Autumn Fai Days in Bivongi for an itinerary between water, industrial archeology and spirituality

Punctual, exciting, never out of date “Autumn Fai Days” and cross the finish line of their eleventh edition.

Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October 2022 the great national event in the square will make a comeback from North to South Italy, crowning the tireless work of the FAI Youth Groups and, at the same time, creating a glue between all the Delegations and FAI Groups scattered throughout the peninsula.

The event is located in the heart of these Fai d’Autunno Days “Bivongi: an itinerary between water, industrial archeology and spirituality”promoted by the Fai Giovani Locride and Piana Group, led by Daria Sansotta, and with the participation of the Fai Locride and Piana Delegation, led by Titty Curinga.

In fact, on Sunday 16 October, lovers of Fai days will be able to immerse themselves in an exciting visit to the land of silkworms, from which the name Bivongi derives, letting themselves be embraced by the intense green of Monte Consolino and by the wide rocky ridge on which the he ancient village rises in the heart of Stilaro.

Bivongi as a naturalistic heritage and a place of intertwining between numerous cults, but also a territory in which to admire clear examples of industrial archaeology, which have granted it the fame of land of iron. The itinerary includes five important stages: the hydroelectric plant, the first in the south, inaugurated way back in 1914, and the thermal site “Bagni di Guida”, whose waters, defined as “holy”, are known for their beneficial therapeutic effects, according to many, of the longevity of the Bivongese; the “Do Furnu” mill, an extraordinary testimony to the industrial past of the Stilaro valley, built in the 12th century by Cistercian monks and intended for crushing galena, the mineral from which lead was extracted.

Visitors will be able to also admire the Church of Maria SS Mamma Nostra, in which eighteenth-century artistic treasures reside, the work of Neapolitan workers of all importance. Finally, the itinerary includes a stop at the Greek Orthodox Monastery of San Giovanni Theristis, a place where spirituality and history have intersected over the centuries. The religious complex, abandoned after the schism of 1054, was a place of training for the hermit monk John and was visited by the patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew I, in March 2001.

Furthermore, for the occasion, the Museum of Contemporary Art will open its doors to visitors AM International, today a museum-laboratory, a place of conservation and use of works of art, born from the shrewdness of the founder, Angelina Melia, and from the contribution of many artists, active in expanding the collection of works of art therein here I’m.

Numerous exhibitions and displays await visitors, who will have the opportunity to admire unpublished collections by segment and thematic area.

The Fai d’Autunno Days, in Bivongi, will take place Sunday 16 October, from 10:00 to 17:00, in full compliance with health safety standards. As a preview of this interesting Sunday, Saturday 15 October a suggestive circular excursion is planned on the route of the former Decauville railway of 1860 which was used to transport timber from Ferdinandea to the Ionian coast.

In the Site of Community Importance “Stilo Forest” inside the Parco delle Serre, you will proceed along a path that follows what was once an old mountain railway; immersed in a unique naturalistic setting among holm oak, chestnut, beech and silver fir woods, you will then reach the iron and steel pole of Ferdinandea born as an extension to the Mongiana factories, where you can visit the halls of the residential area.

Autumn Fai Days in Bivongi for an itinerary between water, industrial archeology and spirituality