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A dive into haute couture in “A Dress for Mrs. Harris”, the adventures of hikers in ponchos in “Petaouchnok”, nannies as superheroines in “Les femmes du square”, the family film by Gad Elmaleh, “Reste un peu”, and the crazy “Smoking makes you cough” signed Quentin Dupieux… Here are five comedies that you have to see in theaters in November.

“A dress for Mrs. Harris»

Director Anthony Fabian signs an endearing and luminous fable. Set in post-war London, “A Dress for Mrs. Harris,” adapted from Paul Gallico’s novel, “Mrs. ‘Arris Goes to Paris’ (1958), depicts the fate of Ada, a housekeeper who, since the death of her husband, killed in combat, has only one thing in mind: to afford a haute couture dress by Christian Dior.

Generous, resourceful and determined, the heroine, played brilliantly by Lesley Manville, is convinced that such a piece can change the life of anyone who owns it. She will then try to turn her dream into reality by going to Paris, and going behind the scenes of the luxury brand, which she could even save. Carried by a beautiful cast, composed in particular ofIsabelle HuppertLambert Wilson and Lucas Bravo, who plays a shy Dior accountant, this film warms the heart.

He reminds us of the importance of being yourself and never giving up on your dreams. Notice to fashion lovers: sublime creations follow one another before our eyes, especially during the parade of the great couturier, one of the key moments of the film.

“A dress for Mrs. Harris”, by Anthony Fabian (1h55). In theaters.


After “Gauguin – Voyage de Tahiti” (2017), Edouard Deluc changes register and finds Philippe Rebbot, whom he had directed in “Temps de chien!” in 2019, which forms a duet with Pio Marmaï as improbable as endearing in the comedy “Petaouchnok”.

The sanguine Ludovic, unemployed and who fears losing custody of his daughter, is struggling to make ends meet, like his friend, the lunar Richard, who, for lack of money, cannot pay for the retirement home. of his beloved mother. These two magnificent losers decide to embark on a crazy project: organize horseback riding in the heart of the Pyrenees for tourists in search of wide open spaces.

For their first fantastic ride, the “Trappeurs 3000”, who promise a “life-size adventure”, set off with a disparate group unaccustomed to life in tents. In particular, Agnès (Camille Chamoux), an actress who cannot live without her smartphone, for fear of missing a casting. During these few days of adventure which will not go as planned, she will be surrounded in particular by Sophie (Olivia Côte), a social worker who is recovering from a burn-out, and by Fred (Comte de Bouderbala), this father divorced man trying to get closer to his son.

So many characters who will reveal the best and the worst of themselves as they go deeper into the Pyrenees, the weather deteriorates and hunger sets in. Edouard Deluc signs a zany comedy around nickel-plated feet in ponchos which recalls the atmosphere of the film “Les randonneurs” by Philippe Harel, released in 1997. “I had a secret desire which made me laugh, to make the first film “in horse” between “The Bronzed” and “Dead Man”, confides the filmmaker. “Petaouchnok”, or a feature film anchored in social and economic reality, since it highlights two friends with precarious lives who try to get out of the galley and give a smile to souls in pain.

“Petaouchnok”, by Edouard Deluc (1h36). Released November 9.

“The women of the square”

This comedy by Julien Rambaldi tells the story of Angèle, portrayed by the excellent Eye Haïdara. While trying to escape a gang of thugs, this charismatic and cheeky young woman manages to get a job in the beautiful districts of Paris, where she discovers the difficult working conditions of foreign nannies.

Faced with this reality, she has only one idea in mind: to fight to do them justice. To do this, this superheroine can count on the help of Edouard, an ambitious and rather rigid lawyer, embodied by Ahmed Sylla. This is a new role for the comedian, who adopts a more serious and sober game than usual.

“I really liked the way Julien (the director, editor’s note) wanted to tell the story of these women in the shadows, these nannies that we don’t see. They are part of our lives, of the landscape, but they are erased, while they manage the daily lives of millions of people, and educate children, ”told CNEWS the actor, who worked on his character by watching the series “Suits”, which follows a brilliant lawyer evolving in a large New York law firm.

