Born: Respirations

Born: Respirations - Contemporary Meditations. The new newspaper directed by Mario Raffaele Conti
Contemporary Respirations-Meditations

Society, music, ecology, philosophy, TV series, social media, literature, yoga culture and much more: the new web magazine aims to overcome the stereotypes of communication and the world of yoga, offering a reading

alternative and aware of the contemporary

“So that everything doesn’t stay as it was before”

With a DNA rooted in communication, information and the authoritativeness of sources, “Rispirazioni – Contemporary Meditations” is born, the new newspaper directed by Mario Raffaele Conti that receives and interprets a clear indication of contemporary society, clearly oriented towards new paradigms of psycho-physical well-being, sustainability and spirituality.

Founded by a collective of established authors from the world of journalism and art, “Respirations – Contemporary Meditations” represents an evolution of journalistic research in the direction of individual research and succeeds in reading the transformation of the collective feeling, integrating current affairs and Yoga as terms of a binomial that is fundamental today.

If we define the Actuality – according to the dictionaries – as an aspect that summarizes or reflects the characteristics and interests of the contemporary world, we need to carefully look at the important space that Yoga occupies in it. In fact, in its evolution from a millenary Vedic tradition to a global phenomenon, Yoga emerges with a revolutionary significance that impacts the entire structure of society. From an economic point of view we are talking about a worldwide boom worth 60 billion dollars (according to the estimates of the international platform; from a socio-cultural point of view we are talking about an unprecedented spread of a non-religious, apolitical movement of such importance that it is recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage Site. Yoga is practiced by 200 million people spread all over the world far beyond the borders of India, of all ages (35.2 million adults and 4.9 million children and teenagers in the US according to CNN / CDC sources) , of all social, economic and cultural groups. In Italy there are over 2.5 million people who practice this discipline, both as a physical practice and as an inner research. Data is growing everywhere.

Here, therefore, that the binomial Yoga and Actuality requires attention and a new paradigm of communication, linked to everyday reality and to human life in all its aspects, capable of reading and interpreting the needs of people and the direction in which the world is moving. .

«Respirations – Contemporary Meditations» intends to respond to this need, filling a current editorial and cultural void. Pushing himself to use a Cartesian binomial, providing readers with the trait d’union between matter and spirit.

Not in competition with the sector publications dedicated to yoga, nor with the generalist news ones, “” is the site “that makes the mind breathe”, as the name suggests (source:è). The new network offers food for thought and accredited information on important, multiple and complementary contemporary issues: society, ecology, global warming, music, literature, philosophy, history, TV series, wellness, psychology. In this context, yoga is the lens with which to place a new look – and a new listening – towards what surrounds us.

In this way it is possible to know «Elisabetta’s Yoga», an original study inspired by the TV series «The Crown» and a tribute to the Queen’s death; punctual and innovative the review on the musical production of the Beatles and George Harrison on the 60th anniversary of the band’s birth; the analysis of the history of Persia helps us to understand the protests of Iranian women and the haircut as a symbol of the struggle for freedom “Woman Life Freedom”; in a podcast interview, Dr. Licia Grazzi, Director of the Headache Center of the Besta Neurological Institute in Milan, talks about meditation as a therapy for headaches and anxiety; there is no shortage of famous people, such as the international pianist Gloria Campaner, who tells the yogic matrix of her artistic and popular project.

Sixteen columns, eleven curators, among the collaborators known voices and emerging voices capable of giving transgenerational impetus to contents and languages.

Among the authoritative signatures those of the founders: Elia Perboni (formerly “Corriere della Sera”), Franco Acquaviva (director and theater critic), Riccardo Serventi Longhi (actor, director, Yoga teacher), Guido Gabrielli (director of “Yoga Journal” ). Direction and editorial coordination are entrusted to Mario Raffaele Conti, historical signature of the printed media, former chief editor of the weekly «Oggi», now collaborator of «Yoga Journal», former radio speaker on Radio Montecarlo, musician, author of books, as well as teacher of Raja and Hatha Yoga, who writes: “Respirations is an open place that responds to the need to communicate a different way of living, reading, listening and thinking, because today we need new creations, new ways of understanding life and to look at ourselves and at contemporary reality ».

The extension “Contemporary Meditations” declares the intention to overcome homologation and stereotypes that today influence the world of communication and Yoga, with sterile drifts on both sides: on the one hand the flattening of a system that tends to conform to a prevailing thinking, preferring visibility to credibility of sources; on the other hand, the commercial interpretation of Yoga as a container for the most varied “magic formulas” (yoga for wrinkles, to lose weight, to achieve happiness, to find the ideal partner, to change one’s life, to be successful).

More than this, Yoga today demonstrates the scientific validity of its teachings and thus becomes a pillar to address all aspects of life, personal, relational, social.

“It is important to provide new and current tools to broaden the debate and the critical sense of readers – concludes the director Mario Raffaele Conti – in this sense Rispirazioni is a research project, it uses multidisciplinary communication to contextualize a millenary philosophy in the contemporary world, remaining faithful to its origin ».

Social, podcasts and videos make the new web magazine a flexible, creative and aggregative tool, which also translates into live events, participation in festivals and concerts. So that everything does not remain as it was before.




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Born: Respirations – Contemporary Meditations. The new newspaper directed by Mario Raffaele Conti