Cortintelvi, in the Valley the perfect wedding between summer and cinema with the international short film festival. The dates

Everything is ready for the third edition of the international short film festival “Cortintelvi”an event that will take place from 14 July to 17 August, with the final awards ceremony scheduled for Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 August at the San Fedele Cinema (Centro Valle Intelvi).

The presentation with a surprise guest

The whole event was presented today at the Lombardy Region building in Como. During the conference they spoke Andrea Prioricreator and organizer of the festival, Chiara Boldorinivice president of the Friends of the Casasco Museum Association, Alessandro Fermipresident of the Regional Council, Oscar Gandolamayor of Cerano Intelvi, and, surprisingly, also the newly elected mayor of Como Alessandro Rapinese.

“I have a very strong bond with the Intelvi Valley where I spent most of my summers, precisely in San Fedele – underlines the newly established in Palazzo Cernezzi – It was once a very popular destination. In recent decades there has been a decline in visitors following the revival of the Valtellina. These winds of cultural promotion are important. I’m really proud of it. I thank the mayors of the Intelvi Valley for their synergy in organizing these events. As mayor of the capital I tell you that you are an example to follow “.

The intervention of the Lombardy Region was also fundamental for the organization. “I would like to underline my youthful bond with the Valley – said Alessandro Fermi – Lombardy Region strongly wanted to support the initiative with contribution and patronage, since this territory is a reference point for tourism. One of the few positive things about the pandemic is that they have rediscovered certain realities, with beautiful, healthy and proximity tourism. I want to thank Andrea Priori, Chiara Boldorini and the mayor Oscar Gandola. In the festival there will be many short films with very international themes ”.

Then the creator of Cortintelvi Andrea Priori took the floor: “Cortintelvi was actually born in 2006 with the first short film festivals – he says – then over the years we have modified the event and today the new format has reached its third edition. This is an initiative to enhance the territory of the Intelvi Valley and to make it known to people from abroad as well. We have many foreign directors and actors who come to visit the valley for the competition. This year we have decided to bring two categories: on the one hand spirituality and sacredness and on the other a free theme. We received 128 videos from 12 countries around the world. Furthermore, at the age of two, a project was born with Mats Åberg, a Swedish sculptor but resident in Cerano, who conceived and created the trophy La gerla, to represent the Intelvi Valley and Lake Como. We have received some very interesting short films from Iran and neighboring countries through people from Great Britain, as they are not allowed to divulge certain materials. They have a great desire to make their stories known ”.

Trophy “La gerla”

Chiara Boldorini then spoke: “In Casasco we have unpublished documents on Italian cinema thanks to the Zanotta archive – underlines – Furthermore, the Intelvi Valley was the birthplace of Angelo Novi, a director who also worked with Sergio Leone. Cinema is part of the culture of our territory. I would also like to underline the figure of the woman in the competition prize, a symbol of the matriarchal society that characterized the Intelvi Valley until not many decades ago, when men went abroad to work “.

Oscar Gandola, mayor of Cerano, closed the conference: “We of the valley people have in our DNA the magistri from Intel. The dexterity is transmitted to us by nature. We have found people who have dedicated themselves, like Andrea, to organizing cultural events, which have found great success over the years. Cerano is a small cradle of artists “.

The event

The selected short films will be screened to the Intelvese community in entirely dedicated evenings. Here is the calendar:

  • July 14, 9 pm, Pigra, restaurant bar Capannone
  • 21 July, 9 pm, Dizzasco, Piazza Risciolo
  • July 28, 9 pm, Cerano, piazza Europa
  • 4 August, 9 pm, Scaria, Museum of Sacred Art
  • 11 August, 9 pm, Casasco, piazza Ciapponi
  • 17 August, 9 pm, Ponna, piazza di Ponna Inferiore

Finally, the last two award evenings will be on 20 and 21 August, at the cinema of San Fedele (Centro Valle), in via mons. U. Belli.

The jury for this edition is composed of:

  • Andrea Priori, photographer and videographer
  • Chiara Boldorini, vice president of the Friends of the Casasco Intelvi Museum
  • Mauro Sacchi, graduated in cinematography in Milan
  • Anna Veneroso, professor and translator
  • Nello Bizzocco, amateur photographer
  • Gianmario Spinelli, vice president of the “Controluce” photographic club
  • Gigi Ceresa, director and operator of the first series of “Overland”

Cortintelvi, in the Valley the perfect wedding between summer and cinema with the international short film festival. The dates – ComoZero