Black Panther 2: Tenoch Huerta would have studied the Mayan language for his role as Namor

Black Panther 2: Tenoch Huerta would have studied the Mayan language for his role as Namor

Black Panther 2: Tenoch Huerta would have studied the Mayan language for his role as Namor

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is one of the following films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and little by little the days advance until its expected premiere. Through a new interview with Vice, Tenoch Huerta talks about the work he had to do to fulfill his role, Namor, a character that will be introduced to the franchise in the film. According to the Mexican actor, he dedicated himself to the study of the Mayan language to meet certain requirements of the inhabitant of the depths.

tenoch orchard As Namor emerged through a rumor a long time ago, however, it was quickly confirmed by international media and the news exploded on social networks. The Mexican actor will have the opportunity to work with one of the largest companies in Hollywood and his role has the potential to make him one of the most beloved characters in the next installment.

According to the interpreter, he spent several weeks learning the Mayan language before starting filming for the film in Atlanta. Rumors claim that Marvel Studios’ Atlantis will be greatly influenced by Mesoamerican culture and that the appearance of Tenoch as Namor will resemble that of the pre-Hispanic warriors. Filtered images of the merchandising of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever They show that Marvel Studios is very aware of the Mexican representation.

The native of Mexico City also shared a bit of his experience in the world of cinema, condemning the fact that the industry relies on stereotypes to represent people with brown skin.

I had to erase my linguistic identity to fit into the new world that I now (live)… If they don’t perceive you as part of them, they don’t accept you. They need thieves, they need kidnappers, they need whores. That’s why they call the morenos to make them. And we fit that stereotype… they’re always calling me to play the same character. He’s the bad guy, always. But I always make a different version. Because to me, he is a person. I create a new personality, a new character each time.

Vegetable garden He went on to talk about the system imposed on actors of Latino descent in the United States, and how brown-skinned people have fewer opportunities than whites.

I said, ‘yeah, I’m ready now.’ I’m finally ready. I was lucky because at the same time that I was ready, the world was ready for Latino actors… especially actors like me. Because most of the Mexican actors who are in the United States are white, they are upper class, they are strawberries. […] I don’t want to win this game. I don’t want to be a champion of this game. I want to destroy the damn game.

Previously, some rumors about the style that Atlantis will have at Marvel Studios had already leaked to networks. The alleged search for stocky actors with Mayan features to play warriors was discussed; It is said that the civilization will maintain a rivalry with Wakanda and that it will rescue many details of Mesoamerican cultures. If all this is true, it will definitely be something that will catch the attention of the Mexican public.

Black Panther (90%) It premiered in 2018 and stood out for being one of the highest-grossing films of the year with US $1,344 million, in addition, it obtained several Oscar nominations, taking home the statuettes for Best Soundtrack, Best Costume Design and Best Production Design. They were excellent times for Marvel Studios and with Wakanda Forever they don’t want to lose the thread. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever opens in theaters on November 11. When will we see the first trailer?


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Black Panther 2: Tenoch Huerta would have studied the Mayan language for his role as Namor