5th Tahiti Women’s Forum: achieving performance despite crises

After a year of absence due to covid, the 5th edition of the Tahiti Women’s Forum took place this Thursday. Its work brought together 120 participants. For most female entrepreneurs or executives. Its theme: performance. A fully topical question after an unprecedented health crisis and in the midst of an energy and inflationary crisis which continues to weaken fenua companies.

Female entrepreneurship is a reality in French Polynesia.
More than 4 out of 10 women are now business leaders. 13,000 in total according to the statistics institute.
According to the CCISM, the chamber of commerce, industry and trades, half of business creations are on the initiative of women.
Not to mention that women are more and more awarded in innovation competitions.
This shows how the Tahiti Women’s Forum and its association of the same name came at the right time in 2017, to highlight them, make their economic and societal commitment visible and above all innovative.

A 100% local forum with around twenty speakers from Polynesia.

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Performance was the central theme of this 5th forum.
The objective: to revitalize in a sustainable way, companies still affected by the health crisis and impacted today by the energy, inflationary and climate crises.
Revitalize with new thinking methods and tools including creativity and doubt. “We have reached a tipping point, due to a particular environment following the health crisis, and the definition of performance that we had had been quite technical until now has been turned upside down. It will be approached under the notion of impact, raison d’être and general interest…that is to say taking into account the needs of the other on the economic and social level, on the environmental, structural, spiritual”, explains Aline Bessières, co-founder and organizer of the Tahiti women’s forum.

Yesterday, conferences, round tables and workshops followed one another all day long. The forum was full of participants. 120 in total. Just like the full number of speakers: 25. Most of them were innovative entrepreneurs, executives, consultants, coaches, experts in management, coaching and quality of life at work.
Covid has left its mark. No speakers from the Pacific Island this year. No exchanges possible either with the socio-economic actors of the Country around the operational recommendations of the previous forum.

5th Tahiti women's forum

A large majority of women.

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In both cases, it will be done next year. “The objective for 2023 of the association is to be able to readdress one of the recommendations again and to treat it as such, in partnership with all the socio-economic actors of Polynesia. The next theme is being considered, the forum will start again on a regional operation, with regional speakers from 2023”adds Aline Bessières

The Tahiti Women’s Forum association is a regional network that brings together, alongside French Polynesia, women business leaders or governance experts from New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna, New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii. .

In addition to its private partners, this forum is supported by the Ministry of Labor of the country, the CCISM, the SOFIDEP, the ADIE and the Federation of coaches of French Polynesia.

Listen to Marie-Christine Depaepe’s report:

5th Tahiti Women’s Forum: achieving performance despite crises – Polynésie la 1ère