A bus becomes “The magnificent machine”

CAPRIGLIO – A tourist tour, a traveling theater and the rediscovery of the territory and its flavors. A bus becomes «The magnificent machine» in the new Dell project‘Lower Monferrato Astigiano Ecomuseum. The aim is to discover fascinating places with the direct experience of the visit, with the words of a guide, but also through a spectacular journey with artists from various disciplines.

If a guide shows and narrates places through history and real events, here the travel will be above all the imagination “ comments Elisabetta Serrapresident of the BMA Ecomuseum, “It is an experiment that we would like to become a structured proposal, perhaps exporting the format to the entire network of the 26 Ecomuseum of Piedmont. We immediately attracted the interest of the Piedmont Region, Piemonte dal Vivo and other institutions “. The bus becomes a sort of magic box capable of showing things from the window that the eyes alone could not. “The Magnificent Machine is an innovative and engaging experience of discovery and rediscovery, a journey in stages that connects several municipalities and allows guests to enjoy the landscape, architecture, nature and history from a very particular point of view.“, Explains Patrizia Camatel of Casa degli alfieri / Popular Theatricality Archive, “The tour in fact takes place in the company of a tour guide and numerous artists (actors, dancers, musicians), who offer fun, poetic suggestions and entertainment through real moments of live show, in which every place becomes a stage for exception. The tour ends with a convivial moment in which food and wine specialties of the territory are tasted“.

Three dates will be available in October, all departing from the Mamma Margherita Occhiena Museum in Capriglio: Sunday 2 with departure at 3 pm, Sundays 9 and 16 October at 9 am. The tour, with a circular route lasting about 3 hours, after the welcome and the meeting with the artists in Capriglio, will move the bus towards the mysterious forest of Santonco in Piovà Massaia with the suggestive
rural church and the stories of masche of the tutelary spirits of the place. We will then move to Albugnano with a visit to the monumental complex of Santa Maria di Vezzolano, with the magnificent cloister animated by music and dance that evoke the faith, spirituality and glories of the Middle Ages. Next stop in Moncucco Torinese with a visit to the imposing castle which houses the Museum of Plaster; the internal courtyard and the large “Crotòn” lend themselves to an engaging artistic performance. Then return to Capriglio with the choral greeting of the artists, who accompany the convivial moment in which the food and wine specialties of the area are tasted by the Enoteca di Albugnano and the Forno di Mondonio.

Ticket Euro 25.00 / Euro 20.00 for holders of the Museum Subscription Card. Reservations: cell.3287069085 (in the afternoon). It is recommended to arrive at the departure with the utmost punctuality.

The project is carried out with the contribution of the Piedmont Region in collaboration with the Piedmont Ecomuseum Network, Ecomuseum Laboratory, Museum Subscription and the Langhe Monferrato Roero Tourist Board. The definition of the itineraries and tour guide is by Davide Cabodi of Orizzonti Culturali, entertainment is organized by Casa degli alfieri / Archivio Teatralità Popolare (with the actors Elena Formantici and Tommaso Massimo Rotella), the choreography by Silvia Gatti with the dancers of the Magdeleine G. dance school, the musical part is by Grama Tera (Ricky Avataneo and Umberto Poli).

The tour will take advantage of the collaboration of the Piemonte dal Vivo Foundation – Multidisciplinary Regional Circuit and a Christmas tour is planned in December linked to the circuit and to the Municipalities of Oro Incenso, Mirra presepi in Monferrato. All the info on www.ecomuseobma.it

A bus becomes “The magnificent machine”