BUSINESS / Family, Events & Apps: The Industries With The Highest Open Rates In Digital Marketing

Applications, services and science are the industries with the highest click-through rate in sending promotional emails

Hobbies, news and real estate are the areas with the lowest churn rate

Emailing continues to be one of the preferred marketing tools for many companies. It is the most profitable and direct channel; It consists of sending promotional messages or newsletters by mail to a target audience. Email marketing continues to be an effective and successful way for companies to reach and engage with their audience.

Furthermore, this tool provides companies with valuable information and data about their subscribers. Through it, businesses can track open rates, click-through rates, and other metrics that help them measure the success of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions for future marketing efforts. Below, Sendinblue shares key statistics from a study of email performance by industry.

Summary of key indicators in email marketing

Open rate. This measure reflects the quality of your contact list and their interest in your emails. On average, globally, the open rate is 21.89%. Plans, family and relationships are some of the most successful industries in terms of open rate in Spain. These are the top 5:

Family and relationships: 40%

Events and attractions 38.4%

Software and applications: 37.8%

Services (consulting, real estate and travel agencies): 35.1%

Non-profit organizations: 33.5%

Click rate. In an effective email marketing campaign, the click-through rate is essential, as it gives you an idea of ​​the general interaction of your contacts, since it includes the subscribers who opened your email and those who did not. The global average click-through rate is 3.96%

These are the 5 industries with the highest click-through rate in Spain:

Software and applications: 11.4%

Services (consulting, real estate and travel agencies): 10.4%

Science: 10.2%

Religion and spirituality: 9.4%

Fitness and lifestyle: 8.9%

Another relevant data shared by Sendinblue is the unsubscribe rate for each industry, that is, customers who are no longer interested in continuing to receive information from the company. If your unsubscribe rate is much higher than average, you can consider what you can improve or see if you did something different that might have led to the loss of subscribers. The average cancellation fee is 0.15%. A low cancellation rate is a sign of customer loyalty and interest in the information or promotions you receive. Here are the five industries with the lowest churn rates:

Media and blogs: 0.02%

Non-profit organizations: 0.02%

Science: 0.05%

Real estate: 0.3%

News and politics: 0.3%

Sports and hobbies: 0.3%

Bounce rate: The bounce is an error that occurs when the email cannot reach the recipient, either because the recipient’s address is inactive or because a contact does not exist. For this reason, it is important to keep the databases updated to make the most of the resources and reach the largest audience. The industries with the lowest bounce rate are as follows:

Marketing services: 0.07%

News and politics: 0.1%

Sports and hobbies: 0.13%

Religion and spirituality: 0.16%

Professional services: 0.16%

“One of the main components of the success of emailing campaigns is the analysis of these key indicators. Evaluating the performance of email marketing as a channel is crucial for any type of organization, since it not only helps to understand the impact of this channel, but it also allows to know the type of information that the end customer values ​​and how to connect with it in a more effective way.The exercise of comparing the own results of emailing campaigns with the average performance of the sector, provides an enriching perspective to improve email marketing strategy.

Additionally, some of the good practices that we always observe in the actors with the best emailing performance are summarized in prioritizing the quality of contacts over quantity, maintaining a clean database, and segmenting audiences to send specific messages and very personalized” says Laura Parra, head of communication at Sendinblue.

BUSINESS / Family, Events & Apps: The Industries With The Highest Open Rates In Digital Marketing