Become a Christian actor: 3 days in Paris or Toulon to welcome a character

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Editor’s note: Article originally published on August 5, 2022 on the website of the Diocese of Fréjus-Toulon.

The workshop takes place in Paris on September 24 and 25 at the St. Roc church
And at La Seyne sur Mer near Toulon from August 18 to 20, 2022.

The courses are totally adapted to families and adults.

Contact : [email protected]

From August 18 to 20, 2022 in La Seyne sur Mer, Daniel Rabourdin and his team sign their return to the diocese with a training course as a Christian film actor. A great first in France for those who wish to experience an initiation into the profession of actor or those who feel called to speak of their faith through a particular vocation in the cinema. This course allows you to discover several techniques including the “Method Acting” which will be refocused from a Christian angle.

For several years, director and producer Daniel Rabourdin (The Hidden Rebellion, PROMESSE) has felt this call growing within him: “Go on the road, evangelize with what you are. Make disciples of all nations”.

At a time when the digital world takes on a more important place every day and changes the approach to the world, the call is clear for him. He knows that a short film on the web can touch millions of souls in less than 90 minutes.

His experience with the television channel EWTN has given him the proof several times. “The nations to which we are sent today are on Tik-Tok and other social networks,” But to exist, this virtual world needs at one time or another, real life or sensitive experiences to share .

We are called to make films which transmit strong and concrete values, which speak of the faith, which help to overcome the gaze of the world and its customs on our mission as Christians. In short, we need films that reconnect us to our true nature as children of God.

Know-how to train
Since the age of 24, Daniel Rabourdin has felt called to do audio-visual coaching. His experience as a television director with priests on the EWTN channel has reinforced his vocation and encourages him today to develop this work for a wider audience.

With these courses, he wants to offer an alternative to teachings that go against the dignity of the person. He wants to awaken consciences to faith and remind us that it is possible to exercise the professions of the film without going against his deep nature. For this, the producer-director proposes to discover among other know-how, from a Catholic angle, the “Method acting”.

The latter consists of using personal experiences to live what their character feels. You use your own memories to connect your emotions to your portrayal of the character and thus provide a natural and realistic performance.

Actors like Leonardo Di Caprio or Robert de Niro have gone through this method. The trainees will be able to discover this know-how and others during 3 days through multiple practices and games. They will also learn to memorize a flat text without intonation and then give it real depth by coupling the text to their emotions.

The course will end with the filming and recording of a short scene that they can take home.

On a professional level, this training allows you to play your character without being bothered by the camera, working on a shoot, etc. On a personal level, you learn to speak a text spontaneously, to express yourself without shyness in public, to capture an audience, to make professional presentations.

But the most important part of the course is played out on the spiritual level. Indeed, the exercises call upon a complex, subtle and intimate mechanism to his person. They come very close to the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and to the prayer technique that he left as a heritage for discerning.

Living the training course with an Ignatian dimension means revisiting our spirituality to better incarnate it; it’s also taking the character out of a written script to give him a real life story. It is to create an intelligent sensitivity to connect the viewer to the reality of our world.

Written by Maxime Bentz

Become a Christian actor: 3 days to welcome a character

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