Catania: Salvo and Maddy’s “Kites” arrive at the Polo Educativo Spazio 47 in San Cristoforo

Catania, 7 December 2022 – The theater returns to San Cristoforo. The theater is back in the historic district of Catania. Because the theater feeds on people, on real life, on new and curious looks. And because San Cristoforo, and the city in general, needs stimuli, fresh energy, stories.

A theatrical appointment, the one we will experience in the Salone which has become the aggregating heart of the Polo di San Cristoforo, which reinforces the commitment that Spazio 47 makes together with Fondazione Èbbene and Fondazione Stella Polare to continue making culture accessible, bringing people ever closer to the theatre, understood as a training and growth laboratory.

Kites – The story of Salvo and Maddywinner of 4 prestigious awards at the Premio Nazionale Teatro Città di Leonforte 2017 – best show, best director, best leading actress, best leading actor – will be staged Sunday 11 December, at 6pmin the hall of the Polo Educativo managed by Space 47, Èbbene Foundation and Stella Polare Foundation in via Villascabrosa 128 A.

Produced byCultural association mezzaria of Cataniawinner of the competition “Palcoscenico Catania – Beauty without borders” organized by the Municipality of Catania, Aquiloni is a show half in Sicilian and half in Italian that recounts the surreal and unexpected encounter between a man and a woman, each with his misery, each with his strength.

Their names are Salvatore known as Salvo and Maria known as Maddy. Salvo is a do-nothing, the son of a nun, he lives in a convent. He is lucky, he finds banknotes and coins every day on the street and for this he doesn’t need to work. Maddy is a prostitute, she loves music, she has a daughter called Angela, the stories of her clients are her life. A man and a woman who are distant, but only in appearance, only if they fit within the traditional schemes.

Many literary and spiritual, musical and religious references accompany the encounter between the two protagonists, which bring to mind “epic couples” such as Violetta and Alfredo from Giuseppe Verdi’s “La traviata”, Maddalena and Jesus, Rose and Jack from “Titanic”. Impossible pairs, yet not so much. «Aquiloni is simultaneously a very ancient and very new story, religious and carnal, of earth and air, of water and wine, of intense cold and sultry heat, of vodka and coca cola – writes Orofino in the director’s notes – Salvatore known as Salvo and Maria known as Maddy are two very light souls, yet they remain heavier than air, they aspire to heaven but remain tied to the earth, to fly they need to exploit the painful force of detachment. They wander on this earth like two kites, which very light remain heavier than air, they aspire to the sky but are tied to the earth by a thread, they fly but only by exploiting the force generated by the wind on the sidelines».

Aquiloni recounts an encounter and the theater is the privileged place of encounter between souls who recognize each other, who distinguish themselves, who practice humility and reject prejudice and arrogance. The theater is the place of non-formal but concrete professionalism, real, shown and practiced day after day in the rehearsal room and on stage. Also, and above all, on that of neighborhoods, places that are too often forgotten. This is why Aquiloni also arrives in San Cristoforo. To talk to those young people, and not only them, who like Salvo and Maddy dream of freedom but remain trapped, held back by their own roots. Who dream, and perhaps can, also thanks to the theatre, of flying lightly. Just like Kites.

The entrance ticket is 10 euros, a contribution that allows us to make art accessible and free for the inhabitants of the San Cristoforo district, intensifying a cultural and participatory movement between citizens from different districts of the city.

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Info and reservations: 347 4755553.



Catania: Salvo and Maddy’s “Kites” arrive at the Polo Educativo Spazio 47 in San Cristoforo – the theater as a tool to redevelop the neighborhood – Free digital terrestrial: channel 652