This film, in the course of which we also meet Léa Drucker, accurately depicts the distress of these people who are too little considered – some without papers – who look after the children of others without being able to have theirs with them. A moving and endearing social comedy that awakens consciences.

“The Women of the Square”, by Julien Rambaldi (1h45). Released November 16.

“Stay a bit”

Almost fourteen years after “Coco”, Gad Elmaleh is back in front of and behind the camera with “Reste un peu”, a film in a completely different register, and starring his parents, Régine and David Elmaleh, as well as his sister, Judith. In this intimate story, between autobiography and fiction, the comedian tells us about his family heritage, the importance of tolerance, and his love for the Virgin Mary.

We follow the spiritual journey of Gal Elmaleh, who grew up in Morocco in a Sephardic Jewish family, and wishes to convert to Catholicism as an adult. After spending three years in the United States, the 50-year-old is back in France to see his relatives, but above all, to be baptized in the parish of Sainte-Cécile de Boulogne-Billancourt.

As a child, he had been firmly forbidden to set foot in the church of Casablanca. But he went in anyway and laid eyes on the statue of the mother of Jesus. Since then, she has never left his heart, his mind. Opposite this sacred mother figure is her own mother, who lights up the screen. Like her father, she struggles to accept her son’s religious choice, and sees this decision as a failure.

Sensitive, courageous and touching, this comedy is nonetheless very funny. We are witnessing a series of tasty sketches and misunderstandings. Finally, we do not know if he receives this sacrament or not, but that is not the essential point. “Reste un peu” invites the public above all to reflect on their roots, their faith, and pays a beautiful tribute to the Jewish community. On the casting side, we also meet Delphine Horvilleur, Jérémie Dethelot, Roschdy Zem and Nicolas Port.

“Rest a bit”, by and with Gad Elmaleh (1h33). Released November 16.

“Smoking makes you cough”

With no less than five films on the clock in four years, one could fear that Quentin Dupieux, alias Mr. Oizo, would run out of steam. With “Smoking makes you cough”, the atypical and singular director proves that he still has resources, and once again invites the spectators to an immersion in the realm of the absurd.

Presented out of competition in “midnight screening” at the last Cannes Film Festival, this feature film which succeeds the debatable “Incredible but true”, opens with a fight scene – which takes up all the codes of Sentai – between the five vigilantes forming the “Tobacco Force” and a demonic turtle which ends up, pulverized, in a bloodbath. Benzene (Gilles Lellouche), Nicotine (Anaïs Demoustier), Methanol (Vincent Lacoste), Ammonia (Oulaya Amamra) and Mercury (Jean-Pascal Zadi), molded in their suits worthy of Power Rangers or Bioman, are sent by their leader Didier – a libidinous rat voiced by Alain Chabat – in a lost base near a lake. The purpose of this meeting, which looks like a scout camp: to strengthen their cohesion.

It is therefore there, by the fireside, that these pseudo superheroes meet to tell scary stories as if they were taking part in an episode of Tales from the Crypt. And reality meets fiction when Lézardin, the Emperor of Evil played by the hilarious Benoît Poelvoorde, decides to annihilate the Earth. Any resemblance with existing or having existed persons is absolutely not coincidental.

Oscillating between kitsch parody and gore comedy, “Smoking makes you cough”, which does not respect any narrative framework, is a film with funny and crazy sketches which connects ubiquitous situations and brings together, around the Force Tabac, a beautiful galaxy of actors (Doria Tillier, David Marsais, Grégoire Ludig, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Blanche Gardin…) who take undisguised pleasure in playing the weaklings. But behind this absurd comedy, Quentin Dupieux denounces the problems of our modern society: pollution, individualism, totalitarianism and the struggle between the sexes.

“Smoking makes you cough”, by Quentin Dupieux (1h20). Released November 30.

Cinema: these 5 must-see comedies in November