L’AQUILA – The Carispaq Foundation presented this afternoon at the Auditorium of the Park the docufilm “Celestino V the Pope out of this world” directed by Cinzia TH Torrini And Ralph Palka.

The work was produced by Cassiopea Film Productione by the Pescarabruzzo Foundation.

The film reconstructs the last years of the hermit’s life through interventions by historical experts, journalists, writers and prelates. Many historical reconstructions recall the crucial and intimate moments in the life of Pietro dal Morroneplayed by the actor Marc Fiorini. The shots of his hermitages, of places and landscapes that have marked the personal and public events of San Pietro Celestino are very suggestive. The docufilm gives us uncontaminated corners of theAbruzzo that emotionally bring us closer to the “legend” of this character.

“Celestine V, the pope out of this world” examines the last four years of Pietro del Morrone’s life, the period that created the myth of a pope supported by the people and naively ended up in intrigues of power and palace. It is the moment of the great refusal to the papal throne which is still today one of the most discussed and controversial historical episodes of the Middle Ages. The spotlight is thus rekindled on a figure who still exercises great fascination today. The docufilm therefore represents a unique opportunity to make known to a wide audience, including international ones, the fascinating story of the famous Abruzzo hermit, elected pope with the name Celestino V, with his most important inheritance, the Celestinian forgiveness, of made the first jubilee in history.

“In this work – say the directors Cinzia TH Torrini and Ralph Palka – we wanted to bring out aspects that have a surprising relevance to today, such as the relationship between power and faith, the stripping of worldly abundance and the perennial search for a spirituality in harmony with nature. The story brings out the “Celestine myth” especially for the last four years of his life, which can be read as a script in which there is no lack of dramatic dynamics. They present themselves as a fascinating story full of intrigues, of power plays and discena shots, in which next to our Saint there are other great protagonists such as the king of Naples Charles II of Anjou (the limp) and Cardinal Benedetto Gaetani, future Pope Boniface VIII “.

The work was produced by Cassiopea Film Production with the support of the Pescarabruzzo Foundation and the contribution of the Carispaq Foundation.

“We are very proud to have contributed to the making of this docufilm – he adds Domenico Taglieri President of the Carispaq Foundation, who contributed to the creation of the documentary film – which rekindles interest, including international ones, in the figure of Celestino V and promotes the beauty of our territory. Most of the shots, in fact, were made in the fascinating and uncontaminated territories of our region and also the workers who worked there are mainly from Abruzzo and mostly made up of young professionals from our region. In addition to the cultural aspect – concludes Taglieri – this documentary film is also an important tool for promoting a territory, that of the province of L’Aquila in particular, which is betting on its cultural heritage as a driving force for tourism and, more generally, socio-economic development “.

The docufilm, in fact, will be shown on the major platforms and on TV networks, as well as at cultural and religious events. Both RAI and Tv 2000 have expressed their intention to purchase the documentary