Caserta and province. New ‘Fashion&Food’ calendar: presentation on Saturday in Capua

Also this year my colleague Salvio Parisi has created the Fashion&Food calendar.

Twelve shots that portray fashion and food starring chefs, artists, prominent personalities from the world of culture and institutions. Theme: rebirth.

The presentation is scheduled for Saturday 3 December, 7 pm, at the Campania Museum of Capua, Via Roma 68.

2023 Fashion&Food calendar Matres et Coqui

The project reaches chapter 10 Fashion&Food from Salvio Parisiart director and advertising and publishing photographer, journalist for events and culture of the area between Naples and Campania.

The less conventional fashions, the local beauty and the new face of well-known starred chefs in balance between professional profile and art, culture and territory, tailoring and high-ranking food and wine.

“Special tasters” adopted and hosted from time to time by the world of theater or entertainment, from that of culture and art, from that of design and fashion or from society and solidarity.

By choice, research, opportunities and panorama of talents and excellence everything is essentially Made in Campania.

The 2023 edition takes a heartfelt look at the sense of rebirth, at the original desire for union and at an eternal concept of familiarity and fruitfulness.

It involves the world of archeology and ancient Italic or Campanian art with a particular focus on Mother Matuta of the Campanian Museum of Capuawhere among the magnificent tuff statues of women with babies on their laps one breathes authentic auspices of spirituality and realism, ancestral worship and rituals, family and “ex voto”, nourishment and fertility: in a word rebirth.

It collects the contemporary testimonies of this place between mystical and hieratic, hosting among the portraits of the “special tasters” six institutional and artistic representations of this prestigious museum pole, unique in the world, as well as of the Caserta area.

For all this is called “Matres et Coqui”.

Three peculiar points of this edition:

the visual admixtures at the «Ave Mater» exhibition by Lello Esposito, whose works among Vesuvius And sirens they stand out in most of the portraits in the lunar calendar; the twinning with the University of Caserta Luigi Vanvitelli (Dept. Political Sciences), Italian avant-garde for the educational offer of young students in the South; the special partnership with Casolaro, a leading company in the Italian and international hotel sector. Here are the cooks and the “tasters”, the outfits and the dishes for the six two-month periods.

In the first Rosanna Marziale, chef of Le Colonne in Caserta, in Eles Couture “oriente”, chooses sheets of pasta, vegetables and buffalo mozzarella from Campania for Professor Francesco Eriberto D’Ippolito, director of the Political Science department at Vanvitelli in Caserta, with a dress from the tailor’s shop Neapolitan Gabo.

In Spring to March April Fabio Biondi, chef of Sunrise in Caserta, in KNT look by Kiton, prepares cod in panko crust on creamed potatoes and samphire in tempura for Monica Sarnelli, Italian voice daughter of Partenope, dressed in matt gold by Navel of Maria Riccio.

In May June, the spaghetti with roast scampi, lard from Mangalica, salted lemon and bran pepper powder for Maestro Esposito, author of the works next to the Matres, are by Michele De Leo, chef at the San Domenico estate in Capua, in AD Uomo outfit in the images of this Calendar.

In summer for July August Giuseppe Molaro, chef of Contaminazioni in Somma Vesuviana, in a deconstructed suit by Attolini, opted for his pappardelle with earthenware ragù, parsley sauce and anchovy brittle for Raffaello Magi judge of Cassation.

With autumn in September October Sasà Martucci, pizza chef of I Masanielli in Caserta, in a pinstriped double-breasted suit by Rubinacci, chooses his flagship (reinterpretation of marinara) for Giuseppe Picone, international star and choreographer, portrayed in an opulent stage dress by Joseph Tramontano.

Finally, for November and December at Christmas, the panettone for Doctor Donatella Caiazzo, cultural entrepreneur, who carmine velvet dress by Alexandre Vauthier at Mario D’Anna.

Campano Museum & Luigi Vanvitelli University

The Campanian Provincial Museum of Capua is the most significant of the Italic civilization of Campania, as underlined by the archaeologist Amedeo Maiuri: founded in 1870 and inaugurated in 1874, it is housed in the ancient Palazzo Antignano, directed by Giovanni Solino and is owned by the Provincial of Caserta.

It preserves priceless archaeological, historical and artistic treasures, a mirror of a metropolis that has seen different populations: Osci, Etruscans, Samnites, Romans, Lombards, Normans, Swabians, Angevins, Aragonese, Spaniards…

It is divided into two sections: Archaeological and Medieval with an important Library attached.

The most unique and precious collection it houses is that of the “Mothers”, among the rarest that Italian and foreign museums can boast.

In 1845, during an excavation carried out for agricultural work by Mr. Patturelli, in the locality of Petrara, the remains of a large votive altar came to light with architectural friezes and tuff statues, which reproduced seated women with children on their laps, proving the existence in that place of a temple. The venerated goddess was probably the “Mater Matuta”, an ancient Italic divinity of dawn and birth and the matres represented “ex voto”: a propitiatory offering for the granting of the supreme good of fertility.

Founded in 2005, the Department of Political Sciences of the Luigi Vanvitelli University of Campania pursues the objective of training students through interdisciplinary methodologies, providing the cultural tools to govern the dynamics of global society, aimed at guiding new policy actors for the territory in the public and private sector and to educate to a broad vision of international relations and regional integration processes in the Euro-Mediterranean context.

Disciplines of political science, administration science and international relations, but in recent years also the policies for the planning and management of tourism systems with the aim of training professionals in the sector of sustainable planning and territorial management of tourism with of evaluation of the changes of the tourist phenomenon and of the territorial resources.

production / – concepts & photos / Salvio Parisi – high ending / Simon Marigliano –
styling / Matilde Mazzocco – make up / Clement Olive – hair / Vincenzo Manzo, Team Leo – photo assistant / Learned Rosary location / Campanian Museum of Capua – graphix / Massimo Sanseverino.

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(Federico Ricciojournalist – Press Release – Elaborated – Archived in #TeleradioNews © Rights reserved by the author)

Caserta and province. New ‘Fashion&Food’ calendar: presentation on Saturday in Capua