Actor Ezra Miller, accused of aggravated robbery after entering a house and taking alcohol

Ezra Miller Add another crime to your list. the actor of Flash in the DC Universe movies, he was reported for breaking into a house. According to the police report, collected by Variety magazine, the Vermont State Police were notified of a burglary report at a residence. Police discovered that several bottles of alcohol had been removed from the premises while the owners were not present.

After collecting statements and viewing surveillance videos, they found enough evidence to charge Miller with burglary of a vacant home. The agents notified the accusation this Sunday, although the incident occurred on May 1.

This is the latest scandal of one of the most promising stars in Hollywood, a 29-year-old actor in low hours who in recent months has accumulated more entries in his mugshot than in IMDb. Each new complaint against him is shaping a disturbing story: the fall from grace of Miller, who went from generational idol to hallucinated new age guru in just two years.

The new robbery charges are the least alarming, since they are added to accusations of kidnapping, harassment and intimidation of minors and of having created a strange sect around his figure.

Ezra Miller was one of the most interesting and eccentric actors in the new Hollywood. In the interviews he was original and unique, he declared himself as a person of non-binary gender, concerned about social injustice, the oppression of minorities and environmentalism. He talked about his polyamory group or raising goats on his farm with the same ease with which he promoted the movie of the day.

Ezra Miller as Flash in
Ezra Miller as Flash in “Justice League.” Photo: Diffusion

A couple of years ago the actor’s eccentricity took center stage. In April 2020, a fan started dancing with him in a bar in Iceland and Miller grabbed her by the neck and wrestled her to the ground. Someone recorded a video of the incident and it went viral.

It is now known, thanks to an Insider investigation, that during his stay in Iceland, Miller drew attention for his “putrid stench” and for walking “barefoot through the frigid streets of Reykjavik, revealing long, pointy fingernails and what looked like a infected foot wound.

According to several witnesses, he gathered a group of people in an Airbnb they rented in the Kópavogur suburb, with one visitor comparing the atmosphere to that of a cult. “I felt like everyone was mesmerized,” he told Insider. “Between Miller’s impromptu commune, her monologues about spirituality, and his emotional outbursts, rumors began to circulate in Reykjavik that the star was leading a cult,” the magazine notes.

To follow the police trail of Miller, you have to make a geographical jump to Hawaii. There he had a second, equally strange altercation. He got into a fight with a couple in a karaoke from whom he snatched the microphone for singing a song by Lady Gaga. She ended up in jail, but a friend posted bail. A few days later, his friend denounced the actor for threats. In all, Ezra Miller had 10 run-ins with police during the couple of months he spent in Hawaii.

It is easy to follow in the footsteps of the interpreter based on his police record and his latest complaints place him in Stamford, Vermont. There he has a farm where he plants marijuana, practices free love and retains, according to the relatives of those affected, several young women who idolize him in a place that the complainants define as a “terrifying situation typical of a sect.”

According to an investigation by Rolling Stone in June, Miller houses a 25-year-old mother and her three children, ages one to five, on her ranch. The father of the minors would have denounced the facts for understanding that it is not a safe environment. The magazine assures that there are videos where up to eight weapons are seen scattered around the house, some stacked among piles of stuffed animals.

Actor Ezra Miller, accused of aggravated robbery after entering a house and taking alcohol