talking to each other but after the first obstacle they get closer and closer.

Don MatteoHowever, he does not completely trust and is convinced that the man has a secret that he does not want to reveal. In the meantime, Ines finds moral support with the PM, who has become his legal guardian, while Anna and Marco I’m having trouble finding a common ground to move forward without considering that she decides to ask Sergio help to repair his Beetle. Will this be a second chance?


For the twelfth season, the writers had opted to postpone several references to Ten Commandments. About that Terence Hill had initially shown some concern for such a “strong” choice ea Tv Smiles and Songs it had leaked some initial uncertainty. “I have to admit that at first, when I found out, I was a little worried. I was afraid that Don Matteo became too serious, even boring. Instead it was very beautiful because the Commandment was there, but you had to go and look for it in history ».

Even this choice to tell the adventures of Don Matteo has rewarded with very high ratings during the television broadcast. Terence Hill has always explained the point of view on this incredible and continuous interest of the public towards fiction. The actor has a theory: «I think because he doesn’t follow trends. And then because, although it is not born directly from a book, as happens for example in Montalbano, it still has a literary reference. The series was born thinking about Chestertonthe later-turned-Catholic Protestant writer who created the character of Father Brown, the investigating priest. He said that between the policeman and the priest it is the latter who always comes first to the solution of cases because he knows the soul of the people. Just like Don Matteo ”.


The concept of the tv series Don Matteo takes up a narrative thread linked to the church that starts from the now classic Don Camillo (the character born from the mind of Giovannino Guareschi) whose relationship with the Communist Peppone it was a constant source of squabbles in the village of Brescello in the province of Reggio Emilia. A reality that showed the different visions of life united, however, by a deep friendship that went beyond politics.

The examples involving the clerical environment expanded in the following years and also embrace stories with the nuns: from comedy Sister Act with Whoopi Goldberg until Elena Sofia Ricci who plays Sister Angela, a nun and a pop detective in fiction God help us.

Even the Academy Award Paolo Sorrentino he let himself be tempted by spirituality by involving international actors such as Jude Law and John Malkovich (and several Italian actors including Maurizio Lombardi that we had interviewed here) in The Young Pope and the sequel The New Pope.


Don Matteo 12: previews fourth episode cast plot | Style