Avatar 2: everything you need to know before seeing “The Way of the Water”

Avatar 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the film Avatar which landed in theaters in 2009. James Cameron and his team had to postpone its release because of the health crisis, but also because of its more complicated production.

Avatar: The Way of the Water, is the title of the second installment of the Avatar franchise. It is also characterized by the use of 3D technology, but this time the director has added another element: lwater. Indeed, most of the film takes place in the pandora oceans, hence its title. You may have seen the first teaser for the film online before. But Avatar 2 won’t be released until the end of the day. end of year 2022. What we do know, however, is that the sequel will not rest until 2028 because Avatar 3, 4 and 5 will see the light of day by then. In the meantime, we will discover together everything there is to know about the next film in the saga.

What we know about the making of the film

Of course, james cameron is the backbone of the making of Avatar 2, from its original title Avatar: The Way of the Water. He even claimed that his life and career are largely based on this one, the other three to come as well as other films of the same genre. It should also be noted that he is one of the production team of the films Alita: Battle Angel and Terminator: Dark Fate.

Alongside Cameron, we meet famous filmmakers such as Josh Friedman, Amanda Silver, Rick Jaffa and Shane Salerno. Knowing the production team, we expect thatAvatar 2 offers even more innovations, but also new ideas. Moreover, it aims to show the public a revolutionary 3D technology initiated by an underwater performance capture. That’s why we’re going to find the original team who will bring technology that pushes all limits.

In addition to technological innovations, the film Avatar: The Way of the Water will also bring a new sign language. This is a sign language specially designed for sequels. For this, the team called on CJ Jones, the deaf mute actor who blew up the movie Baby Driver. Jones will thus create the Na’vi sign language.

As for the filming, the team leader chose to do it in Manhattan Beach, California. Avatar 2 also shoots scenes in a few specific locations in New Zealand.

The plot of the movie Avatar 2

The film Avatar was marked by the affection Jack Sully had for Neytiri, the Na’vi princess. In the continuation of the story, Sully decided to live his life with his beloved and his family (his two boys and his daughter). Since Neytiri is not a human, he decides to stay on the planet Pandora.

The human, in the company of his new family, will fight an enemy who has already tried to ravage the planet since the beginning of the story. The father who is both hero will join the Metkayina clan to keep his family away from RDA mining.

For the three sequels that will succeed this one, the story is each time independent. The whole nevertheless forms a saga where we will see 3D technology in full development.

The actors who participated in Avatar 2

As the film tells the continuation of the story of Avatar, it is obvious that actors from the first film return. However, new roles will introduce new actors into the film.

Returning Avatar casts

Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana will play the respective roles of Jack Sully and Neytiri, the main characters of the film. The return of Stephen Lang as Colonel Miles Quaritch accentuates a bit of science fiction in the film. Eh yes ! Do you remember he died in Avatar? And that’s not all, Corporal Lyle Wainfleet also rises from the dead and is played by Matt Gerald.

But Sigourney Weaver is also returning, this time playing another character. Apart from that, Giovanni Ribisi embodies Parker Selfridge while Joel David Moore, that of Dr. Norm Spellman. The role of Dr. Max Patel is played by Dileep Rao. Finally, we find CCH Punder in the skin of Mo’at, Neytiri’s mother.

Avatar 2: new faces

Aside from the characters from the first film returning in Avatar 2, the latter has brought in some new acclaimed actors. For example, Cliff Curtis of The Walking Dead will play the role of Tonowari, the leader of the Metkayina clan who inhabits the reef. Another movie star, Kate Winslet of titanic, also reinforces the team by playing the role of Ronal, co-chief of the Metkayina clan and also freediver. Note that it begins in a collaboration with Cameron with the Avatar 2 and all the suites.

In addition, other actors will appear in the film, in this case the children of Jake and Neytiri. The couple have three children including two sons, Neteyam and Lo’ak, played by Jamie Flatters and Britain Dalton respectively. The newest member of the family is played by Trinity Bliss as Tuktirey or Tuk, the daughter of Jake and Neytiri.

We will also see the skills of Bailey Bass as a secondary character called Tsireya or Reya and Filip Geljo as Aonung, freediver and hunter of the Metkayina clan. That being said, other actors also participated in the movie Avatar 2.

Avatar 2: the release date

It is now known that the Avatar 2 movie release date is set for the December 16, 2022 if it is scheduled for December 17, 2021. Many factors such as the health crisis have contributed to this postponement. However, it can be said that this is not entirely painful. Indeed, over time, Cameron was able to perfect the film to be able to give more to the audience.

The team began filming in 2017, after multiple failed attempts. Knowing that it is a combination of 3D capture and D’real shares, the work must have taken longer. In addition, we shot the two sequels Avatar 2 and 3 at the same time. Cameron said the completion of the filming of the first in September 2020, that of the film Avatar 3 was at 95%.

Despite the obstacles he encountered, director James Cameron still said he wanted to continue until Avatar 5. He planned the release of the last film in the saga in 2028. For its part, the saga Star Wars continues to captivate moviegoers. Thus, the two will alternate in the coming years.

Why did it take so long?

As we said, this is the health crisis which is the main culprit, but there are others before that. We released the first Avatar movie in 2009. Right after that, Avatar 2 should have been released in December 2014 and Avatar 3 a year later. But unforeseen circumstances caused repressions. In addition, the simultaneous shooting of the two sequels (Avatar 2 and 3) seems to delay the finalization of the film.

The film underwent so many changes on several levels (scripts, editing, etc.) that Cameron was forced to announce the postponement of its release to the public. Afterwards, there was the covid-19 pandemic which upset the world, that of cinema with it. In addition, the plan of James Cameron to offer more to the public prolonged its realization.

The production encountered various problems such as that of following the bridges under the changing light of the water, the water which is an integral part of the film. These problems are more complex than one might think. Which took the team years to perfect the underwater mocap. Some filmmakers even think that the production of the movie Avatar 2 is one of the most complicated of film history.

Avatar 2 sequels

Certainly, the realization of the film Avatar 2 took a long time to James and his team. But we also know that it is not about to stop. On the contrary, the rest of the story is already behind the scenes. The filming of Avatar 3 was already almost finished with that of Avatar 2. So, in the next five years, we expect to see three more films in the franchise.

So far, the mastermind of the Avatar saga has yet to declare the official titles of the other three sequels. However, rumors are swirling about the potential titles. Avatar: The Seed Bearer this is the potential title of the third film. The fourth could be baptized Avatar: The Rider of Tulkun while the last Avatar: a Quest for Eywa. Eywa is none other than the name of the spiritual god of the Na’vi religion.

Certainly, we have not formalized these titles. However, BBC News reported in November 2018 that these are the sequels planned for all four, including that of Avatar 2. A little later, it was confirmed that this is indeed the title for the second in the series. If that is true for this one, then why not for the others to come?

The likelihood that the third film will adopt another title is rather slim given that we have already completed filming. But nothing is certain, plus there are others who haven’t even started.

Avatar 2: everything you need to know before seeing “The Way of the Water”