Celebrities and ego traps

Raul Rodriguezwriter and analyst has made about 30 interviews with businessmen, intellectuals, actors, singers, sculptors, journalists and athletes, who have made profound reflections on how we can change the world from within, through their testimonials.

On how the idea of ​​making this concept of interviewspointed out that everything happened as a result of the publication of a book on the work he did in prisons, with the terminally ill, with abandoned elderly people and with people living on the streets.

“I published a book, a fictional chronicle of the work I did for 7 or 8 years in prisons and with the terminally ill, with abandoned elderly people, with people living on the streets, and as a result of this book that narrates and captures all the work of volunteering of people who help people in extreme situations, and the cases of success and failure in these areas of emotional recovery”.

Then he was presented with the opportunity to join in promoting the UN 2030 agenda, which are the Famous SDG Sustainable Development Goals that aim to achieve specific changes by the year 2030.

“There are 20 objectives to be met by 2030, which are actually 17, but let’s say that the concept is known as the 2030 agenda and the intention is to support or promote very specific issues of collective benefit, and in my case as a result of this book and Of the topics that I talk about, the opportunity that was offered to me was to promote and join the topic of goal 3, which is addiction prevention, and the intention is to give an approach to this topic of addiction prevention from a step back that It is a matter of being emotionally well to avoid addictions”.


The writer and analyst pointed out that in the world post covid there have been almost a million suicides In the last year, there has been an exponential growth in the rate of suicides.

“This is a benchmark for the social, civic, and collective decomposition that we are seeing in domestic violence, addictions, depressionthe need for psychological consultations, therapists, psychiatrists has skyrocketed, because we were subjected 24/7 to being in contact with our ghosts, our demons, seeing ourselves in the mirror when we were not used to dealing with our unresolved duels, With our traumas, with our complexes, we didn’t really know our families full time, so this wear and tear of being subjected to a forced coexistence, not having these distraction spaces of going out to the movies, to town, to the club, to the restaurant, to have a social life, because obviously it generated stress”.


And he added that for this reason it is precisely important that we shed light on these issues, in a preventive manner.

“The state and the initiatives generally seek to rescue from the problem people who have already fallen into them, such as alcoholism, neurosis, drug addiction, depression, anxiety, domestic violencebut this effort that we are making and summoning celebrities of national life to interview them and for them to share their learning with us, has the precise intention of alerting viewers preventively of what can await them if they do not take care of their emotional well-beinghis solitude, his self-love, his emotional stability in the broadest sense of the expression”.

Interview to Famous Is it to reach more people?

“Well, it is like generating empathy, we have had a very good reception, I deeply thank all those interviewed, they have been generous in their response, I insist singers, actors, businessmen, athletes, journalists, sculptors, writers, all of them have agreed to give a testimony not necessarily since their recovery from an addiction or not, because many of them have not suffered from it, but rather their vision of how they deal with their self-esteem, with self-love, how they prevent situations of depressionfrom anxietyas they have overcome the domestic violence or the problems that any human being faces from childhood”.

How was the selection made? Famous?

“It has also been a lot of work to seek the harmony or connection of the artist or celebrity with the issues we deal with. There are those who have supported similar causes or promote, let’s say, the theme of well-being or spirituality or meditation, introspection, solitude and under that logic we have invited them to give their testimonialsbecause in the end everything falls within this theme of the emotional well-being. There are those who help animals, or who take care of the environment, or who have had a divorce and want to avoid other divorces, sad situations for their children, all these initiatives fall within the prevention of addictions and emotional well-being. It is very important that we alert those who do us a favor to listen to us about these issues because I insist that they concern us all.”


All interviews What have you done that has left you something?

