Actress Beatriz Álvarez

Under very strange circumstances, Beatriz Álvarez-Guerra, one of the current promises of Spanish cinema and television, died. The actress was only 28 years old and she was the only one who died in the accident.

At the time of the incident, she was accompanied by her boyfriend. who was driving the car, did not have a driver’s license and was the only survivor of the accident, occurred at kilometer 1 of the PO-235 of the municipality of Cercedo-Cotobade in Pontevedra, Spain. The couple was in those towns on vacation.

According to the authorities, the vehicle crossed the road where it was going and then turned around several times and fell into the river. The actress’s 24-year-old boyfriend could have gotten out through the window and sought help with some local residentsluck contrary to that of Beatriz, who was trapped in the back seats of the car and finally drowned.

The rescue organizations arrived quickly and tried to revive her without any success and the maneuvers to rescue the body were obstructed because the water was cloudy and full of oilmaking the job more difficult. Even some neighbors who were at the scene of the accident also tried to help.

The boyfriend, whose name has been kept anonymous for security reasons, was arrested for not having the legal papers to mobilize vehicles and was released with charges, accused of crime against road safety and reckless homicide, after invoking the law of not declaring; however, the legal process will continue. Apparently, the cause of the accident was a distraction on the part of the driver.

Beatriz trained in academies such as Estudio Work in Progress, Actores Madrid and Central de Cine, standing out for her love of poetry and her specialty in improvisation. Among the most outstanding film, theater and television projects in which she was able to participate are ‘The Arab night’, ’10 movies’, ‘My hat’, ‘The innocent’, ‘Class struggle’, ‘He left’ and ‘He came and you left before his time’the latter directed by Gus Carballo.

Also He is remembered for playing one of the most popular secondary roles in the series ‘Anclados’, on Telecinco. Other of her talents seen in the productions she participated in were singing and dancing, skills that captivated the industry. In addition, she showed on her social networks how active she was in terms of sports, revealing her skills in various disciplines, being a very consecrated woman in everything she set out to do.

For the moment, the late actress’s social networks have been closed for security and privacy reasons, respecting the will of her family and relatives.

The Union of Actors and Actresses of Spain has officially communicated the news through its official social networks. “From the Union of Actors and Actresses our most sincere condolences to the relatives and friends of the actress. Rest in peace #DEP ”, reads the post Twitter.

Thanks to this publication, many of the actress’s followers have been able to say goodbye to her, regretting her young age and the great career she had already accumulated, emerging as one of the promises of the Spanish industry.

Besides, many network users have also taken the opportunity to raise their voices in protest against those who mobilize vehicles without having their papers in order and they call on the authorities to take charge of the situation, which not only affects Spain, but also the roads of the entire globe.

This accident recalls the tragic death of Colombian actress Adriana Campos, who died with her husband in 2015, and that of the vallenato singer Martín Elíasboth made as a result of a car accident.

Actress Beatriz Álvarez-Guerra died in a tragic traffic accident