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We live with always being right in the face of the truth of others and in the face of being scattered in error. Change must always begin for each one, socializing coexistence, rebellion, resistance and resilient struggle as a journey to transform the nation so that ours in the future do not have limitless gaps. Every action is a practical philosophy with ethical seeds that calls us to rise up, because as someone said… If we are not born to serve, we do not serve to live… And here is the message for the oppositions that to exercise it and contribute to peace it needs cultural and political height, will and ethical quality.

Blessed are our consciences that lead us to believe every time in politics. Knowing history with a critical conscience and free thought is to better understand the country in which we live. It is essential that in all human actions transparency is imprescriptible in every sense, therefore, for there to be truth, trust and responsibility we must be devoid of all masks that we wear to be what we should be, so as not to continue with lies and deceit. Death is the space and time where we lose what we were, even if the facts remain in history and historical memory. It is said that death is where everything is forgotten despite the doubts of conscience and the tendency of an empty morality, where hasty judgments persecute us.

The rebellious man contains all the ways to overcome the presence of those who usurp the community good. Man’s ability to win is infinite regardless of retracing his steps in order to resist. Man gives himself to his people, resisting with the truth, because through each member blood runs ready against those who want to continue in revenge in the body of another., opposing the lifting of the veil of injustice, before those who cried out with their warrior voices what the immortal tongue could not say. Those fossils of nonconformity without conscience are far from being, like marble judges petrified by impunity and expiration of terms.

Every common being is obliged to be a watcher not only of his conscience, but of the events of his homeland, denouncing all milestones with his threatening spells. His duty is to potentiate his hopes, without masks, clean face and conscience. Alone he must go in search of the other, the one who has no voice because his hopelessness anguishes him, because his stoicism and dignity have stung him. And in that encounter he will find the strength to share claims with action and rebellion, taking risks of conscience.

Today life is absorbed by consumer activity that denies us the ability to think, to transform, to feed the wealth within us, to have the reflective time to understand the world of yesterday with its experiences, of that yesterday that deprived man of his goods of the common good, leaving him as a landless servant, for that man who is his delusions of great lord has been devastating the world , undermining the fertile land, pregnant with the blood of innocent peasants, by a rag violence that destroyed her womb so that the food with which humanity will graze would not grow, and whose crime some stone robes denied the justice that never was by the atrocious impunity and by certain perverse legal guarantees.

The new future comes with the impetus of social love to subdue dark pasts that the empires colonized with the dispossession, with the tyrannies typical of the horrors of their prophecies that continue to fecundate their demonic power. Our ethnic peoples, raizales, mulattoes, peasants and all those who succumbed in the Dantesque torrent, have entered the new homeland to renew their lives. And as Vargas Vila said “men die so that man lives”. Yes, here is this farmland fertilized with the sweat and the blood of the warrior that receives them claiming their rights to return the surplus value they never received.

In this farm of rebellion and resistance, many characters of various characters debate for the others that violence and corruption incapacitated them. We are here to lift the veil from decadent governments arranged in the spirit of resurgent peace. These reflections also involve the peoples of the world, since the problems are universal and require that we all become aware in order to participate, since personalism is embodied in society.

Our country and the world moves under parody schemes because we have lost the strength of spirituality, the lack of resistance to invigorate family, social and political management, highlighting a weak attitude towards the powers that gravitate the orbits of empires with his latent dominance. The culture has turned to mistakes and the entire axis of the processes is left under the protection of the gods according to the circumstances, where each one hopes to find the temple for their forgiveness.

Human achievements have their nuances, each era records dissimilar circumstances where solutions become meager. The dehumanization, the restlessness, the anguish that is lived beyond thoughts interrogate complexities and inconsistencies, where all communications divert currents creating instability, confusion and a paradigm without context, under de facto rebellions. Almost all the milestones that gravitate to meaningless coming and going are full of drills within folkloric gatherings to want to change the world and the country. This my people, every day is facing the infernal lie and the voluptuous deceit, the fiery farce.

