“A night in Naples”: solidarity is staged at the Teatro Rendano in Cosenza in a ‘dream walk’ in support of Research

by Roberta Mazzuca – A great event in support of Genome research 21 what will be held tomorrow night at Rendano Theater of Cosenza, which has already sold out and whose proceeds will be donated to the activities of the Research Group “Genomic and postgenomic analysis of chromosome 21 in trisomy 21 (Down syndrome)” of the Department of Specialist, Diagnostic and Experimental Medicine of the Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna, led by Professor Pierluigi Strippoli who will be present at the evening. “One night to Naples” the name of the evocative event which, before the Christmas holidays and in perfect harmony with the spirit of solidarity, sharing and humanity that true Christmas should bring with it, will represent a moment to enjoy the magic of art and theater together.

The event, sponsored by the Culture Commission of the Municipality of Cosenza, is organized by the Association ‘3×21 Saveria’s dreams’ which, born in 2020, started its activities in 2021 thanks to a funding from the Youth Department of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in the context of a call for tender called “Fermenti”.

“The iconic nature of our association is enclosed in the name” – explains the president Teodolinda Capocasale. “We are young women, and we have an extra chromosome, which isn’t a limit as you think, it’s actually something extra that makes us special in a world of ‘normal people’. In fact we are the first educators with Down syndrome to work in this area. Since March our association, with the ‘3×21 no limitless’ project, has faced various workshops: recreational, educational, and didactic, for autonomy and independence; art, singing and theatre, and soon we will also have a pet therapy workshop. Our beneficiaries are children, both with and without Down syndrome, because for us the inclusion of everyone is fundamental. We believe that welcoming diversity is an act of progress, which helps people to evolve, both from an ethical and human point of view. Our project smells of dignity against a society that excludes and ignores”. An extra gear that immediately emerges from these penetrating words, capable of leaving their mark in such a short handful of minutes, highlighting the scourge and the solution in one fell swoop: discrimination and the presumed ‘abnormality’, which is cured with inclusion and ‘healthy diversity’.

A research that can make a difference, as explained by the doctor Stephanie Perrotta who, like Linda, ‘has something extra’ and makes it available to the team: “3×21 strongly supports the research conducted by Professor Strippoli and his team which has obtained important results on the study of the Genome 21 and is developing new therapeutic approaches for trisomy 21 which could give unexpected results until now”.

The Cosenza Volunteer Service Center (CSV) and Banca Mediolanum – Cosenza’s office of financial advisors supported the evening and the fundraising.

The show “in the beating heart of Naples”

To deal with the organization of the event and the art workshops Eelena Capocasale, who will also be presenting: “The show was born with the sole purpose of giving a voice to solidarity. And here it is presented in a new and innovative form. The stage of our traditional theater will be trodden by over 50 artists of national and international fame. On the evening of December 21, the three arts, music, dance and prose, will meet to present the city of Naples in a sort of dreamlike walk. We have imagined Naples as a beating heart, of love, of beauty, but also of tears and pain. We have imagined Naples as a stage for different stories: of brave soldiers, of poets, of young women in love and of courageous mothers. We also referred a little to the past, to mythology, for example to the story of the Neapolitan siren, who is the mythical parent of Naples, and under her watchful eye we will tell all of these stories thanks to our artists ”.

The artists who will stage this magical tale will be: the mezzo-soprano Giulia Tenuta, the tenor Alessandro Stancato, the solo singers Chiara Ricca and Peppino Martino, the actors Giovan Battista Odoardi, Luca Di Pierno, Teresa Nardi, William Gatto, the dancers Mattia Pacenza, Fabiola Sfera, Martina Zinnaro, Francesco Pria, Rosanna Corso, Concetta Barillaro, Emanuela Loizzo, Paola Stefano, Angelica Paternostro, Alessandra Decunto, Annachiara Leo, the choristers of the Cirò Marina Academy ‘Antonio Vivaldi’, Giusi Ianni, Rosamaria Martino, Giulia Carella, Mariacarla Murano, Desirè Frangone, Alessandro Palmieri. In addition, the wind orchestra and the Dipignano musical band directed by Maestro Giuseppe Ferraro and Maestro Andrea Bauleo at the piano.

Therefore, all that remains is to immerse yourself in the soul of a show which, with these premises, is preparing to give the spectators an enchanted evening, in which the beauty of diversity that distinguishes us all reigns supreme, in the creation of a world in which each of us has equal and equal opportunities. Because this is basically the spirit of a city like Naples, a land of irony, dreams, legends and sacrifices. Eternal Naples, melancholic Naples, Naples a place of spiritual restart: and who knows if this event, which includes different people, different arts, different workers, and different spiritualities, could really represent the restart of a adrift macro-world, that of the Bruzia culture .

“A night in Naples”: solidarity is staged at the Teatro Rendano in Cosenza in a ‘dream walk’ in support of Research – IlDispaccio