27 DECEMBER 2022

“Living crib of the little ones of the parish oratory of Montechiaro d’Asti

A living nativity scene… that smacks of a restart, after the pandemic, last Friday’s re-enactment was not a Christmas play, but a journey through the suggestive streets and glimpses of the town, which tell the medieval origins of the Municipality founded in 1200, with the little protagonists…a cross-section of life in the year one thousand, with clothes from the era from which Christianity originated.

A commitment of the animators: Emanuela Camerano, Beatrice Gregorio, Sofia Sardo, Beatrice Brancato, Gabriele Carlevaro, Carlotta Scarciglia, supported by the artistic commission of the palio committee: Graziella Parena, Giusi Sozio and also by Cinzia Strumia and Adriana Gallione, making them protagonists of a event: the crib tells the religious journey of a community that has put faith at the center, these mystical moments help to grow and these budding figures feel responsible in their interpretation like seasoned actors, discovering ancient traditions.

The little protagonists: Caterina Marcanzin, Margherita Cantamessa, in the role of the little angels, who announce the happy event, Gaia Lazzaretti, in the role of Maria, Giacomo Ferraris, in the role of Saint Joseph, Michela Nigrelli, Greta Torre, Rebecca Ferrero (sheep), Alberto Borgo, Marco Ravizza, Camilla Ferraris, Francesco Tirico, Marcello Tirico, Giacomo Paolini, Nicolò Mozzato, Gaia Rolla, Rene Fedrigo, Greta Del Fiume, Marko Milosevic, Massimo Nigrelli, Samir Chatoubi, Angelo Vanara (little shepherds and massaje started from oratory, walked through the main streets, passed through the town hall square, a soundtrack of Christmas carols, the ringing of the shepherd boy Matteo Lazzaretti and the shouting of the extras who made people leave their homes, listen… listen… it’s the night of the birth of the Child Jesus who comes to warm our hearts….

In the church after the novena, the narrative voice of Beatrice Brancato, illustrated the nativity of Jesus, according to tradition with Mary, Joseph, with the baby Jesus, surrounded by angels and figures … this time it was the little ones who sent a message of peace and hope for the future…a performance, much followed and applauded by parents, grandparents and the whole community. Pope Francis is very attentive to the popular dimension and spirituality, who choose to meet in the Christmas atmosphere and to be together through reflections on these paths of faith, involving as many people as possible. thanks from Don Emanuele to those who did their utmost to set up the crib and the scenes in the church, from the acolyte Giorgio for the Christmas decorations, to the pious women for the offering of flowers on the altar and the choir with new songs from the their repertoire… the dulcis in fundu by the pro loco with hot chocolate for everyone present”

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