by Fabrizio Abbate

A thriller that recalls cinematography in an absolutely innovative way.

There are many books on cinematography and films, an endless list.

Lives of actors, directors, great producers, news stories, moments of production of great films, stories and anecdotes, a very long list.

the way in the book Astrolia and the mystery of the three cathedrals the author Fabrizio Abbate (fabrizio abbate on books and Kindle eBooks by fabrizio abbate) deals with and uses cinematography is therefore new and different from usual

We have already described the innovative and disconcerting, truly unusual characteristics of this thriller elsewhere FABRIZIO ABBATE AND THE TALE-THRILLER OF A FUTURE BEHIND THE CORNER –

We have identified some strands that guide the plot of the action thriller (the women protagonists) economic struggles L) INK), the theme of lost or endangered rights

The book then highlights the role of free antennas in giving voice to the resistance against the censorship of the empire (the story takes place in the NEOEVO)

and plays an unusual theme that of printing and publishing, highlighting some aspects inserted in the mystery and yellow in contrast with digital writings (and here the mystery thickens because it hides precisely one of the objectives of the great scientific experiment that acts as a leitmotif of all intrigues and mysteries.

Thus a great historical fresco develops, (indeed of counter-history) which, with paradoxes, irony, and satirical references, links the mysteries to a didactic purpose, that is to an invitation to reflect on the future.

In all this there is a series of references, not accidental to the great cinema, and above all, but not exclusively to epic and war cinema.

Perhaps there is only one exception with the ironic episode that refers to the ” great beauty”, But the other grafts are mainly large-scale war films that have made the history of cinema.

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Without wishing to take the surprise away from the reader (being a mystery mystery cannot be revealed!) It is enough here to recall some titles such as Tora Tora Tora, Where Eagles Dare, and Apocalipse now with the ride of the Valkyries. ideas) Astrolìa and the mystery of the three cathedrals: an enigma envelops the world of printing – RomaIT

These are the main cinematographic references, but these are not simple quotes from films but real grafts in the narrative of the action thriller which however represent a singular and unusual reference to great cinema and its evocative power.

The book Astrolia and the mystery of the three cathedrals in this sense is intertwined with great cinema and celebrates it in a new way, mythologizing it, which is why it deserves special and particular attention among the books that talk about cinema and the seventh art, precisely because in unconventional way.

But this use of epic cinematography serves the author Fabrizio Abbate to underline that the novel Astrolìa and the mystery of the three cathedrals is indeed a thriller in a broad sense, but it is an absolutely new genre and cannot be framed in the usual schemes because it is thriller but…. It is actually a epic taleit is an international conspiracy but it resembles a Theogony or perhaps a Cosmogony, it has similarities with the Apocalypse for the final battle, but it is a fable because it does not contain the grim and distressing aspects, and finally it is a choral work, an epic in which the heroes (good or bad) fight for an emblematic clash that has as a background the theme of freedom and rights. (11) Fabrizio Abbate presents his book “Astrolìa and the three cathedrals” – Libriamoci InVolo – YouTube

The characters are sculpted like medieval statues, clear, with essential features, because they are part of a choral action in which the psychological implications of the Freuidian type are abolished because they are emblematic archetypes, like the heroes of ancient sagas and legends, and each follows the its logic and pursues its objectives.

A new thriller of action which, however, is not limited to the mysteries but aims to provoke reflections on the great spiritual themes () the three cathedrals, the three popes, the 666th eclipse, etc.

Using not the apology but rather the paradox and the provocation, because the real goal of the book is to arouse debate and reflection on VALUES, and on the future of our society.

While maintaining a tone away from distressing hues

This is because if there are so many provocations, in reality the reference is to personal choices and the defense of rights, and the numerous film adverts therefore have a cathartic function of liberation from anxieties without falling into banality.

The reference to the epic climate makes the book a unicum out of the box, which has its roots in mythical tales and perhaps has as its reference model the great Italian opera of the nineteenth century, which is why the filmography is aimed at the most epic war films. which are a newer model. Astrolìa and the Mystery of the Three Cathedrals: Second Edition: Abbate, Fabrizio: Books

Astrolìa and the mystery of the three castles is therefore an absolutely unusual thriller, it is an epic thriller because it does not talk about simple crimes and police investigations is however the only story that directly uses great cinema to emphasize the epic scenario and not only with celebratory intentions of the films, but introduces them directly into a sort of contemporary mythology