Child who played Leandro Díaz is the son of a famous person who also appears in the novel

the little who he was in charge of recreating the childhood of the vallenato teacher Leandro Díaz has acting in his veins; At his young age, he played a great role by starring in that stage of the life of one of the most important figures of Colombian folklore.

Since the RCN soap opera aired, with which he has achieved good results against the rating, many viewers highlighted the performance of Abel Antonio Villa, a boy who with his charisma and talent stole the hearts of the audience.

Whose son is the child that appears in ‘Leandro Díaz’?

Abel Antonio comes from a family of artists; His father is the actor and singer ‘Beto’ Villa, who is remembered for his roles in important productions such as hey pretty, land of singers Y carnival powdernovels focused on coastal culture.

His mother is also an actress and coachDiana Santamaría, who has shared photos on her social networks with her son playing little Leandro.

One of the curious facts about Abel and ‘Beto’ is that they shared a recording set, because the father is in charge of giving life to ‘Toño’ Salas, the accordion player with whom the musician finally forms a successful duo.

Silvestre Dangond had a good debut

Currently, at 42 years old, Dangond once again conquered his national and international audience with his acting debut, playing the famous Leandro Díaz. In the production, he could be seen thin and with his medium-length and wavy hair.

This project earned the support of thousands of people, who praised the singer’s work as the protagonist in the soap opera.

When I was just starting out in music, Silvestre Dangond captivated millions of Colombians with his vocal power and the flavor that he gave to vallenato. The Colombian became known with his themes and artistic projects, catapulting himself to fame and positioning himself as one of the representatives of the genre.

The composer aroused all kinds of reactions in his followers with the proposals he launched on the music scene, gaining recognition for lyrics such as The gringa, My Follies, Deny me three times Y indifference. Her passage through the media helped many more people to know her ideas and her themes, to the point of singing them out loud at many events and parties.

However, one of the details that stole the attention of the Colombian public was the transformation that the singer had over the years, since in the beginning he had a completely different figure and appearance. Silvestre stepped onto the music scene in the 2000s, at just 21 years old, and weighed 120 kilos.

One of the details that captivated the fans was the chemistry that Laura de León and Silvestre Dangond, protagonists of the plot, built in each of the scenes that were broadcast on the small screen. Both Colombians played with nuances, their voices and gestures in front of the camera, making the followers feel identified with this link.

In the midst of the boom that the title took, eyes fell on some revelations made by the interpreter of The gringa with the RCN channel, where he expressed the nerves that his set partner caused him at the time of recording. The vallenato artist affirmed that Laura de León intimidated him a lot, so sometimes he did not know how to react.

She intimidates me a lot. She intimidates me a lot… Matilde intimidates Leandro a lot and Laura intimidates Silvestre a lot”, said the artist in a special on the channel about the behind the novel that has served RCN to shake off the demon that the Caracol channel has had in this strip for years.

Child who played Leandro Díaz is the son of a famous person who also appears in the novel