A new “pandemic” series. The final act of See arrives in streaming

We have talked several times about the colossus of streaming by AppleTV. It has been available in Italy since autumn 2019 and has always kept the flag of the good seriality (with a look at films and cartoons in computer graphics) with fresh and new themes. It is impossible not to mention The Morning Show or For All Mankind. All level series, kissed by excellent reviews and awarded during the Award season. There is a series in particular, however, which, in fact, has never “exploded” in terms of popularity with the public and the trade press, always remaining in limbo. It is about If it’s, post apocalyptic series created by the famous Steven Knight, which sees Jason Momoa as its undisputed protagonist. The first episode dates back to 2019, right at the launch of the streaming platform globally. A first season was followed by a second. From 26 August and on a weekly basis, the third and final act is available.

The end of a circle for If it’s who, in the last 8 planned episodes, tries to pull the threads of the story to himself and give a sense of completeness to the history which has not always managed to shine for quality and refinement. Notable for having told of a world decimated by a virus who made humanity a blind people, saw Jason Momoa’s return at the forefront after his experience in game of Thrones. Although it is not a series that breaks the screen, now we explain why it is right to take a look at the pandemic dystopia of If it’s.

A world without light driven by anger and pride, the plot of the TV series

We are in a distant time, in a future in which the world as we have come to know it no longer exists. An unknown virus caused the death of almost the entire human race, only two million are survivors. They have gone blind, even on the level geneticand a few centuries after the outbreak of this pandemic, the Earth is populated only by barbarians who live like primitive, forgetting their origins, building a reality based on magic and superstitions. Whoever has the ability to see is considered a heretic, is hunted down and killed, as happens to Jerlamarel. Considered a dangerous and out of the ordinary being, he escapes from his camp but is still hunted by the witch hunters led by Tamacti Jun. Few are aware that Jermarel is married and his wife is pregnant. On the run too, she ends up in the tribe of Barba Voss (Jason Momoa). The man decides to save the woman from her absurd fate and flees with her people in search of a safe place. Maghra gives birth to two children who both have sight. Followed by the witch hunters, Baba’s escape soon turns into one struggle for survival and, perhaps, a way to build a new world, erasing myths and legends.

See is an imperfect series but …

Roaring, smashing, violent, foul-mouthed, but intense and fascinating. So it could be described If it’s. It’s like she has two faces. The series, which bears the signature of the father of Peaky Blinders And Taboocertainly does not shine for a strong and thick story, given that it gets lost in lengths that make the narrative very heavy, yet it strikes because it is capable of photographing a aberrant future for the human race. Among the ruins of a world decimated by an unknown virus, a primitive society stands, stirred up by myths, legends and superstitionthe. If it’s he does not skimp on the details and stages a story of rare cruelty, in which there is no hope of a better world but only the awareness of having to navigate by sight in a reality in which one either lives or dies. It is an imperfect series because, to an excellent construction of an algid social fabriccontrasts with a not very incisive narrative structure, not at all strong, such as to be able to involve the public until the end.

Shot with the help of blind people and evolutionary biologists

As Francis Lawrence, one of the directors, revealed in an interview with Business Insider, the series had a very complex production or, otherwise, the 240 million dollars that were spent on the realization would not be justified. “See is an expensive show but those budget rumors are disproportionate – he says -. It’s nowhere near other big productions like Game of Thrones.” The director also confirms that he worked shoulder to shoulder with consultants for blind people and an evolutionary biologist. Together with them, Francis Lawrence often brainstormed to understand how to best manage individual shots. “We created a round table dedicated to blindness together with our consultants, and we understood how all this could be intertwined with our work and with the props. What do the huts in the village look like? How do people navigate? – he adds – . The idea of ​​blindness has entered into every creative choice we have made. Connecting spirituality with the senses, euphoria and pleasure has been really interesting. “

It’s not the only series that chronicles a deadly pandemic

In 2020, with an outbreak of a real pandemic, TV (like cinema) has literally been invaded by futurist stories set in worlds where humanity has been destroyed by a virus. Fortunately, we have not experienced such a drama of events, even if due to Covid there have all been a series of complications, but the strength and uncontrollability of Mother Nature is still frightening. If it’s, we said, it is not the only series that talks about viruses and pandemics. There is, for example, Anna which is inspired by a novel by Ammanti. Without forgetting the bankruptcy The last manor the brilliant Sweet Tooth which was produced by Robert Downey Jr. Add to this a whole host of contemporary dramas, from Grey’s Anatomyto This is Us, as far as Shamelesswho recounted the infection with stories full of tension and drama.

Jason Momoa, a real tough role

Originally from Honolulu, Joseph Jason Namakaeda Momoa is now one of the most requested actors on showbiz. He is famous for taking part only in the first season of Game of Thrones, at the origins of his career was also glimpsed in the final season of Baywatch and in Stargate: Atlantis. Recently, he took part in The Red Road and on Netflix he was the star of Border. From the handsome physique and the penetran voicete, he became famous for his role in Aquaman, film inspired by the character of DC Comics. In If it’s stream a character valiant but grim and violent, built on his solid shoulders as an actor and sex symbol.

Why see See?

Vibrant and powerful as a punch in the stomach, the series turns out to be pleasant entertainment. If it’s, after a first season from the rhythm very dilated, gains power in the second chapter and continues the good intentions also for the last chapter (streaming weekly). People like it because it is a series for tough guys and for those audiences who want to get lost in a story full of expectations. It convinces, despite everything, because it brushes a world decadentdark and violent with social and political implications.

A new “pandemic” series. The final act of See arrives in streaming