Amethyst stone: the properties of the spiritual stone of harmony

    Amethyst has always been a spiritual stone prized for its unique violet color, which can be more or less intense depending on the amount of iron in its composition. Since ancient times it has been associated with divinity, protection, wisdom and royalty. It is considered as the stone of humility and harmony.

    This mineral owes its name to a maiden named Amethystos, the protagonist of a Greek legend that tells how Artemis turned her into a white rock to protect her from the god Dionysus, who spilled his glass of red wine on her while she cried inconsolably.

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    amethyst properties

    This violet quartz is associated with the seventh chakra, known as the coronal chakra, which allows the mind to open, knowledge to be acquired and mental barriers to be broken. It helps to let go and clear the mind, attracting the inspiration and imagination. No wonder it is one of the quintessential energy stones of people born under the pisces sign!

    Amethyst is believed to help with problems such as headaches and migraines, it relaxes our mind and ensures a deeper and more restful sleep. Due to the inner balance that it transmits, has also been called the stone of spirituality. This is thanks to the fact that it is a stone with protective propertieswhich block negative energies.

    Benefits and uses of amethyst

    If you are a fan of the meditation, it’s time to get an amethyst to hold in your hands during the ‘zen moment’. It has been widely used as a supplement for serving as a sedative; It is usually placed between the eyebrows or on the right side of the chest, where the heart is located. Their relaxing properties they make the nightstand a perfect place to keep close while we sleep.

    It is easily accessible, both in the form of a geode and in jeweler’s, where it is highly prized for its elegance. To combine it, we can bet on yellow tones, more daring, generating contrast, or, if we want a more neutral ‘look’, use gray tones. In addition, amethyst is also found in beauty in facial rollers for skin care. Take note.

    How to clean amethyst

    The amethyst does not absorb as much bad energy as other spiritual or energetic stones, such as pink quartz or the lapis lazuli, so we don’t have to worry too much about cleaning it. Even so, to preserve it, it is best to wash it every certain period of time. To do so, it is placed sea ​​salt or coarse salt in a containerwhere we deposit the amethyst until it is completely covered.

    A curiosity is that the properties of the stone of harmony make it perfect for clean other crystals. We just have to place the minerals on a block of this violet quartz overnight and that’s it!

    How to charge the amethyst

    The amethyst’s recharging process begins when it is being cleansed. Once we have covered it with salt, we leave it rest all night under the moonlight. In the morning, we remove it from the window and we wash it with cold water. We have to be careful because, as with other energy stones, it is not recommended that it be exposed directly to the sun’s rays.

Amethyst stone: the properties of the spiritual stone of harmony