Descartes Dyptich, dance tells the ideas of Descartes at the Teatro Toselli

On Friday 16 December 2022 at 21 at the Teatro Toselli in Cuneo, for the itinerant season IPUNTIDANZA 2022/23, the EgriBiancoDanza Company returns with a new production, Descartes Dyptich, the last stage of Ergo Sum, a four-part project by the choreographer Raphael Bianco, co -director of the Company.

Ergo Sum, developed since 2018 invites us to reflect on the concept of existence declined through the exploration of ideas, visions and intuitions of singular figures of the philosophical and scientific thought of our civilization: Montaigne, Leonardo, Einstein and now Descartes.

The first three works (Essais – d’arpese Montaigne, Leonardo da Vinci – Anatomie spirituali, and Einstein – The Dark Matter) signed by Raphael Bianco, have focused attention on a reflection, as broadened and shared as possible, on the theme of existence and all its values ​​with the intention of conveying cultural values ​​by sinking the roots of inspiration right into the production of philosophers and scientists. Indeed, the rapprochement between dance and culture has already met with considerable success in the Trilogy of Civilization, bringing together different targets and audiences, united by the curiosity to participate in performative events linked however to very high expressions of literature and myth.

The last stage of the Ergo Sum project is inspired by the theories on the existence of René Descartes (Descartes), On this occasion Raphael Bianco has chosen to rely on Daniele Ninarello and Marco Chenevier. two interesting figures of contemporary dance, leading personalities on the national and international choreographic scene who have been commissioned to perform a choreography based on the concept expressed by Descartes with “Ergo Sum”: a choreographic meditation on the meaning of existence.

Both choreographers have chosen to use all the company’s dancers with very different stylistic and research approaches, going from Descartes’ concept of thought up to his more mathematical studies, crossing even the more human and more contemporary aspects.


Choreography: Daniele Ninarello

Music: by Slave to Society

Dancers: Gianna Bassan, Elisa Bertoli, Fabio Cavaleri, Vincenzo Criniti, Carola Giarratano, Cristian Magurano, Francesco Morriello, Oksana Romanyuk

A choreographic system that manifests itself through a constant tuning between the bodies of the performers, continuously repositioned at the birth of each new thought, of a new response that feeds the space of possible relationships. Thus a large space of connections is created, in which the bodies proceed offering their own dance relying on the dense network of resonances that feeds them.


Choreography: Marco Cheneveir

Music: Marin Marais and electronic elaboration by Simone Giordano of METS – Conservatory of Electronic Music of Cuneo

Dancers: Gianna Bassan, Elisa Bertoli, Fabio Cavaleri, Tabatha Longdoz, Carola Giarratano, Cristian Magurano, Francesco Morriello, Oksana Romanyuk

Geometry of passions is the title chosen by Marco Chenevier choreographer, dancer, director and actor for the choreographic work. «The foundations of a wonderful science», as the French thinker used to call the principles of the new science, are represented by the bodies of the dancers on the stage that restore the mechanics that dominate the bonds of passions.

EgriBiancoDanza Company The EgriBiancoDanza Company directed by Susanna Egri and Raphael Bianco was born in Turin in 1999. The Company inherits more than thirty years of experience from the previous Company “I Balletti di Susanna Egri“. It stands out for a repertoire made up of works full of social and spiritual values ​​signed by Raphael Bianco and choreographers from the Italian and international artistic scene. The EgriBiancoDanza Company embodies some of the distinctive characteristics and values ​​of the Egri Foundation for Dance: curiosity, roots and innovation, research and sharing. Values ​​that are required of all the artists of the Company. EgriBiancoDanza is made up of stable dancers from high-level professional experiences and has a solid repertoire made up of theatrical performances, installations and site-specific works that immerse the viewer in the work.

Artistic direction: Susanna Egri and Raphael Bianco

General coordination: Elena Rolla

Production secretary: Matteo Ravelli

Maitre de Ballet and logistics manager: Vincenzo Galano

Technical director: Enzo Galia

Set-up manager: Melissa Boltri

Communication manager: Vincenzo Criniti

Editorial board

The dates of the event: Toselli Theatre, 9 pm

Descartes Dyptich, dance tells the ideas of Descartes at the Teatro Toselli –