Book Fair in Cipolletti: Agenda for Tuesday, October 4

Admission is free, and today the fourth day of the 17th Cipolletti Book Fair “Rivers of Books and Readers” takes place at the Cipolletti Cultural Complex. You can visit and enjoy from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 3 to 10 p.m.

The agenda includes a multicultural range with thematic proposals and traditional stands where you can buy books of all genres and for all ages

Schedule of activities Tuesday, October 4

10:00 Luisina Kloster. Talk: «School age and nutrition: how to improve your children’s diet?» – Astor Piazzola Hall

Currently the two major problems in children’s nutrition are excessive consumption of sugar and low consumption of fruits and vegetables. In this talk, we’ll uncover the hidden sugar in food and talk about strategies to increase your fruit and vegetable intake at home.

10:00 Agustin Sohn “Reading to the rescue: The book as a tool for change” – Lorenzo Kelly Room, talk for schools. Like literature and reading and their promotion through YouTube, they can promote the improvement and resilience of young people and adolescents in problems such as bullying, cyberbullying, among others.

10:00 Visit the CCC at school 114 in Prahuaniyeu, Río Negro.

11:30 Duo D2 presents “Circusing with the family”. Theater play for schools.

Duo D2 presents a contemporary circus show with traditional airs. This family cast, to win the hearts of their audience, tries to do everything, goes to great lengths challenging all the limits of human nature to demonstrate their abilities. It seeks the relationship with the public through the simplest act… LAUGHTER added to numerous skills such as swing, juggling, hula-hula, acrobatics, all accompanied by a lot of humor for the whole family.

15:00 Agustin Sohn “Reading to the rescue: The book as a tool for change” (talk for schools) – Lorenzo Kelly Room.

15:00 Rodrigo Javier Dias presents “From urban hell” – Sala Astor Piazzola

“From the urban hell” becomes a recommended literary work that attracts both narrative lovers and all those who are linked to Geography, for its entertaining and technical story that reflects the harshness of living in the contemporary cities.

16:00 Francinela Gaitan Muñoz presents “I never knew Stephen Winchester would call me” – Astor Piazzola Hall

She is Colombian and currently resides in Cipolletti, Argentina. She is a veterinarian, has a master’s degree in epidemiology and is studying social psychology and a pastoral bachelor’s degree.

16:00 Renato Ciavatti presents “Challenged by history. We unite for life” – Lorenzo Kelly Room
The book is a small contribution to understanding, predicting and emancipating men who, provided with evidence, can overcome the times in the immediate present and in the future with confidence and serenity.

17:00 Giselle Avignone presents “Tales on the Net” – Astor Piazzola Hall. Stories of characters of different ages that address the problem of virtuality and its connection with emotions.

18:00 Lorena Giuliani presents «Marcelo Berbel. History and Legacy” – Astor Piazzola Hall

This book is an invitation to get to know our Neuquén singer-songwriter better, it is the book that I would have liked to find when I arrived in Neuquén and heard the songs of Marcelo Berbel and his family for the first time.

19:00 Flavio Calvo “Better decisions” (talk for schools) – Lorenzo Kelly Room.

Are you willing to dream and work for your own dreams? Are you willing to make decisions that lead you to be a winner? This book invites you to do it. This is not a self-help book!

7:00 p.m. Eduardo Antonio Gomez presents “An open heart” – Sala Astor Piazzola

«With an open heart invites us to discover a cosmogony, a way of seeing the world transversal to humanity itself, to humor, to charisma, to the affectionate words that lead to the inspiration of the author himself to claim life through his own spirituality. The rhythm is manifested in each of his poems and his own musicality transposes and imposes his own way of being, feeling and touching our lives.

The fragility, the tenderness or hardness of the world and of the affections represent in poetry a path of hope in a land that is our own, making it possible for discovering ourselves in reading to invite us to go after our own essence.

20:00 Carolina Pardo and Passionate About Letters Workshop. “The art of writing” dissertation. Lorenzo Kelly Room

An exhibition of works that aims to reflect writing to the present public through artistic creation. For this, there will be readings of the members of the workshop of the work “Losing gravity” by the artist Darío Zana.

20:30 Gustavo Azar. “Short works of humor” – Sala Astor Piazzola
“Short works of humor” is a show that contains a series of short works and monologues, fundamentally humorous.

Directed by Gustavo Azar, Mario Gioja, Mónica Lazcano, Oscar Martín, Claudio Ferreto, María Makovec, Adriana Benzadon, María Celave, Juan Carlos Gaboardi, Inés Azar Quibar, Norali Coria and Viviana Stuardo act.

21:00 Show by the Cipolletti Polyphonic Choir. Theatre
The Cipolletti Polyphonic Choir celebrated its 55th anniversary in September this year. It is the institution with the greatest cultural recognition in the city and in the region, due to its style and identity.

Book Fair in Cipolletti: Agenda for Tuesday, October 4