Consideration of dreams that become challenges

Going from an existentialist state (material) to an essentialist state (spirit), requires a change of model in people’s lives, based on the experience acquired, from a formal or empirical perspective. The materialism that is based on the acquisition of goods and services, expressed by the existentialist doctrine, will mean a constant practice for the young and economically active population, they activate a need to accumulate resources that generate wealth and power.

Once the goal of wealth and financial power has been reached, a new order of priorities begins, where the need to make sense of dreams takes precedence to make them a reference in time and space, dreams that were always present but that they were difficult to materialize in terms of their scope due to the availability of resources or financial power not present at the time. This last reality is changing over time and a permanent source of creative elements appears, seeking to identify opportunities to do things, making an exhaustive analysis of the actors that may directly or indirectly get involved in an oppositional or indifferent way.

It is here where the dreamer begins the challenge of transforming what seems impossible into the possible, putting into practice his experience in actions of: negotiations, conflict resolution, NLP, strategic planning, leadership, management, engineering, architecture, financial broker, cybernetics. , salesperson, marketing, economy, investor, financial security, protocols, among other practices that come to configure a high caliber holistic profile developed by experience and study. The dreamer, looks with a holistic vision, at this level and involuntarily or voluntarily has overcome the stages that have to do with practice, methodology, theory and finally the philosophy of projects.

Faced with a situation, the dreamer is not left with a basic concept or explanation, he is capable of displaying a more complex and advised exploration, thanks to his level of experience that ends up making him a great manager of talent or ideas. For them there are no big problems (“Most people spend more time and energy talking about problems than facing them.” Henry Ford), working to overcome a defeat means great victories for them and their relationship with the romantic is managed in a pragmatic way, because the traced route is nothing more than a Challenge to be achieved.

Going back to the creative plane are: their observance, their prudence, patience, perseverance and good use of the sense of opportunity the elements that conspire in their favor, there is no room for resignation (“Failure is a great opportunity to start again with more intelligence” Henry Ford). When talking about dreams, it is usually thought that we are under an intangible material scenario, hence the essence to convert or transform saying into doing, all these things that are said lightly are very complex, when it comes to transcending from an existentialist doctrine to an essentialist level.

What I can assure you is that the fuel that energizes these challenges has a very mature explanation and works the satisfaction that success leaves in the duty fulfilled, the analyzes from essentialism are more abstract, linking knowledge, experience, spirituality and the permanent desire to build new models and approaches that from their personal satisfaction can influence the collective. Dreamers with purposes end up becoming a reference, who have repealed some words that confront their dreams. For them there is always a challenge and they work to achieve it.

“There is no one who knows enough to say what is and what is not possible” Henry Ford.

Many blessings to all my readers.

Consideration of dreams that become challenges