“Yes, notice that within this topic that I am deeply grateful for, there have been many scoops, it was not the intention, let’s say at a journalistic level, it was not the intention to generate, let’s say, this part of the scoop or the exclusive, but many of them have shared with us in are interviews What have we done for social networks I am raulrr in Facebook, GIin Youtubein Spotify and in TikTok. The idea is that many have shared these issues, hey, I’ve been depressive for a lifetime, hey, I had a problem with alcoholism, hey, I lived through this, and it’s very nice because it generates a bridge of understanding in the human condition where it doesn’t matter what I am an entrepreneur famousactor or singer, or artist, in this purposeful space I narrate what I lived through, what I had, so that whoever listens to me can find light on the situation they are experiencing and it has been very nice because I insist at 30 interviews that we have carried out so far I would tell you that all of them add from different approaches to the purpose of generating awareness about this need to seek our emotional well-being ourselves, which is the great lesson of all of them, the great lesson, the great moral is whether you are famous or not, businessman, artist, singer, woman, young, old, whatever, in the end, what they transmit is this awareness of that I am the most responsible for generating my own well-being”.


Carlos Hermosilloformer soccer player of the Mexican National Team spoke about the emotions that a soccer player lives from the field, the depressionmoney, fame, the importance of reinventing yourself after retirement.

Susana Zabaleta talked about sexuality, self-motivation, suicide, depression and optimism. Of sex, he pointed out that it can be a trigger for Emotional problems deep.

facundo He talked about his learnings on the arduous path of fame and keeping his feet on the ground.

Francisco Xavier Gonzalez He talked about the emotional life of athletes and its impact on the results.


between the plans Raul Rodriguez is to continue sharing the life experience of more Famous.

“The intention was not really to generate so much content so suddenly, but the truth is that it has been very motivating, as they say one thing led to another, then one interviewee referred to another, and another found out and asked us to participate and it has been a subject of an abundance of very enriching content and the idea is to continue with these efforts to share the life experience of famous people in their professions so that those who listen to us can receive some orientation, or some guidance on how others have solved these problems , which I insist are common to all human beings”.

Of the interviews What have you done, who has had more reach on social networks?

“In the world that we live in, so digital and so fragmented with so many windows of exposure, it has also been very surprising to see how regardless of the social network where we post the content, the response from the public is massive and I say it because I insist, the content is very useful for who listens to it, but also because of the great need that exists in the current situation for these issues”.

So far, some of the Famous that he has interviewed are: Lorraine Herrera, Daniela Romo, Olivia Collins, Laura Zapata, Susana Zabaletathe sculptor Sebastianjournalist Heriberto Murrietathe former footballer Carlos Hermosillo, Sergio Mayerthe writer Eduardo Parra, the sports journalist Francisco Xavier Gonzalezwhom he thanks for their generosity, because they have welcomed them into their homes and have made room in their diaries.

“We have other great singers on the agenda who, well, are on tour right now and have not been able to, but we also plan to interview artists who are currently popular with the public, we have also interviewed Buddhists, mindfulness experts, psychologists, psychiatrists. Because Well, I insist, all this is multifactorial and the cool thing about this is understanding that there are many ways in which you can seek your well-being. All of them have spoken about many facets of this same topic and it is not that all of them have a crisis to share ” .

What have I let you do all these interviews?

“I am very clear that volunteering, doing social work, the main beneficiary is the one who does it, it has generated a lot of social awareness in me and it has helped me a lot, also to work on my personal issues, dedicating this communication effort and dissemination. And, above all, give a voice to people who require it, who need it, I am not necessarily referring to celebrities, but to those affected by these issues, not people in prison, not abandoned elderly people, people homeless, terminally ill and young people or children who are very, very exposed to new drugs, to the substances that exist today, fentanyl and all these unfortunate substances that are on the market, generate instant addiction, that is There are many drugs that hook you from the first dose, and many times one of these messages can change someone’s life preventively, and so what this effort leaves me is the satisfaction of contacting all that re d in thousands of volunteers who exist in all these places of pain on the one hand, and being able to become a vehicle. Among these celebrities who have a lot of public opinion following. And who could receive the message to improve their lives.”

If you want to follow the content he uploads Raul Rodriguez once a week you can find them at @soyraulrr (instagram, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, Spotify)

“We are raising once a week the interviews precisely because the intention is that they have a sufficient duration so that people can enjoy them, I would say, enjoy in the sense that they are very brief”, he concluded.

Celebrities and ego traps