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Vegan food is the strict form of vegetarianism, a lifestyle that tries to exclude the consumption of products that involve exploitation or animal cruelty. So the reasons for assuming it as demonstrated by famous vegans are diverse and vary by health, ethics, environmentalism or religion. In addition to meat, the famous vegetarians make it known on their platforms, speeches and interviews that they avoid other derived animal products to prevent the impact on health and the environment at all costs. In moral terms, they oppose killing animals for food, clothing, or entertainment. Having clear what vegans are, let’s now meet some of the most committed vegan models, vegan celebrities, vegan philosophers, vegan cartoons and celebrities of vegetarianism.

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venus williams

Behind her sister Serena, she is the athlete with the highest number of individual titles on the Women Tennis Tour, and has managed to reach 16 Grand Slam finals throughout her career, it is not surprising that she is among vegan tennis players a careful athlete with her diet and the necessary nutrition that guarantees performance when stepping on a tennis court.

Due to health conditions and the diagnosis of Sjögren’s syndrome, an autoimmune disease that causes excessive fatigue; Ella venus fully immersed herself in the raw vegan diet with which she declared herself in love because in his opinion it is the most effective way to feed his body.

Dexter Scott King

Apart from being active in promoting the non-violent legacy of his father, Martin Luther King, Dexter continues a career in the media with various roles in movies and television shows, for example, his animated film Our Friend Martin was nominated for to the Emmy Award. He is one of the famous vegans in contemporary history.

But the same commitment that he gives to these social issues, Dexter also dedicates his energy to activism for animal rights. He is a dedicated vegan who credits this way of eating with the strength to further the goals of equality and justice. He claims that veganism has given him a higher level of consciousness and spirituality, “mainly because the energy associated with food has moved to other areas.”

billie eilish

Acclaimed by young audiences, this girl is one of the youngest singers in the world to win four Grammy Awards, for Best New Artist, Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Album of the Year. There can be no doubting her fame and strong influence both in the community that listens to her music, and in the community that follows her as an advocate for animal rights and veganism.

Among vegan singers, Billie started out as a vegetarian and has now been using her platform for a few years to raise awareness against animal cruelty, as she states that she cannot follow behind what is happening in the world without doing something about it.

Greta Thunberg

His public participation reached its peak in 2018 when he missed classes to claim in front of the Swedish parliament, the indolence of government leaders in the face of climate change and the consequences for humanity. His strike had an impact on the entire planet and began to be called #FridaysforFuture. She was subsequently invited to the United Nations and the World Economic Forum to address world leaders.

It could not be otherwise, this young woman of just 19 years of age named by Time magazine as Person of the Year 2019, is one of the most named vegan people in the world and lives a low-carbon life. She ensures that she does not consume animal products for ethical, environmental and climate reasons..

Natalie Portman

Winner of an Oscar and two Golden Globes, Natalie has been a vegan for over nine years and her influence on awareness of the vegan diet has affected many in profound ways. In 2017, for example, accompanied by 70 rabbis, she signed a declaration that encouraged this community to follow vaganism as a form of expression of its values ​​and compassion for animals, protection of the environment, and concern for their well-being. physical and spiritual.

A year later, he also produced and narrated a film about the impact of industrial agriculture on the environment, entitled Eating Animals. Months later, Portman told 16,000 students at WE Day California: “Only after I became active on women’s issues did I realize that my veganism was related to those very issues.”

In the same industry we find the well-known vegan Brad Pitt most of his life, the vegan comedian Dani Rovira and the passionate vegan Jessica Chastain.

clear lake

With the aim of promoting the vegan movement and raising awareness about the preservation of the planet, the talented Spanish actress recently opened a vegan food company named Be Clever Be Vegan, in her own words committed to the planet and consumers.

The actress from Madrid has been a vegan for more than four years, carrying out other initiatives in favor of the environment and animals, such as the Ocho Tumbao Foundation. Her decision to enter the world of veganism was not only for health but for ethical and moral reasons after seeing documentaries such as Cowspiracy or What The Health. “I have been omnivorous and I know that when you stand in front of a ham you cannot imagine the pig or the animal suffering. If we knew, we wouldn’t do it”, she declared to Tapas to invite other famous Spanish vegans and the general public.

james cameron

Cameron, who is known for directing movies like Titanic, Avatar, ET and The Terminator, is followed and admired not only for his special talent in the film industry, but also as a passionate advocate of the vegan diet, since 2012 when he decided to adopt it for reasons moral, environmental and health. He then declared that eating animals is not a requirement, but a choice.“a moral choice that is having a great impact on the planet, depleting resources and destroying the biosphere.”

Not content with standing out as a film professional and promoting a healthy lifestyle as one of the vegetarian celebrities, Cameron has been recognized as the first person to dive solo to the deepest part of the ocean in the Deepsea Challenger submersible. .

Eugenio Derbez

This Latin actor who has earned respect in Hollywood for his versatility and talent, announced in 2021 that he had been assuming a vegan lifestyle for 10 years, in his intention to stop putting his taste for food before suffering. of the animals.

To this same end, the actor who is one of Mexico’s famous vegans narrated a Mercy For Animals undercover investigation video of government-owned slaughterhouses throughout Mexico. This informative work led to the introduction in the Mexican Congress of legislation that would criminalize the slaughter of an animal that had not been duly stunned and the integration of other vegetarian actors. The participation of the famous superstar managed to attract the attention of everyone on the planet to this difficult situation.

Ricky Martin

At 49 years old, this pop superstar, known worldwide as one of the most acclaimed Latin singers, maintains excellent health and physical image. Ricky attributes his healthy state to the vegan diet, which he claimed to have gradually taken on and adapted to vegan standards. He initially gave up eating fish and poultry, then other meats, and inadvertently found himself eating mostly vegetables. Martin has followed his plant-based diet and cruelty-free lifestyle since 2013.

One of his colleagues among the famous Colombian vegans is the pop rock singer Juanes who assures that he always wanted to stop eating meat: “The result is that I feel great, with more energy for everything I do.” Axel did the same in his country. The interpreter of romantic ballads, he is one of the famous Argentine vegans, adopting an eating behavior that he instilled in his children.

bill clinton

The former US president is a devout vegan, meaning he hasn’t eaten meat, fish, or milk for over ten years, and as a good speaker he insists we all must learn to love eating vegetables, too. The 76-year-old Clinton keeps up the pace of hard work while dealing with heart disease that prompted him to try a vegan diet.

Famous and not so famous vegans are of the opinion that animals should not be used by man to produce his food, clothing, science or for entertainment; and this desire to avoid any form of exploitation is widely known thanks to the power and influence that their prestige and the dissemination of their professional image allow them. Thus, more and more people in the world are joining this healthy lifestyle, which in other times was for famous vegetarians like Einstein “a way to change the destiny of humanity” or for Gandhi a judgment that compared the treatment animal and the moral progress of a nation.

▷ Famous Vegans » 10 Vegan Celebrities You Know