4 films and series about Queen Elizabeth II

To understand the major influence of Queen Elizabeth II on pop culture and better understand her destiny, here is a selection of four films and series to (re)watch.

History has just experienced a tragic reversal across the Channel. Queen Elizabeth II has died at the age of 96 at her Balmoral Castle. For fans of this iconic figure of English history, and of world history, and for those who would get to know her betterhere is a selection of films and series more or less inspired by his destiny.

The Crown (2016)

It is not possible to offer a selection of films and series on the queen without starting with The Crown. Broadcast since 2016, this series, which we believe deserves the title of best historical series on Netflix, follows Queen Elizabeth II during her first years as monarch.

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Through this woman’s destiny, a whole historical picture stands before our eyes. We are witnessing, for example, the decline of the British Empire, relations between Elizabeth II and Winston Churchill or even with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher… that the series evolves between fiction and realityit is an ideal means of immerse yourself in the Queen’s universe for six seasons. It will be necessary to wait November 2022 to discover the rest of the series.

The Crown | VF trailer | France Netflix

The Queen (2006)

The Queen is a film by Stephen Frears released in 2006. It is set at the time of the death of Princess Diana on August 31, 1997. As a wave of emotion and grief overwhelms the country, Elizabeth II remains silent, distant, apparently indifferent. Distraught by the reaction of the British, she does not understand the shock wave that is shaking the country. For Prime Minister Tony Blair, the leaders must comfort the battered nation and he absolutely must find a way to bring the queen closer to her grieving subjects. The role of the queen is played by Helen Mirren, whose performance was awarded by the Oscar for best actress in 2007.

The Queen (2006) - Trailer VF
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A King’s Speech (2010)

We decenter a little Elizabeth II for a return to origins. The speech of a king focuses on the queen’s father, Prince Albert, who became the king George VI, played by the brilliant British actor Colin Firth. Directed by Tom Hooper, the film follows the painstaking battle of this historical figure against his stutter. The young Princess Elizabeth, future queen of England, still appears there as a child. The film was a huge success. His track record commands respect: he combines theBest Actor Oscar for Colin Firth, Best Original Screenplay Oscar for David Seidler, Best Director Oscar for Tom Hooper and Best Picture Oscar!

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The Minions (2015)

You may not have known it, but, in the cinema, Elizabeth II also took the form of a digital being ! The queen is at the heart of a series of adventures in the animated film Minionsreleased in 2015. She appears as an adorable grandmother, who loves dogs, especially Welsh Corgi!

The Minions / Official Trailer VOST [Au cinéma le 8 juillet 2015]
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4 films and series about Queen Elizabeth II