Applications open: Escuela de Formación Popular 2023 summons social and community organizations

The project “Co-reason the Territories in Valparaíso” UPA ADAIN 2193, extends the invitation to social and community organizations of Greater Valparaíso, to participate in the Popular Training School. Instance co-created between the University of Playa Ancha and various organizations, which will begin to be taught from next Saturday, June 3.

The project is promoted and executed by the Department of Territorial Studies and Intercultural Dialogues, the Observatory of Social Participation, the Directorate of Links with the Environment and teachers representing different faculties of the University of Playa Ancha, and also by the Red Co- to reason the Territories in Valparaíso, made up of various social organizations. In a sense of bidirectional work, the actors co-constructed this popular training schoolto be taught between the months of June to November 2023.

The School’s objective is to strengthen and enhance the organization, linkage and self-management between social organizations, through collaborative instances, participatory methodologies and training processes in different territories of Greater Valparaíso. The modality will be completely free and 100% face-to-face, with various outings and experiences in territories.

“We hope that you can find out and hopefully apply to participate in this Popular Training School that we hope will be very useful for the collaborative work that the organizations, leaders and leaders of our Greater Valparaíso have been promoting every day from their own realities, from their communities and from their territories. We invite you to participate and we await you with open arms to continue building together what we want for our future.” highlights Gino Grondona, Project Team Coordinator.

The content of the School is made up of four modules, inspired by the Andean chakana cycle, which will address: 1) the recognition of the historical and ancestral memory, of the territories, communities and social organizations; 2) knowledge of the territories and the struggles around the climate crisis; 3) spirituality and shared memories around Human Rights; and 4) the production of future work agendas for the Network and its organizations. The experiences will have sessions every Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. during the six months of the School.

From the social organizations belonging to the Red Co-razonar los Territorios in Valparaíso, Gride Ballesteros, leader of the Playa Ancha Heritage Platform, also extends his invitation to participate:

“I invite you to this school that we have created, where we are already participating, but we need many more to come together and believe that it can be achieved with everyone’s work, networking… I believe that associativity and perseverance in These moments are essential, due to the time in which we are living, to meet again and dream together that we can improve the future of our community and our environment. We need the tools to be able to improve this.”

There will be a selection process for the applicants that benefits the diversity of social or community organizations of Greater Valparaíso. The application will close on Monday, May 22 and will be effective responding to the requirements that are raised in the application form Popular Training School 2023.

Applications open: Escuela de Formación Popular 2023 summons social and community organizations