Cinema galore in Rabat, return of Gad Elmaleh, African theater: the outings of the week


Movie theater. In 2009, actor and comedian Gad Elmaleh went behind the camera for the first time by directing coconut, a comedy that, despite mixed reviews, had a total of 3 million admissions at the box office. Thirteen years later, Gad Elmaleh renews the experience with Stay a bit. First surprise: his parents and his sister, David, Régine and Judith Elmaleh, share the poster of the film at his side. The second surprise? On a soundtrack signed by the famous trumpet player Ibrahim Maalouf, Gad Elmaleh stages his own spiritual journey: after three years spent in the United States, he returns to France and does not know how to announce his conversion to Catholicism to his parents… The least we can say is that the news is hardly received by his family, of Sephardic Jewish origin. In this dramatic comedy where everyone plays their own role, the comedian opens up to the camera about his relationship to religions.

From November 16 in all Megaramas.

Cinema galore in Rabat

Festival. In Rabat, the Cinema Renaissance continues film celebrations, to the delight of moviegoers. After the Korean film festival, it now hosts the 27e edition of the Rabat International Author Film Festival. On the program, screenings of feature and short films – whose titles have not yet been revealed –, as well as a tribute to director Nabil Ayouch and actress Nora Skalli. This edition will also feature directors and actors Fakhria Khamis (Kuwait), Jean-Pierre Améris (France), Gaston Gabouré (Burkina Faso) and Sulaf Fawakherji (Syria). The closing night of the festival, on November 24, will be followed the next day by the opening of Film Week for Women’s Rights, this time organized by UN Women.

From November 17 to 24, then from November 25 to 30, at the Renaissance Cinema, in Rabat.

Bandage Africa

Theater. The Burkinabe actor and storyteller Étienne Minoungou adapts the play by the writer and Senegalese thinker Felwine Sarr, tracks, speech to African nations. Constructed as a crossing of a vast continent, the text does not stray from the major favorite themes of the Senegalese writer: decolonization, reconstruction, the possibility of utopia. Étienne Minoungou then embodies an African – whose nationality is not specified, because it is a question of a unique native land, Africa – who returns from a long trip around the world, to declaim a long speech addressed to youth, calling for the formation of a new African generation.

On November 25, at Theater 121, in Casablanca.

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blankConcert. After celebrating its 15th birthday last October to tunes by Johann Strauss and Ottorino Respighi, the Royal Symphony Orchestra offers us two jazz concerts, under the artistic direction of conductor Oleg Reshetkin. The orchestra will perform the scores of illustrious jazzmen such as Benny Goodman, Chick Corea, Duke Ellington and Cole Porter.

November 25 and 27 at the Mohammed VI Theater in Casablanca and at the Mohammed V Theater in Rabat.

Another Moses


Literature. Moses de Casa, Driss Jaydane’s latest novel published by Éditions Les Avrils, will be in the spotlight at the bookstore Les Insolites de Tanger. The opportunity to meet its author and dive into the world of little Moses, a little boy looking for his father, whose quest turns into a crazy adventure through Casablanca.

November 19 at Les Insolites Bookstore, Tangier.

Cinema galore in Rabat, return of Gad Elmaleh, African theater: the outings of the week