Artists of Cottolengo, Saturday 17 December the Christmas Show at the Piccola Casa in Turin

Back in presence after the years of the pandemic

On Saturday 17 December at 8.45 pm in the theater hall of the Piccola Casa della Divina Provvidenza in Turin (via Cottolengo 14) the “Artisti del Cottolengo” staged the traditional Christmas show, which returned to attendance after the years of the pandemic.

“This year”, underline the young volunteers, “after two years of films and videos due to the health emergency, we can finally start again with the traditional Cottolenghino Christmas show that sees guests, volunteers and nuns together again!”

The story that was represented told how the birth of Jesus is not only on December 25th but, if seen with the right eyes, it occurs every day of our lives.

“To give shape to this thought”, continue the volunteers, “we decided to tell what the birth of Jesus would have been like if it had taken place in different historical periods. The historic guests of the Piccola Casa di Torino, Pinasca and Alba were also involved”.

The video with the show

For the preparation of the sets, the songs and the parts recited, the volunteers and the nuns carried out various rehearsals, both divided into groups and all together. “The rehearsals”, they point out, “besides being aimed at preparing for the performance, have become an opportunity for sharing and fun between the young group and the nuns, thus creating a spirit of union and joy, as well as the real driving force behind the success of the show”.

”Whatever it goes, it will be a success!”is the motto of the “Artists of Cottolengo”.

At the end of the show, the Superiors of the Little House brought their greetings: Mother Elda Pezzuto, Brother Giuseppe Visconti and Don Giovanni Morero on behalf of Father Carmine Arice.

Brother Giuseppe Visconti, Don Giovanni Morero and Mother Elda Pezzuto

Mother Elda greeted the entire Cottolenghina family present on 4 continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. “My best wishes”, she said Mother Elda, “is that wherever you are you may be bathed in the light of Christmas. As we saw in the Spettacolo, Jesus was born in different historical periods and continues to be born in our realities. Even today we are filled with the light of Christmas which is the splendor of God’s love for us. This light reminds us and reveals to us that in our littleness and our fragility we are all children loved by God, embraced by the greater love of God the Father who becomes a child for us. This light shines in the dark of our nights, it warms the coldness of indifference, abandonment, waste. This light continues to warm us, as brothers and sisters of the Cottolenghina family, children, young people and the elderly: let us walk together then because life is a pilgrimage, let us rejoice together and continue to hope together!”

Brother Joseph he sent his best wishes for a Merry Christmas, remembering his friends from Ukraine and wishing that the war could end soon.

“It cheered me up,” they point out Don Giovanni Morero who brought greetings from Father Carmine, “who after two years of forced distance we found ourselves together again and with many actors who also came from far away. The show reflected our Cottolenghina Family: everyone with their own abilities was able to express themselves at their best. Thanks also for the message from the show which reminded us how Christmas is always current and contemporary, you expressed it very well!”.

Thank you!

Here are some pictures from the show:

Christmas Show Trailer

Artists of Cottolengo, Saturday 17 December the Christmas Show at the Piccola Casa in Turin – Cottolengo