We live the disenchantment of the oppositions that ignore the duty of homeland and self-esteem, because they behave like rabid vermin that have lost their character and mental lucidity. But in the midst of this labyrinth, social changes have been initiated with the due potentialization to curb poverty and inequalities. These oppositionists attack the truth, they have no sense of social management nor of what afflicts the country, since they are the cause of such an aberrational outcome, which makes their conscience accuse them. What can we expect from these specimens that end up betraying their ideas, drowning in the flow of their scandals.

Controversial passions and blinding emotions dominate, disguising the truth, justifying irrational logic. No more to the merchants of peace than from their earthly seats their interest is not with the discourse of peaceful order. The human condition shows us a man with flimsy clothing who is an easy prey for the vultures existing in society to be led like the cow that is being sacrificed. We believe we are endowed with intellectuality because we read, write, reason, but the reality is that we fill ourselves with mental blackouts beyond all knowledge. We are violators of the language of peace, producing misunderstanding that distances us from the reality that our neighbor lives.

We dissect words and our consciences to avoid listening, separating ourselves from the just background that gives meaning to the philosophy of understanding to understand the other, to defend the unpunished fate of those who are violated in their entirety, of those women and children who succumb to cruelty and the destruction of their dignity before the passive gaze of the judge who rules that these depraved do not They are a danger to society.

The language in its cultural dimension is dispersed throughout the world to magnify it, but, when the sapiential activity is not assumed in depth, it causes the loss of instincts, human openness and the identity of the peoples to intervene in the public, private sphere, affecting coexistence and any change of liberation in the population structure. Thus, word and language produce clashes against the senses of truth and freedom, and necromancy, a way to stop bad habits, contradictions, and the evil forces of politics. Geopolitics must be reviewed given the great social debt that countries have with their communities, since they have not been able to correspond to their social contract, a breach that has generated chaos of misery in those towns, of hunger and all kinds of social injustices, subjecting him to their whims. Likewise, geopolitics presents an outdated management, far from the pragmatism required under uncertain indications.

With change processes we must understand that no obstacle has been overcome. Continuing the fight against the instincts that utter differences is an enterprise of resistance. The same is the case with nefarious passions and the weight of their illogical attitude that, before morality, become monsters and unbridled, ambitious desires, where hatred nests as elements of cruel capitalism to create spheres of dominance in society. The errors committed by uncontrolled passions and emotions are a degeneration of instincts and will, whose purposes are to put a stop to the processes, stopping democracy and any other alternative of coexistence or reactionary dichotomy typical of the oppositions. Someone said… the natural state of the human being is tranquility. But emotions are only a disturbance of it…

In the current era, we are fighting against enemies, two-faced hordes, scathing detractors with the aim of trapping, of globalizing reactions that give life to inequalities that threaten consciences, that create social decadence, injuring democracy, affecting ethics and morality. These hordes are the tyrannies that prevent development, that dismantle any social and political structure that clone the spectrum where they live. Tyrannies are an affront against the world that are imposed de facto when principles do not exist, where only the pleasure of living in a spiritual vacuum prevails, destabilizing order.

Man lives with the desire to enlarge his ego, and in that ascent he exercises many confrontations, such as facing God, turning his life into a great existential void because the one who is defeated is man himself, creating for himself, being a tyrant for himself. We all have a responsibility to the world, to the planet, to the great cosmos because we continue to give representation to irrational people to govern, who never comply. Who should govern then? The just one, the liberator of inequalities, the ethical one, the transformer who revolutionizes what is not, the one who believes in unconditional social love, the one who announces the great political dream, the rebel, who smears himself with the people? , who listens, who acts according to the gospel of loving and serving, knowing his flock and their problems there, yes, there in the place where he lives and, deep down, there is no defeat? Only those who stop fighting suffer defeat.

mariano sierra

Lawyer, graduated from the Free University of Colombia

Colombia a nation of hope that has survived the social impacts | Sort Newspaper