Bigflo & Oli: why did the two brothers participate in Vald’s clip?

The chef’s surprise! While Vald unveils the music video for Laisse chute, we find Flo from Bigflo & Oli… The artist explains his choice!

They are everywhere ! While Bigflo & Oli are on tour, designing jerseys, and promoting, Vald fans had the opportunity to see Flo appear in the clip of Drop it from Vald’s V album. MCETV explains how the artists made this decision!

Vald music video surprise guests

Because rappers like each other. But while Vald had promised the clip of Drop it several months ago, the surprise is significant. Vald certainly kept his flow and his lyrics. But he left the main character of his music video to another rapper.

Indeed, Bigflo & Oli had to separate for some time to let Flo play the actors. And fans loved: Vald was already appearing behind the camera for Drop it. But nobody imagined thatone of the two Toulouse would play the role major !

A big surprise that left room for questions. Because during their long break away from everything between two albums, the two brothers didn’t let anything leak out…So fans weren’t expecting Flo to have shot a music video for another rapper!

Assailed with questions, Bigflo & Oli decided to answer. At least, Flo decided to tell the story which led to this nice collab. And more than a clip story, it’s a story of emotion. Because Vald managed to hit him in the heart.

“While we were working on the album, Vald made me listen to a demo: ‘Let it fall’. And the sound overwhelmed me. » A reason as simple as that: the two artists, on the same wavelength, have therefore decided to collaborate on the sound in their own way.

Bigflo & Oli: singers and actors

Because the two brothers have shown it well in their documentary, they are constantly asking questions. And Drop it arrive at a very special moment in the spiritual retreat by Flo. What the rapper does not seem ready to forget.

In his stories, he explains that he was looking for himself. “I was in a period of professional and personal doubt. I cried a lot listening to the sound, It did me good. » A boost that relaunched Bigflo & Oli in their writing of The others are us.

But the beautiful story between Flo and Vald does not stop there. While the two brothers try to channel each other, and to avoid releasing music that is too bizarrethe older of the two brothers does not forget Drop it. Until daring to call Vald.

” Therefore, I offered him to play in the clip if one day he wanted to. » And that’s how Vald made a clip where he puts Flo on stage. A very successful clip, hailed by all the fans… And which allowed the Toulousain to go to the end of his ideas, to the end of his emotions.

While Bigflo & Oli have booked themselves a very nice surprise filmed at Julien Doréone wonders if Vald will end up turning in one of the achievements of Toulouse… Their relationship seems in any case tightened since this episode!

Bigflo & Oli: why did the two brothers participate in Vald’s clip?